Sunday, May 21, 2023

Review: Higher Self Oracle

Higher Self Oracle
Author: Deanna Marie Riddick
Artist: Deborah Rodriguez-Capacetti
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2023

Description: 45 cards, 112-page guidebook, metal box

Card Size: 3 1/4 x 4 1/2

"Receive guidance on your life's journey and help fulfill your calling by connecting with the higher self through this powerful channel of love and light."

The Higher Self Oracle is a vibrant deck, printed on thick card stock. Upon first opening, the cards have a slight curve to them, but with gentle bending they can be straightened out. The deck fits very loosely in the metal box, which I'm guessing is the cause of this one minor issue.

I am impressed by the cards and the messages received during a short time of using them. I always do readings with the decks before writing up a review. For some reason, I wasn't expecting much from this deck at all, but I was completely wrong.

But, let's talk about the guidebook first. The author opens with a brief acknowledgement of those who supported her in the creation of the deck. The introduction goes into depth of the meaning of the Higher Self. You are then introduced to the difference between you Higher Self and Ego. 

The author gives instructions on how to work with the Higher Self Oracle and offers four suggested spreads to get you started on your journey. Before delving into the cards, she gives you many techniques to help you to connect with your Higher Self. 

The bulk of the guide covers each individual card, including the name, image, a quote, and the meaning of the card. The cards are listed in alphabetical order, but are not separated by pages. You may find the beginning of a card in the middle of the page. Okay, I guess I would consider this a second minor issue, but not a deal breaker. 

As you see in the two images, the Acceptance card entry runs for three pages, but ends midway of the third. I would have liked to have larger images and page divisions, but again, only a minor issue. I can definitely get past it in order to receive the messages from my Higher Self.

The guidebook closes with a conclusion and a bibliography, which is followed by About the Author and About the Illustrator.

I began my journey into the cards with a three-card layout of Past - Present - Outcome. And the question: What can I expect in my day?

Without even reading the guidebook message, you can see an easy message from the cards. You may experience some obstacles today, but don't worry, just go with the flow. But, after reading the guidebook, this is the reading I ended up with:

You may have been experiencing obstacles, but it's time to move past them and stop worrying over what might happen. Stop the negative mantra and stay present and positive. Learn to move forward in spite of the obstacles in your path. Unpredictable situations come along, but you can't control the uncontrollably. Relax and adjust as necessary. If you just worry and resist, there's no moving forward.

A very motivating message, and directly resonates with where I am at the moment of the reading.

I highly recommend this deck to anyone interested in connecting with your Higher Self, or collecting another Oracle deck. 

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Review: Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle

Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle
Author: Ellen Valladares
Artist: Yasmeen Westwood
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2022

Description: 44 cards, 112-page guidebook, box with magnetic closure lid.

Card Size: 3.5 x 5

“Whether you’re in need of support, healing, or inspiration, you’ll find it in this deck of 44 exquisitely designed oracle cards. The angels are divine beings of love and light that guide and protect us and assist us with our spiritual and personal growth.”

The Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle is a beautiful deck, printed on good card stock, with gold edging. The cards are easy to handle and shuffle. The messages proved to be inspiring and helpful.

The first card I pulled from this deck brought me light and joy. As a guide for my day, the 'Lighten Up' card inspired me to unburden my day and enjoy leisure as one should in the stage of retirement, although sometimes that is a task all on its own. 

The Angels' Playlist Pick for this card is "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow. I began my morning by listening to the song and imagining a day of joy.

The message I gained from this card: "You cannot change external conditions or other people, but you can change your mood." Let the Angels of Light carry your burdens away. Choose joy and happy. Want what you have, be carefree, and be happy.

The guidebook opens with a welcome from the author on her experience with angels and the creating of the Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle. She then introduces a brief Angels 101, giving you her perspective of who and what are angels. She goes over how to use the deck from preparation to suggested spreads. The Angels' Playlist Picks offer a nice addition. Each card has a chosen song, revealed during the creation of the deck.

The author offers many opportunities outside of the deck and guide to further pursue this deck and its gifts. You can hear the entire playlist on Spotify, practice meditations in the Meditation Room at, join the Angel Community of Facebook - Public Page and Group, and even purchase prints of individual cards  at She also offers a Connecting with Angels kit, which includes a 10-page pdf guide, a guided meditation, and printable reference cards.

The Card Messages are presented in alphabetical order to make them easy to find. Each card is given two pages: the card name, an image, and the playlist pick on one page and a detailed message on the other.

The guidebook closes with a brief look at The Archangels and Angel Numbers, and a quick bio of the author and illustrator.

One of the suggested spreads in the guidebook is a three-card layout, which follows from left to right - where you've been, where you're headed, and probable outcome.

The first card pulled is the 'Water Element', which urges you to take advantage of the healing powers of water. As where you've been, you may have already begun to seek this healing by drinking more water or being near or in water.

The second card pulled is the 'Warrior of Light', which urges you to be a source of light and to not get dragged into any negative drama that may be stirring near you. Stay in joy and light. As where you're headed, you will survive the emotional drain you may be feeling. Recuperate with the healing powers of water and let your inner light cast around you, protecting you from outer drama.

The third card pulled is 'Embrace the New' - "Everything about this moment is new." Each moment brings a new breath, a new movement, a new step in your life. This is a very positive moment where anything is possible, embrace the newness that each moment can bring into your life. "Embrace the new you, the true you."

This sequence of these cards shows an encouraging path. After healing yourself with the properties of the Water Element, you find yourself able to protect yourself with your own light, which allows you to step into a new way of being, a way of being true to yourself.

The angels ask you to be kind to yourself with the 'The Self-Compassion' card. Treat yourself with the same compassion and generosity as you would an adored friend. By loving yourself with your whole heart, you invite the same to enter your life. This one lesson may be the most important message in life, in my opinion. For if you cannot love and respect yourself, how or why would you find this same compassion in another.
The Angel's Playlist Pick for 'Pause and Reflect' is "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. 

With little time to reflect on the chaos going on around you, this card represents a slowing down of events. The angels urge you to take this moment to reflect on all that has happened. Meditate, relax, and reflect on things learned, let go of, and created during these past moments.

"Like this card's image, which is turned on its side, you're being asked to look at things from a new perspective."

The Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle, an extraordinary deck, presents the most beautiful cards with encouraging messages to guide you through your day, through your life.

I would recommend this deck to anyone interested in a new oracle deck or even their first deck. The images are beautiful, the messages clear, and the energy of this deck is very pleasurable.

Grab your copy at Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Review: Lenormand of Enchantment

Lenormand of Enchantment
Author: Kalliope
Artist: Yasmeen Westwood
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2022

Description: 36 cards, 204-page guidebook, box with magnetic closure lid.

Card Size: 2.5 x 3.5

“Our vision is that this deck will appeal to the masses and be in every professional’s arsenal, with updated artwork, modern meanings, and combinations that are applicable to today’s day and age, yet managing to hold on to a semblance of antiquity.”

The Lenormand of Enchantment is a beautiful deck. Printed on good card stock, the cards are easy to handle, although you will have a few gold specks on your hands in the beginning. A minor issue to have with such an amazing deck.

After a brief introduction into the Lenormand, the bulk of the guidebook covers Card Description and Combinations. Although this guidebook will not teach you how to read the cards, it will get you started in the process. The descriptions focus on the individual card and then combines it with each of the other 35 cards. So, you are basically learning pairs. 

Although more techniques are mentioned, such as reading strings, using "the pips", and timing, they are not explored in detail in this guidebook. To learn beyond the basics, you will need to seek out more resources. 

Be careful when you start building your research materials, as there are many different systems out there. Try to stick with one, or you will become confused. French and German seem to be similar. They share enough qualities that I'm not able to tell you if this is one or the other system. Once you get set keywords for your cards in place, just try not to stray too far in a different direction.

Above, you see two cards - Mountain and Clouds. Let's say your question is, "What should I focus on now?" If you look to the guidebook, you will find that Mountain is an obstacle or delay, and when adding the combination to the equation the obstacle is unknown. So, your focus should be on figuring out what this unknown obstacle is and overcoming it.

In the image above, you get an example of how the guidebook is laid out. After the card number and title, there is a short passage for the card. Beside the image, there is a long list of keywords and the card's basic meaning. The rest of the card's section is devoted to combinations with the other card.

I've included a few more combinations to give you some sample images and an idea of what can be discerned from the guidebook.

Following along with the same question, "What should I focus on now?" The Coffin represents an ending of some sort. When adding the Ring combination, it becomes the end of a marriage or contract. So, you should focus on your marriage, or possible divorce agreement.

"What should I focus on now?" The Key represents answers and the possibility of new opportunities becoming available. When adding the Anchor combination, you receive a definite answer or opportunity. So, you should focus on what is obvious to you. It seems you already have the focus. This combination clarifies that you are on the right track.  

You can get all of these answers directly from the guidebook and a little intuition. But with additional resources, you will find so much more in the Lenormand cards. If you are looking for direct answers to your questions, this is the way to go. 

I recommend this deck to new and experienced readers, along with deck collectors. The images are simply amazing. The guidebook is adequate to get you started, but if you want more, you will have to look for other resources to complete your study. 

To begin your journey further down this rabbit hole of discovery, I suggest trying Rana George: The Essential Lenormand, or Caitlin Matthews: The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook.

Grab your copy at Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)