Monday, February 15, 2010

Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards
Along the shelves of tarot cards, you may come across other types of card decks.

Fortune-telling cards are among these.

The Titania's Fortune Cards are based on the Mlle. Lenormand's Fortune Telling Cards. The cards in this deck are very easy to read with simple images.

The deck consists of 36 cards, slightly larger than playing cards. The card stock is thin and will need to be cared for, but this is a great deck to have.

If you look for this deck on Amazon, you will be shocked at the price of this out of print deck. Take your time, and search for these. You can find them for a reasonable price. It may just take you a little time. I purchased mine from an EBay UK seller for around nineteen dollars.

So, if you have trouble reading the complex messages of the Tarot, give these fortune cards a try. You'll be amazed by their accuracy.

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