Monday, January 25, 2016

7 of Swords - A different perspective

I pulled my card for the week - January 25 thru January 31 - and received the 7 of Swords. As usual, I jotted down my thoughts at first sight.

"carrying burdens, but these are not your own."

As many of you know, this is not the normal interpretation of this card. The Seven of Swords is a thief. He grabs what he can and tiptoes away, usually undetected. The card can represent you as the thief or it could be a warning of something being taken from you.

It's important when reading cards to follow your intuition, even if it goes against all that you know.

I'm very aware of what the card is referring to in my life. I feel this is a message for me to step back from the current situation. The battle is not my responsibility. It is not my fight. I need to hand those swords back to their owner and walk away.

When selecting a card for the week, the energy of the card can affect a multitude of people. The energy can touch a person individually. But it may also show itself on a larger scale, affecting a community or country, a public figure or situation.

In reflection of my interpretation of this card's energy for the week, here are some questions you may ask yourself.

Am I carrying burdens that don't belong to me?
Have I taken on a problem that has nothing to do with me?
Have I allowed myself to become distracted by someone else's challenge?
Am I really helping in this situation, or am I interfering?

Have a blessed week!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Your Personal Year Card and WORDs for 2016

When did people start setting WORDS instead of goals for the New Year? It seems I'm behind the times, yet again. This sounds like a great idea, let's see what I can come up with. You're welcome to follow along and create your own words for the year.

I'm picking three words, using three methods of inspiration.

I decided to start with my Personal Year Card to get some insight on the energy surrounding me for the year. For this, you add your birth month+birthday+current year, and reduce to a number below 23, which is then matched to a Major Arcana Card.

This year I find myself in the Personal Year of 13  - the year of DEATH. The energy of this card is about transformations, the letting go of something old to make room for something new, and endings opening the way for new beginnings.

I chose the Wisdom of the Oracle, a gift for my December Birthday, for my second source of inspiration. My random pull produced the number 13 card. (Right? I was a little surprised, too.) The Fork in the Road is all about making a decision, choosing a path, and moving in a new direction.

Another birthday present, the Under the Roses Lenormand became my third source of inspiration. I pulled two since they are read in pairs. I was pleasantly surprised by the cards pulled: the Letter/the Journal. I believe we can take this at face value - Journal/Book Writing.

So, what have I chosen for my word of 2016? Change, Forward, and Create.

Change - allow and embrace all changes in life and within self.
Forward - move forward, making necessary choices along the way.
Create - allow time and intuition to guide you in your creations and remember to enjoy the journey.

What words have you set for this year?