Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Shamanic Healing Oracle Reading

As I wrote the review for the Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck, my mind drifted, and my writing took me deeper into the three example cards presented in the review. Instead of discarding what went beyond a simple review, I decided to create this second post on the deck. The sample reading below examines the three cards, the simplicity of their meanings, and their versatility in answering your presented question.

The author, Michelle A. Motuzas, suggests taking a quick scan of the cards before you begin interpreting the cards individually.

My quick scan observations: Two cards contain the sun. The center symbols of the first two cards are similar, while the first has three extensions, and the second has four. The first card contains a balancing of the elements: Sun - fire, Moon/stars - spirit, Rain - water, Ground - earth, Symbol - air. The second card contains rune glyphs - defense, gateway, and journey. The third card feels warm and happy.

The Movement into Balance card urges you to find balance in the energy and emotions you put out into the universe and that which you receive from your outer world.

The Inner Journey speaks of acceptance of all journeys. We each have a path to follow. Although those paths may cross, we are seldom at the same step. By accepting this, our energy will be of healing rather than a judging nature.

As you grow in your Psychic Development, you will be more aware of the energy of others. Allow these energies to flow like water. You should neither absorb them nor block them, but allow them to be.

A clear overall message presents itself in these three cards. By finding balance, you'll gain insight and understanding of your journey, and become more connected with those around you.

But there's more to see here. Your insights will vary depending upon the question asked during the reading. Below, I've added a few examples of different questions, using the same three cards.

What should I know about my relationship? You may be struggling to find a balance within the energies and emotions between you and your partner, but it is important to see that you may be at different stages in your life journey. Allow yourself to accept this. You can grow together, but don't expect to be on the same level or path every step of the way. Acceptance is important in your relationship.

What should I know about my current job? You may find you have many tasks to do throughout the day and many personalities among your co-workers, but a balance needs to be made within the energies of your workplace. You each have a job. You each have a goal, along with your own personal life energies at play. Gaining the ability to let the energies flow, rather than trying to stop or even becoming a part of the collective energy, the atmosphere will be calmer.

What should I know about my current writing project? Something is out of balance. Do you have one-dimensional characters with a thriving plot? Is your story full of intriguing characters with nothing to do? You may need to sit back and take a moment to look at each of your characters and explore their journeys separately in order to see the whole story. The energies of the characters should blend, but also bounce off one another, while each strives toward and through their own story journey.

Review: Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

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Ellen said...

somehow I must have missed your review of this deck. I love the art work. it is simple but so evocative! Your reading example has pushed this deck on my wishlist :)

Cher Green said...

Glad you enjoyed the artwork. It's a nice deck. I'm adding links from reading to review now. :)

Allon Nevill said...

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Cher Green said...

Thank you. I usually delete promotional linked comments, but I've decided to leave this one. The website is interesting and may be of interest to my readers. Have a blessed day, Allon.

Rasikaapriti said...

Sad this deck is not easily available in India.. And importing is a little expensive.. Waiting for the opportunity to feel the energies of this deck.

Cher Green said...

I hope you get the opportunity soon. It is a lovely deck.