Friday, February 19, 2010

The Empress and 3 of Cups

Tarot Combinations are a great aspect that can deepen a tarot reading. When two cards fall next to each other, greater meanings are sometimes given.

The Empress is a card of creativity, fertility, and sexuality. She speaks of efforts paying off. It may refer to a creative project, marriage, or childbirth.

The 3 of cups is a card of celebration. A gathering of sorts is indicated by this card.

In numerology, the three represents progress and expansion.

When these cards fall alongside one another, there is a strong reference toward pregnancy.

Position does matter in a reading, so there are always alternative meanings in the cards. The reading question can also influence the card meanings.


Anony said...

I am always curious how do these Tarot work? in one way or another you have to be a psychic to do it right?

Anonymous said...


No one really knows how they work, but they do? In my case, I feel like my spirit guides assist me in the lay of the cards. Intuition and knowing the alternate meanings of the cards are both big parts of doing a reading.

I believe that in some way we are all psychic, some more than others. Anyone can read tarot cards, but with every skill, some are more capable than others.