Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your tarot reading question

The form of your tarot reading question is the most important thing you bring to your reading. It will determine the accuracy of the reading as a whole.

I think of it in terms of the 'wish' clause: 'Be careful what you wish for'. If you ask for a million dollars, you will receive the money but may not find happiness. If you wish for happiness, you will be happy but may find yourself poor.

It is important to decide what you want to know and form a question that will give the answers you seek.

For example: You've been with your boyfriend for three years and you hope to marry him. You're concerned as to whether he will ever ask and how long it will be before he does. You are happy with him, but you want more.

Question: Will he ever ask me to marry him? If this question comes back with a no answer, then what will you do? What if the way to your marriage is through you popping the question, yet it hasn't occurred to you.

Question: Will we become a happy married old couple together? If the answer is no, you may assume that it will not last. Not all couples marry. You may find yourself in love till the day you die, but unmarried.

Question: How does he feel about me? The boyfriend may love you deeply, leaving you to assume that he will ask you to marry him, but this may still not occur.

Question: What can I expect in my relationship? This may give a more precise answer to you desired question. The reading may show happiness and family without bonds.

Question: How can I further my relationship into marital bonds? If this is your future it may give you directions toward your goals. If it is not in your future, it may tell you why.

As you see, a question is a powerful force within a tarot reading. Knowing what you want to know is pertinent to the outcome of your reading. Choose wisely.


Aubrie said...

So you have to ask the right question. Very neat post. And I love that picture on the tarot card.

Anonymous said...


Yes the question is important. I'm glad you liked the post. The Gilded Tarot is a beautiful deck.

Deb Markanton said...

Cher, I'm so glad you posted this! I've been pondering over just the right question to ask you for a reading!! This really helps.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I'm glad it helped. When I do readings for myself, I normally ask a general question like: "What do I need to know about soandso?" It's a good question that gives an overall outlook and a direct direction for the reading.

Most of my clients have more direct questions.