Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tarot for Writers

The tarot can be used in many ways.

A writer can spice up his/her creativity with a deck of tarot cards.

You can produce a story from the images of some tarot cards, or you can create a spread to jumpstart you progress.

Here is a website that has done part of the work for you. Aeclectic Tarot provides you with a few spreads to get you started.

You may also feel the need to create your own spreads.

You may even dig into a character's life with a general spread, as I did here.

I use one tarot spread to flesh out my short stories when I feel stuck. It is a three card spread. Position 1 - beginning, Position 2 - middle, Position 3 - end. This spread has helped me complete a few stories.

With the tarot guiding your muse, you'll see amazing results.


Aubrie said...

Wow! What a neat idea. I'm going to buy a tarot deck just for this. Do you have any recommendations where to get one?

Anonymous said...


I usually get my decks from Amazon or Ebay, depending on who has the better deal.

I recomment Rider-Waite for beginners, but with your intentions you may want to find a more inspiring deck. Be sure that the deck includes a booklet, so you will have a guide to the meanings.

You may enjoy the Mystic Dreamers Tarot. The images are beautiful. Visit this site for a long list of decks and images:

Have fun choosing and don't become too overwhelmed. There are a lot to choose from. If you need any help, just let me know.

The gilded tarot is another of my favorites.

Aubrie said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out the Mystic Dreamers Tarot first!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, You are welcome. Let me know what you decide one. I get so excited about new decks.