Monday, December 22, 2014

Extended Hiatus

I'm extending my Hiatus due to life changing circumstances.

I've worked at the post office as a part-time employee for the last seven years. My turn has come to graduate to a full-time employee. To be honest, most of the time I worked hours of a full-timer, but the breaks in-between allowed for all of my outside interests. The time has come to narrow my focus and take on only what is most important.

I plan to continue with my writing and publishing. Get updates at my Author Website or sign up for the newsletter.

For now, I'm no longer offering readings to the public. I may return to this once I'm settled into my new position.

I'm hoping to return to regular blog posts as soon as possible, although it may be monthly posts rather than weekly.

I was able to move forward with my new hobby of coloring books. It has been a random process, but very relaxing. Below, you'll see my recent accomplishments.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Productive, Happy New Year.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Temporary Hiatus

I've decided to take a break from the blog for the rest of the year. My day job is entering the Christmas season rush: Christmas Catalogs galore and Packages for all. It's a bit like being a part of Santa's crew this time of year.

But, I'll be totally honest. It has been a long year. I need to wrap this one up with a little 'me' time. While I'm away, I'll be enjoying my newest hobby - coloring books, yeah! I tend to turn all of my creative ventures into dreaded tasks. I'm hoping this will help bring the joy back to all my activities.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and plenty of family fun. Stay creative and keep those Tarot dreams alive.

See you next year.

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Ask Yes/No Questions with the Lenormand

I have found the Lenormand Cards are amazing for Yes/No Questions. They not only answer your question, but also give added information. There are a few things to consider before you proceed.
  • Know your cards - The first thing you'll need to know is which cards you consider positive, negative, and neutral. For the most part, your list will be the same as others, but your view point may differ on some cards. The important thing is to follow your gut, but be aware of your choices before you begin. Don't wait till you lay the cards out to decide. You don't want the temptation to make the cards give you the answer you want.
  • The question - The more specific your question is the better the results. With a yes/no question, it is very important to gauge your possible answers. You will want the answer of 'yes' to be a positive result, and a 'no' to be a negative result. Setting a time frame within your question is also helpful to get the most reliable answer.
  • Number of Cards - Determine this before you begin your reading. I find that 3-5 cards work well for this type of reading.
  • Reading - Once you've laid down your cards, you will count the number of positives, negatives, and neutrals to determine your initial answer. More Positives = Yes, More Negatives = No, Equal Amounts = Maybe, but yet to be determined. After you have your answer, you can read the cards to gain more information.

Click on the Download Bunny to get a copy of my list of Positive/Negative/Neutral cards. 
bunny by DryIcons

Example of a Yes/No Lenormand Reading

I have a confession. I've become an addict to the show - Grey's Anatomy. I'm currently in Season 6. It would be easy to sit down and run through the episodes and catch up, but let's face it, I do have a life, lol. So please no spoilers. 

For my yes and no question, we turn to the characters of Grey's Anatomy.

Will Izzie Stevens return to Alex Karev?

cards produced by Carrie Paris

Positives - 4 - Sun, Dog, Key, Moon
Negatives - 0
Neutrals - 1 - Garden

With four positives and no negatives, the answer to the question is "Yes".

Now, we can look at the cards to gain more information.

Looking at the central card - Key, the yes is reinforced. 

The Sun reveals this will be a successful reunion, however the Dog may suggest a change in the relationship. As they were married when she left, and her sudden disappearing act has obviously put a strain on the love relationship, they may very well reunite as friends, but not as a couple. The Moon reveals her return is more about her career than it is about her 'love' relationship. The Garden suggests social events, which may reveal the setting of her return.

Sun+Dog - the friendship survives, Dog+Key - important friend, Key+Moon - career opportunity, Moon+Garden - social career

Sun+Garden - social success
Dog + Moon - career friendships

Inserts - 1+10+8+8+8 = 35 Anchor - Security

Izzie will return, but maybe not entirely for the relationship. She needs her friends and career, which is what provides her with a sense of security.

Enjoy exploring yes/no questions with your Lenormand Deck. And if you don't have a set, the deck used here is available for free printing at Carrie Paris.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Advice from the Tarot - 5 of Cups

Advice from the 5 of Cups:

"Each step in this journey of life holds a lesson. Sometimes a fall, a misstep, leads to the biggest rewards: a new direction, new insight, and/or new opportunities. Don't dwell on what may have been loss. Allow yourself to move past the grief and see what you still have."

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Importance of Context in a Tarot Reading

One of the most important elements of a successful tarot reading is context. Setting clear intentions from the beginning, with a tarot question and spread, will help create boundaries for the tarot reading. By looking at the cards within these boundaries, your interpretations will be clearer and provide more useful information.

To demonstrate, I've taken three cards, created three different sets of boundaries and interpreted the readings based on the intention of each.

The first reading is a general reading, which basically reveals general information about a current situation. Although this isn't as direct as a presented question, it can provide a lot of useful information. The spread I've set for this reading is the three card - past, present, and future.

General Reading - Spread: Past, Present, Future

You recently experienced a much needed break. This may have taken the form of meditation, daily napping, or simply pauses throughout the day to rest your brain. There is the possibility this break wasn't your idea at all, a sickness which kept you in bed, a work layoff, or maybe even an imposed vacation. Whatever has pushed you to take this break, you've been able to have the time to rest your thoughts, clear your head.

The results have been a renewal of your hopes and dreams. You stand in a moment when you know anything is possible. You are capable of success, with no limitations. Your positivity factor is at an all-time high.

Opportunity is before you. You are faced with a time to plan for your future. The wands are energized by action. So don't just plan. It is important that you also act on these plans, to take advantage of the opportunity before you.


For the second reading, I pulled a single card to assist in developing a question. 10 of Pentacles - What steps can I make to get the most out of this gift of life? The spread is a progressive style, each card leading to the next.

What steps can I make to get the most out of this gift of life?

Allow yourself time for personal reflections and mental rest. You may find meditation or yoga a helpful tool in making these moments more productive. Tarot and other spiritual tools may also be a part of getting in touch with your true self. The important thing is to allow your mind to rest and approach life with a clear head. (4 of Swords)

Believe in yourself and your ability to manifest your dreams. Hope is an important ingredient. It can carry you through life's challenges and joys. (17 Star)

Set tangible goals and follow through on your plans. Hope alone can keep you strong, but without a vision you won't get very far. Don't waste time waiting for your dreams to come true. Take the steps to acquire them. (3 of Wands)


For the third reading, I pulled another card to assist in developing the question. 5 of Cups - How can I move past the pain and allow myself a new outlook? The spread is similar to the above progressive style, each card revolving into the next.

How can I move past the pain and allow myself a new outlook?

First, you must allow yourself to work through the pain. Emotions are a state of mind, a result of one's experiences. Find a quiet place and assume a comfortable position. Allow the emotions to flow through you. Meditate on its source. Question its meaning, its purpose. (4 of Swords) As you work through the issues, allow a bright white light to fill the holes produced by the lifting pain. (17 Star) When you feel yourself completely filled with light, begin searching for the steps toward your new future. (3 of Wands)

What does it look like? Where do you see yourself going? What can you do to get you there? Are there other's around you? Are they familiar or do strangers welcome you into this new light? After you feel you've exhausted all avenues of approach into this new bright world, take a deep breath and allow yourself to come back into focus with now.

Take a moment to look around. Are the colors brighter? Do you see things you might have missed during your state of gloom? When you feel ready, you might want to drink some water. And as soon as possible, jot down some thoughts of your experience; record any insights you might have had about your future.


I wish you happy journeys in your tarot development. As with any venture, practice, practice, and then a little more practice. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Labels - Categories and Sub-categories

I've made a few changes to the blog. I'm hoping it will make it easier to navigate through the many posts.

You'll notice on the left side bar - Main Categories. You'll find almost everything the blog has to offer in these few topics.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a cluster of All Categories. Some of the Main Categories have also been broken down into sub-categories to further help in finding your way.

I hope this helps new readers find more information, and past readers revisit areas long forgotten.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Advice from the Tarot - King of Swords

Advice from the King of Swords:

"There is no mistake, you arriving in front of me this very day. You've thought over your journey long enough. It's time to put your plans into action, to move forward. You've earned the right to be in control of your own life. Now go."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ignite Your Spirit - Discover Your Higher Purpose

Carrie Paris has been busy adding to her collection of Magpie Casting Sheets, among other things. I stopped by last week as I pondered what to do for the week's post. I discovered more than I expected - new casting sheets and new products. I settled on the casting sheet, Open the Symbol: Ignite the Spirit. Her post entitled: Divining with the 5 Platonic Solids explains how and why she created this particular sheet.

The way you use these casting sheets are up to you. You can use the Magpie Oracle, or any other means of divination.

When using charms, you may cast or individually place them and use as many as you like. I chose to place two for each element. The first charm gives the main topic, while the second gives more information on the first.

Carrie suggests devoting this divination to a higher purpose, rather than every day activities. And before starting, ponder over the elements and the statements. In my sample reading, you will see I expanded with my own thoughts of what each means.

Fire: Your passion, your desire - Paths, Cross - Your passion trails in many directions. There will be decisions and choices to make. The multitude of your desires is part of your lesson in life. You may find it a difficult journey, but follow your soul urge to discover the best paths to follow. 

Earth: Action plan, a materialistic goal - Anchor, Rider - You need to build a firm foundation. You require security and stability in order to realize your own destined path. You need this to support your message, your movement, your way of life. This is a mobile security, an inner security, not a reference to a stationary dwelling or such.

Air: Voice, Communication, needs to be said - Heart, Fish - You need to share your emotions, rather than keeping them tucked away. Allow them to flow freely and to be heard.

Spirit: Spiritual Pull, Higher Plan - Birds, Ship - There is something you need to communicate, to put words to. This is your destined journey.

Water: Emotional understanding - Sun, Fox - Success is not always what it seems to be. It comes in many shapes and forms. You must understand this success in order to achieve it. Your success will be found on an emotional level.

Connecting pieces - Your destined journey is to communicate through words, through voice (spirit). What needs to be said is an expression of your emotions, an opening of the heart (air). Your passion follows many different avenues (fire). Your concept of success must be in line with its actual meaning in order to acquire it. Look for it as an internal, emotional satisfaction rather than external gains (water). Once you have a stable foundation to build upon, each step in your path will come much easier (earth).

Feel free to share your own discovers of your higher purpose.

Have a blessed week.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton

“Trees, in all their majesty, mirror our own human traits.”

The Tree of Life Oracle, packaged in the popular magnetic-lid Schiffer box, is a set of 30 cards and a companion book. The cards are made of good card stock, laminated, and easy to shuffle. The booklet gives interpretations for each card, which includes: number, name, main keyword, additional keywords, and an overview.

On the negative side: There are no suggested layouts mentioned in the book. Also, the cards are not numbered, which makes looking up the meanings a little time consuming.

I played with these cards over the last couple of week, pulling random cards for advice on various situations. I was amazed at their accuracy. Each draw addressed the situation at hand and offered sound advice.

This deck will be added to my Oracle Collection, for simple insight or added information for tarot readings.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from one individual card.

Card #30 is Love.

The image is of two trees entwined. The main keyword is 'Entwinement.' Some of the additional keywords include: Love, Romance, Union, Neediness, Betrayal.

With reversals not mentioned, I’m not sure if the negative aspects are meant for reversals or not.

The overall summary of the card’s meaning touches upon both the positive and negative sides of love, covering romance, intoxicating new love, family and friends, and self-love.

Some words from the summary:

“Romance is first and foremost present when this card is chosen.” 

“The intoxication of new love is enough to cause you to lose your good sense.” 

“Tree of Live Love card reminds you to be sure not to play games to the point of entrapping others or fooling them, as it will not benefit you or anyone else.” 

“Unconditional love does not mean that because you love someone you cannot walk away from them.”

Available at Schiffer Publishing

(Review previously posted on The Examiner, January 19, 2014)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Climbing Toward Success - A Tea Leaf Reading

I recently found myself drawn back to the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. In May 2013, I posted The Week Ahead - Tea Leaf Forecast. Over the past few weeks, I've played around with the cards and have received surprising insights.

When doing a week forecast, you basically pull seven cards to apply to the week as a whole. You must them determine which cards connect with one another and read those together.

Cards in the order pulled - name and statement + additional thoughts from companion book:

  1. Ladder - Climbing toward success. (You are climbing toward success in some aspect of your life, but the clouds symbolize temporary problems that you will have to overcome first.)
  2. Angel - Spiritual guidance. Protection from harm. (during time frame shown)
  3. Flowers - Happiness. (during time frame shown)
  4. Tower - Solid foundation. Success with effort.
  5. Ant - Work, achievement, success.
  6. Bear - Danger, especially in money matters. (could refer to loss of money beyond control, repairs and such.)
  7. Target - A goal - oriented person. (could refer to you or another)
In the image, you see the grouping of the cards.


It's important to have a specific goal in mind (Target) as you take the necessary steps toward your success (Ladder). You may experience temporary problems (Ladder), but with a firm foundation (Tower) and hard work (Tower and Ant), there's no limit to your success (Ladder, Tower, Ant).

During the week, you'll be protected by Angels. You may notice more signs than usual with the added spiritual guidance. You'll also experience a easy, carefree happiness. Enjoy the gifts bestowed upon you: spiritual guidance, angel protection, and happiness. 

A certain amount of danger lingers, possibly in money matters. Watch your spending, but don't be too surprised by the lack of control you may have over the area of where the money may go. Repairs, replacement purchase, or some other unforeseen expense is possible.

Could the danger (Bear) be the temporary problem (clouds in Ladder) affecting the climb to success (Ladder)? Maybe, or it could be completely unrelated. Although, I'll be honest, if I'd read through the companion book before the grouping, I would have most likely put the Bear with the Ladder.

For the most part, the reading presents an encouraging week ahead. The Angel and Flowers cards alone are enough to make me look forward to the days ahead.

Although this is mostly a personal reading, you may find yourself nodding your head as it reveals aspects of your own life. We are all connected by energy, and that energy seems to extend similar situations among us. Feel free to comment on any aspect that seems to fall within your own week. 

Have a blessed week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Deeper Look into The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase

I thought it might be helpful to see an example of what a reading produced from the book information would look like.

One of the spreads suggested is the three cards spread—past, present, and future.

Focusing on the week ahead, I pulled the 7 of Wands (reversed), Page of Swords (reversed), and 9 of Pentacles. The following interpretations are directly from the book.


Everyone gets rejected at some point. You just took yours a little harder than most. Fine - now get past it.


Rebel without a cause or rebel without a clue - either way, you're going against the accepted status quo.


There's no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are able to take care of yourself...a noble goal, to be sure.

Pulling this together into a more fluent reading, you may say: You've been rejected recently and took it hard, but it's time to get past the hurt feelings. You approach things from a different angle than most, going against the accepted ways. This will lead you to great things and allow you to take care of yourself, not having to rely on others for financial or material support.

Overall, I'd say a pretty good outcome. 

What do you think? Would this interpretation be satisfactory to you? Do you see the cards differently than what's presented above? Share your thoughts. Do you plan to purchase this book and give it a go?

My thoughts: Before interpreting the reading with the book, I did my own interpretation to have something to compare to. In some ways they were similar, while others slightly different. The view on the Page was the biggest difference. For me, this Page represents a cold, isolated individual who has shrouded himself from the outside world. I look upon it as the 'poor, pitiful me moment'.

A quick look at my interpretation versus 'straight from the book'.

You've had enough. You feel as if you are unable to stand up for what you believe any longer. You've given up and let go. (Results of rejection? Very possible.)

Now, in order to cope, you turn cold, tell yourself what you need to hear, and pull the sheets over your head. You are having a 'poor pitiful me moment'. (Rebel without a clue? Possibly.)

But, as you pull yourself out of the dumps, you see what really is. You find that you are okay. You can do this all on your own. You are able and capable of rising to the challenge, supporting yourself and surviving in solitude if need be. (Satisfaction of knowing you can take care of yourself? Definitely.)

As you see, the interpretations are fairly similar. 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread by Shannon MacLeod

Anyone can read the tarot, but not everyone wants to take the time and energy to study the cards and develop knowledge through long hours and many practice readings.

Shannon MacLeod has put it all out there for you, making it simple to throw the cards out and quickly put words to your spread.

Her book, Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase, introduces three spreads—the Celtic Cross, Three Cards, and One Card, with positional explanations and instructions on how to use the book to translate the cards into a reading.

The remainder of the book is devoted to the 78 tarot cards. She provides the meaning of each card, upright and reversed, in each position of the Celtic Cross.

Shannon approaches the whole with a pinch of humor.

I do have some negative feelings on this whole aspect of “Painting-by-Numbers” method introduced by this book. To me, it takes away from the tarot as a whole. Tarot is meant to be explored by the individual and embraced by the intuitive connection the cards can provide. You are the artist and the Tarot becomes the tool.

With that said, I do think people will like this book. Especially someone who wants to just throw a few cards from time to time and see what happens. Not everyone wants to be a tarot reader. This book will give you the means to cast a quick reading and get a little meaning out of the cards pulled. And who knows, it may lead you down the Tarot Journey, a road you may not have taken otherwise.

Available at Schiffer Publishing in October, 2014.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Weaving the Pieces Together – Message from Spirit

Anonymous via Wikimedia Commons
We receive messages from Spirit, both while awake and during our sleep. They can come in many shapes and forms. Most are easy to miss, if you are not paying attention. Some slap you in the face, but you don’t know what to do with it. And then there are some you just can’t figure out, can’t put your finger on what it all means.

Last week, the signs and messages seemed unusually abundant, or maybe I was just in tune with what was going on around me. With so many things coming through, I wasn't sure what to do with it all. But, then it occurred to me, maybe the reason we sometimes don’t get the message is because it’s not in one single sign but a weaving of many.

Repeating Numbers

The month of August began with numerous 111 appearances. The message in this repetition is of following a new path, breaking away from old patterns, aligning with soul’s purpose. 

Last week, the numbers shifted to 333. I always pay special attention when the numbers change course. I believe this is a sign that I've received the first and am now ready for the next.

The message in repeating 3’s is of recognizing the love and protection of Angels and Spirit. They are there, waiting to assist in any way possible. All you have to do is ask. 333 appeared throughout the week.

Feathers on the Path

Early in the week, I discovered a blue feather on the ground. Then, the next day, I spotted a brown one. Feathers are a common sign from Spirit and Angels. This is, however, a very rare occasion for me. So, to find two, one right after the other, let’s just say my attention was captured. 

A blue feather can symbolize an increased connection with Spirit, a message on its way, or a reminder of the Angels being with you. A brown feather symbolizes grounding, security, and stability. In my opinion, I believe the brown feather was simply a message to pay attention to the message of the blue feather.

More on Feathers - Natalia Kuna

Elephant Dream

Dream Message: You are able to deal with any obstacle you are faced with at this time.

In my dream, the elephant is a source of worry. I don’t know what to do with it or where to put it. I have a job to do, but I can’t do it because I have to figure out what to do with the elephant. Then, the elephant shrinks to the size of a cat. But, I still don’t know what to do with it, because eventually it will regain its size and then what will I do?

The elephant is obviously an obstacle, but in the dream I can't face it, whether it is large or small. I believe part of the message of the dream is the solution will be the same no matter the size of the task.

More on Elephants - What's Your Sign 


The Butterfly represents transformation, change, new paths, and rebirth. The message is to prepare for the change before it’s forced upon you. It signifies a time to move into a new cycle of life. ~ Lily Therese

It's not unusual to see butterflies in my yard. I have many flowering plants. But, on these sightings, it was as if I was drawn to them and astonished by their beauty. It was as if a whisper played upon the wind, "Hey, look at me. There's a reason you are seeing me."

A Weaving of the Messages of Spirit

Angels are watching and protecting me. They are available to assist in my journey. My connection with Spirit is increasing, and it’s important to recognize such. I am able to deal with the obstacles before me, but I may need the assistance of the Angels and Spirit. A change is on the way, and I need to prepare myself for the shift. I am not alone, but surrounded by spiritual helpers. 

Affirmation: I accept the assistance of Spirit. I open myself to receive your guidance in my journey of change, obstacles, and challenges.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Release and Renewal

A message from Spirit for the week of August 4-10:

Let go of what holds you back, allow yourself to step out of your invisible bonds and let go of past nightmares.

There’s a lot of blocked and wasted energy here.

The Hanged Man stands upright in his reversed position. Past issues have been released, yet you continue to hang on. You avoid walking away. You're wasting energies standing still like this. It’s time to move forward.

The bonds of fear of the 8 of Swords no longer hold you captive. You stay now out of obligation, maybe even because of some sort of love or habit. Your trap has been sprung. You can step away from this.

The nightmare of the 9 of Swords has dissipated in the light of day. All negative thought and worry are gone. Open your eyes to the brighter days before you.

The sum of the cards offers you a bit of advice—a clear message revealed. (12+8+9=29=11 Justice) It’s time for you to give yourself a fair chance. The verdict is in and you are free—to go, to be, to live fully.  

Have a blessed week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's Get Grounded

I used my Magpie Oracle charms to decide on the topic for this week. I pulled the Rider, Heart, and Tree.

The topic is: A heart-felt message about grounding.

I smiled at this message from Spirit, as it is not only for the readers, but also for me.

For the last couple of days, a shroud of darkness has slipped over me. My energy had grown low, not to the point of exhaustion, but it was headed in that direction. With exhaustion, I usually get headaches, mainly because I fight it. Who has time for a break? But, sometimes you just have to take one. 

A few weeks back, I went through a long period of exhaustion. I was so tired that I couldn't bring myself to do anything at all, so I let go and let be. The cure at that time was lots of sleep and reading. I healed myself and raised my vibration without thinking much of it. I could have saved a lot of time if only I'd thought to do some grounding work.

The logical mind doesn't always lead you where you need to be. But, you can always count on Spirit.

Before I began writing the post, I did some grounding and some clearing. It worked; I feel better.  

I want to share some grounding techniques to help you get in gear for the week ahead. 

What is Grounding?

Grounding is the process of connecting with the physical and replenishing our energies. Any work with Spirit has a draining effect on our energy, because it takes energy to form the connection between the physical and spiritual sides of life.

The more you work with Spirit, the more likely you are to notice dips in your energy level. That is, if you don't practice some grounding techniques.

Here are a few techniques you can try:

  • Breathing – This is my number one 'go to' because you can do it anywhere and anytime. Focus on your breathing, notice each inhale and exhale. Take a long deep breath in and slowly release it. Try this for about ten times.
  • Drink Water – Dehydration seems to be a side effect to working with your psychic energy. This is one of the reasons you may find yourself tired after a tarot reading, or other spiritual workings.
  • Eat Fruit or Vegetables – Eating natural, earthy foods work great for me, an instant energy booster.
  • Hobbies – Anything you do for fun is great for grounding. The act of losing yourself, it centers you. Such things as: baking, gardening, walking, reading, or painting. Like I said, anything you do for fun.
  • Take a Hot Shower – This is another of my favorites. Imagine the water is washing away all negative energies, and your skin is absorbing the positive energies of the water.
  • Get In Touch With Nature – Step outside, walk barefoot in the grass, watch birds, hug a tree, do some gardening, or try a nature hike. The important thing with this technique is to BE in nature: watch, listen, smell and feel your surroundings.
  • Meditation – This is always a good choice, but it takes practice for it to have a full effect. Daily Meditation is the best method. Start with short sessions and lengthen them as you grow more comfortable with the process.
  • Grounding Objects – Crystals and Stones work great for this, but anything that brings you comfort will work, like a photo, snuggling in your grandmother’s afghan, or even petting your favorite kitty. 
These are only a few grounding techniques. Feel free to share your own processes in the comments. I hope I've added at least one new thing to your toolbox of tricks.

Have a wonderful, grounded week.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Prosperity - Positive Thought

From the Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, we pull the path of Prosperity for guidance for the coming week.
Focus on the Positive and more good will come. Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply. Prosperity begins in the Mind.

Most of us underestimate the power of our minds and thoughts. But, if you really look around and listen to what’s coming out of people’s mouths, I think you can begin to understand the real energy behind our words.

Positive thinking is the true path to prosperity. Some of us get thrown off track because we assume we can protect ourselves completely. Nothing will go wrong, and when it does we can't understand what we did wrong. That’s not exactly how it works. If it did, we would all be on the positive train.

Bad things happen and that’s all there is to it. No one is sheltered from obstacles, trials, and challenges. What you do have control over is your reaction, pure and simple.

None of this is easy, but it is the best way to live. We fail, we fall, but then we start a new day. In fact, some mornings you'll throw your hands up, say some ‘nice’ little words, and dig back into that big old bed, warming up with those negative thoughts. Heck, we all do it from time to time. Life is hard.

The thing to remember is your thoughts and words create energy. Whether it is positive or negative, the energy will build and attract more of the same. 

If your first thought of the day is: “This is going to be the worse day ever,” you are most likely going to have a very bad day. But if you begin the day with: “I’m going to make the most out of this day,” chances are it will be a productive day.

Things change throughout the day, things happen, others’ energy merge with yours. But, it’s important to try your best to stay in your energy field, surrounded by positive thoughts. Be consistent, be strong. If you stray, catch yourself and get back on track. Each evening, give thanks for what was good, let go of what was not, and prepare for the next day to be full of positive thoughts, reactions, and results.

Affirmation: I choose to live with a positive mindset. I face challenges as they come and learn from each new obstacle in my path. I give what I wish to receive, hope and happiness.

Song Choice: Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Music Video

I wish you all a happy, positive, and productive week. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Releasing the Old, Embracing the New

I decided to try out one of Carrie Paris' Magpie casting sheets for this week's post. She has multiple versions available for free at her website. The one I chose is a non-traditional Celtic Cross spread.

I haven't decided the best method for using these yet, casting or pulling. For this, I pulled them individually from the bag, which comes with the Magpie Oracle.

1. Your situation - Birds - Communication, Idle Chatter - You are talking about something too much, and not communicating what you truly wish to say.

2. What distracts you - Key - Openness, Control - You feel you have no control over what is being said; this distracts you from listening and understanding.

3. You are letting go of this - Anchor - Stability, Work Commitments - You are letting go of what keeps you stable, grounded.

4. This is what's opening to you - Tree - Growth, Creation - There is an opportunity for growth and developing new roots. Open yourself to all possibilities.

5. What you haven't recognized - Ring - Partnership, An Ongoing Loop - To become completely open, you must break the ongoing cycle you are currently in.

6. What you're beginning to understand from this reading (love this position!) - Lily - Peace, Tranquility - What I'm beginning to understand from this reading is Peace is my final destination. There is a door open to this tranquil, spiritual environment, yet when I get close, I start back at step one.

7. Outdated thinking brings this - Woman - Yourself - Continuing on the same road, with the same thinking patterns, brings you lack of growth. You remain as you are, with no movement forward.

8. Family and Friends offer this - Rider - News, Information - I believe this links back to the situation. They are offering, but you may not be listening.

9. Take this action - Scythe - Severance, Removal - Cut ties with the old ways, both your own thinking and the words being offered by family and friends. None of this is getting you to where you need to be.

10. The results of your action - Fish - Abundance, Prosperity - You will gain much more than you're letting go.

Overview - You find yourself with communication (birds) issues, because you feel out of control (key) of the situation. You have to first let yourself be free (anchor) in order to begin growing (tree) toward your possibilities. You may not have noticed, but you are continuously doing the same things over and over again (ring). This is keeping you from walking through the door leading to peace and tranquility (lily). Staying with the old ways (woman) and listening to the same words (rider) is only keeping you anchored to your old life. You need to cut ties (scythe) with past influences. By doing this, you will find abundance and prosperity (fish) and begin to grow and develop new roots (tree).

Monday, July 7, 2014

Do You Dare Succeed?

In 2012, I published both a review and a sample reading of The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding. Since then, I haven’t used this deck much. As I contemplated what to do for this week’s posting, the deck caught my attention.

The Transparent Tarot, based on the Rider-Waite tradition, takes the reader to a new level, beyond the basic Tarot. When you combine these cards, building layer upon layer, you ultimately create a new picture all together. Within these cards is your own personal oracle deck. 

I decided to go with one of the suggested layouts in the companion book. This is a three card reading--the gift, challenge, and goal of the day. You are to pull three cards for each position. I've pulled the cards for the week, rather than one day. 

As in the past, the cards present a clear, insightful reading.

The Gift – 7 Chariot, 14 Temperance, 3 of Swords
In the 3 of Swords, a man prepares for a self-sacrifice—a mental sacrifice, a letting go of old thoughts and beliefs. Above him, The Temperance rainbow shows the blending of two elements and the opposing figures of the horses of The Chariot. The shift of mental clarity, opposing and blending, weighs upon him. The only way to survive is to adjust and surrender to the change taking place.

The Gift for the week is the ability to let go of the old ways of thinking and allow new thoughts, actions, and emotions into play—the gift is CHANGE.

The Challenge – 17 Star, 6 of Cups, 8 of Cups
The Star explodes with the light of hope and creativity. (6 of Cups)The older-self hands off the past, giving it back to the earlier version of self. As she does so, she reviews the memories, taking a moment to keep a precious few. (8 of Cups)Freed of the past, she climbs toward the sun, her future, and her success.

The Challenge for the week is to release the past and move toward the future. There’s a certain fear of moving forward, of finding success, of having such hope as represented by the Star and its exploding energies. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are. The challenge is MOVING FORWARD.

The Goal – 3 Empress, 6 of Wands, 21 World
(Empress)Surrounded by the wonders of nature, (6 of Wands)the man takes a victory stance. He followed his journey and achieved success. The swirl of the World represents the achievement and the new cycle of activity to follow such success.

The Goal of the week is not only to achieve success but accept it, review it, be it. Sometimes we find the day when we actually reach our goal, but instead of celebrating, we quickly turn to the next goal. Taking the time to be a success is just as important as the actual doing. The goal is SUCCESS.

  • I am willing and able to change. Like a butterfly, I shed the old cocoon and embrace my new wings.
  • I release my past and step toward the light of my future.
  • I recognize and celebrate my achievements.

Monday, June 30, 2014

What does your Inner Self want you to know?

Last week, Kate of Daily Tarot Girl presented a Tarot Exercise - a letter from your Inner Self to you. Stop by Daily Tarot Girl for the original post.

I decided to put a little spin on this, not much of one though. I wanted to try this exercise with Oracle cards rather than Tarot cards. I've also changed the wording of the question and the answering letter slightly.

Question: Inner Self, what message do you have for me at this time?

Answer: Dear, there are many things I need to express to you, but I wouldn't want to put you into overload. For now, let's keep it simple. There are two things you need to be doing right now. You need to ___________ and _________. And that thing you keep doing, please stop. You need to stop ___________. This is all very important. Work on these things and come back later. We'll talk more.

From The Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, I pulled the following three cards.

My Letter would read something like this:

Dear, there are many things I need to express to you, but I wouldn't want to put you into overload. For now, let's keep it simple. There are two things you need to be doing right now. You need to be a little more flexible, if you keep on like this you are likely to break  and be gentle with yourself and others. We are all on a learning journey. We all make mistakes from time to time. And that thing you keep doing, please stop. You need to stop frowning all the time. Lighten up you heart and soul. Find some joy in life. This is all very important. Work on these things and come back later. We'll talk more.

To help myself remember these things, I create a little mantra to keep it in my mind throughout the day. "Bend, love, and smile."

Now, it's your turn. What does your Inner Self want to tell you? Are you listening? Feel free to share your cards and letter in the comments below.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lenormand Cartomancy by Christopher Butler - A Review

I have fallen in love with a new ‘Lenormand’ deck. Not one of those ‘love at first sight’ type of romances, but the kind you sink into, a comfort zone, a relationship which grows deeper with time.

When I first received my ‘review copy’ of the book and card kit - Lenormand Cartomancy by Christopher Butler, I flipped through the cards, glanced at the book content and set it aside. The cards were too busy, with their almost abstract images and wild playing card inserts. But, I was wrong, very wrong.

I pulled these cards out the other day and had a strange reaction. I became excited by just holding the cards and glancing through the images. I read through the book, mostly card descriptions and suggestions on spreads. And then, I threw a few cards in response to a quick question. 

I experienced the most amazing reading so far with the Lenormand. I connected. I had to laugh at myself. Why had these cards been so hard to figure out? I love ‘aha’ moments. I can’t even explain what happened. It may have been the deck, or it may have simply been time for me to make the break through with the Lenormand. No matter, this will definitely be my main Lenormand deck from now on.

The Review

Christopher Butler’s Lenormand Cartomancy deck is a vibrant, electrifying version of the traditional Lenormand. The cards measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The deck is the normal 36 cards, plus 2 extras. The author has provided an additional woman and man to the deck, attaching them to the opposite numbers of their original association. The deck fits snugly into the center of a 'Schiffer box' and is accompanied by a 96 page companion book.

The book contains a short introduction to Madame Lenormand and some information on the manual and the deck. The bulk of the book is on the meanings of each card: symbolism, as a person, as a time frame, and suggested combinations. The remainder of the book goes over various spreads and tips on reading. 

Although enjoying the point of view of this author on the deck and reading styles, I wouldn't recommend someone beginning their journey with this manual. It’s very limited in explanation and would take a seasoned reader to get much from the read. 

I would not recommend the deck for a beginner. Above, you see a few of the cards. While some may be obvious, a few could be confusing. For example, on first glance 16 The Star could easily be mistaken for The Ship if one does not have the knowledge of the number and card associations.  With the abstract images there are many cards that would confuse someone not familiar with the Lenormand.

If you've spent hours studying the Lenormand, have an understanding for the cards, basic keywords, combinations, and have even practiced with reading, but still have trouble connecting with the system, this may very well be the deck for you. The artwork and vibrant coloring are sure to appease your higher self and connect you with the divine.

Stop by Aeclectic Tarot for a few more card images.

Grab your deck from Schiffer Publishing.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris - My First Reading

For this week's forecast, I've used the Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris, charms based on the Lenormand card symbols. This is my first official reading using these charms. I figured using a calendar for the cast would be a good beginning.  

I shuffled the charms by shifting them from hand to hand. When ready, I tossed them onto the calendar. Then, I removed the charms not touching the days of the coming week. Any charms at least halfway over the lines, I pulled into the squares.  

An important note: When using the Lenormand for daily or weekly forecasts, it is important to keep things simple, use basic keywords and keep the predictions, well simple. The Lenormand tends to pull up mundane aspects in these short readings. But what can be expected, right? Not every day is earth-shattering.
Let’s look at the week ahead.

For the 16th of June, nothing fell into or near the square. I decided the Moon falling into the 15th would go on to influence the beginning of the week.

Moon - recognition, creative success, and moon cycles

Sunday, you find yourself in the clutches of creativity, which will likely spill over into Monday. A certain amount of recognition will come from your current project or success in relation to the project. This may simply be a friend admiring your work, or a higher honor of recognition. 

Tree – health, growth, and grounding
Clover – luck

Tuesday, you become grounded. You feel comfortable and in tune with the world around you, with nature. A little bit of luck arises from this steady feeling. You may find a good bargain, a nice bit of advice, or even a penny on the ground. Keep your eyes and mind open today, while staying grounded.

Garden – social groups, outdoor activities
Whip – disputes, intense conversations

Wednesday, you find yourself in a group. This may be due to your environment, or you could be in a group activity of sorts. No matter the situation, you will be around others. Conversation is a given, but the intensity will vary from person to person. Be careful to keep the heat level down to avoid major conflicts.

Sun – Success, happiness, and sunshine
Child – new, innocence, beginnings

Thursday, you find a new source of happiness, a breakthrough occurs in your project, or you might just go for a walk in the warm morning sun. The main thing here is it should be a happy, happy day. Enjoy!

Bear – strength, protection, mother figure
Cross – burdens, pain, a lesson to be learned

Friday, you find strength from a painful episode. A lesson is to be learned from any challenge one faces. On this day, that lesson will be learned. You will understand and be ready for the next step.

Fish – money, many, a school of things

Saturday, you will have a mixture of activity going on. Be prepared to spend a little money, but overall just expect things to be a busy.

Mountain – obstacles, blocks
Stork – change, movement

Sunday, you find yourself climbing the mountain that has blocked your way in the past. The obstacle shifts, or you find a solution. Expect to move forward today.

Quick overview of the week: Overall this week should bring lots of movement forward. Sunday you find some success and recognition and by Tuesday you feel grounded and might even get a little surprise. Wednesday holds a little caution, but there’s growth in healthy conflicts. And Thursday you can do a little ‘happy’ dance. You made it through Wednesday with not much problem at all. Friday might be a little icky, but what the heck, take the licks and jump back into gear. The weekend’s going to be fun and exciting as you get into gear for all that activity and the sudden breakthrough. Hope the block you push past leads you to a wonderful door with a nice surprise behind it.

As with all readings for a large group, this reading may affect many of the readers or it may only affect a few. I’d love to hear from all of you on how your week turns out. It should be interesting to see how this reading works out. As you all know, I’m still feeling around with these Lenormand readings.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Get Your Mojo Back

Last week, Ellen of Greylady's Hearth wrote a post about a three card spread to help find and get back your Mojo. I decided to steal the spread and give it a test run. The results were pretty amazing.

To do this spread, you will need to separate the Majors from the Minors. The first card is pulled from the Major pile and represents your Mojo, in hiding. The second and third are pulled from the Minor pile. The second crosses the first, revealing what is blocking your Mojo. And, the third suggests the action needed to recover your Mojo.

My Mojo - 17 The Star - My personal power can be found within my faith, hope, and generous soul. This card signifies a blessing from the universe, being open to the healing process, and the ability to go on no matter what. As I looked at the image, the distribution of the water drew my attention. Notice the stream going into the pool is thicker than the one flowing onto the earth. This made me think, "To get your wish, you must put your heart and soul into the process, which will make the physical part easier." Do what you love and it won't feel like work.

What's blocking my Mojo - 10 of Swords - A unexpected failure or blow to my esteem is blocking me from using my personal power. The image shows a man on the ground stabbed by ten swords. Swords represent the thought process. "This man has been taken down by his own thoughts." Negative thinking, feeling like 'the victim', and letting it all get me down.

What to do - King of Wands - "Just do it!"  This King sets his goals and sticks to them. He accepts opportunities presented to him and doesn't shy away from a healthy challenge. As he looks back at The Star, he's evaluating and studying his wish. He plans for what needs to be done and starts working toward the goal he's set for himself. So, what I need to do is follow this King's lead, become him.

Check out Daily Tarot Girl's forecast for the week - June 9-15. It's amazing how similar the advice of what to do in this spread matches her forecast.

Have you lost your Mojo? Give this spread a try and make some steps to get it back. Need some Tarot Guidance? 

Hope you all have a wonderful week.