Thursday, February 11, 2010

Automated tarot readings - do they work?

I'm sure you've noticed all the free tarot reading available on the web, generated automatically. Do they actually work?

In my opinion, I can't see how they could.

When conducting a tarot reading, one reaches out to the spiritual world for guidance and experiences a direct connection with the cards. The cards pull from the reader's intuition and supply a message that she/he can deliver.

Two readers would most likely not produce the same cards when doing a reading for you, because each reader would find a different message within the same cards. The spiritual guides provide the cards needed for that one reader to supply the message needed.

I have sought guidance through the automatic readings. Yes, I'm guilty of thinking it may be possible. The resulting reading seldom has anything to do with the question asked and rarely helps at all.

Although, it is difficult to do your own reading, I do find the results at least helpful.

Some skeptics may be saying, "So, it's all random anyway." This is not so, and I can prove it to you.

If you have a deck of tarot cards, sit down and do a short reading, say five cards. Make note of the cards and a brief summary of their meanings.

Now, put the cards back in the deck, reshuffle, and go through the process of doing another reading. Make sure to ask the same question. I guarantee you that at least one of your previous cards will reappear. Write down the cards and their meanings. I guarantee that the meanings will be similar in some way to the previous reading, therefore producing the same message.

I've tried this before and had three out of five cards reappear.

Still not convinced? Ask the cards another question, something entirely different from the first question or even for someone else. The same cards will not appear.

Give it a try. What were your results?

Share your opinions of the automated tarot readings. Have you come across any that ring true?

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Aubrie said...

I believe you! I can't imagine how an automated reading would work. The same for horrorscopes, how can one message a day apply to everyone with that sign?

Anonymous said...

I've never got much of anything from those daily horoscopes. They've never really seem to relate to where I am in life.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how they work either really, because you need to feel a vibe from the cards to read right? It might be spewing out teh same reading for everything and anyone. And that is so bad!

Anonymous said...


yes, I believe the physical connection with the cards are necessary for a true reading.