Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

The Gilded Tarot
Deck: Gilded Tarot
Spread: Yes/No - 1 card
Question: Am I on the right road in life?

The upright card indicates the answer to be yes.

11 Justice - The energies of this card are of fair outcome and getting what you deserve. The blindfold denies the woman in the card prejudicial views. She uses her intuition to guide her in choices and decisions. There is a message of karma within this card. The energies you put out will return to you.

Overview - I am on the right road in life and I should continue to let my intuition guide the way.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Candid frog by Leon Brooks

I know, "What do frogs have to do with the tarot?"

Some believe that animal spirits have messages for you. After repeatedly seeing a frog on my front porch, I began wondering what type of message the spirits were trying to give me.

I looked it up and found that according to www.animalspirits.com, the frog's wisdom includes a reminder of common bonds with all life, singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient watery beginnings, Transformation, Cleansing, Understanding emotions, and Rebirth.

My readings have been reflecting a transformation of sorts, a recovery over the past, and new cycles in life. I found it interested that the frog reflects these issues. I'm also delighted that this stage of my life is so important that the frog spirit felt the need to visit.

After reading, Paths, Smuggling and Missing Things on Arwen's blog, I became curious as to the appearance of frogs in the tarot.

Choosing the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, I set about searching for the frog. To my amazement, the first 5 cards I viewed contained the frog. Working my way through the deck, I was able to find a few more stragglers. Finding the first cards all together, I felt there must be a message stirring from the spirits.

Here are my findings:
The first five cards were 5 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, 8 of Cups, 21 The World, and Knight of Wands.
A Statement that could be taken from these cards may be:

By facing the challenges presented, you shall find balance in your financial life and recognize the items that should be left behind. At this moment everything will be complete and you will find the focus you need for growth and creativity.
The straggler cards were 7 of Swords, 5 of Cups, Knight of Cups.

Could these cards offer advice on how to accomplish the above?

Don't sneak away from your responsibilities.
Accept your losses and move on.
Focus on love and understanding.

Well, all this is definitely something to think about and I can thank my visiting frog for bringing these cards to my attention.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Okay, technically it is Wednesday. I'm a little behind schedule. This week, I'll do a quick reading.

Deck: Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras
Spread: Reflections - 1 card
Question: What do I bring with me from my past life/lives?

18 The Moon (reversed) - In the upright position the energies of this card are of self-deception and overwhelming emotions. In its reversed position, it shows the ability to see clearly and having control over your emotions.

Overview: I have brought with me from my past life the ability to see clearly through my own deceptions and the deceptions of others. I have control over my emotions, to a point that others may see me as cold or unemotional.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Spread: 3-card, past, present, future
Question: General Reading

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Eight of Swords - This card represents being trapped by one's own fear. The swords float lazily around her, trapped by her thoughts. The chains are only wrapped around her wrists, not bound. They can be easily removed.

Two of Cups - This card represents choices and unity. It can represent a relationship of understanding.

Seven of Pentacles - This card represents the assessment of progress. The fruits of your labors are coming into harvest. Progress comes with its own reward.

Quintessential Card - the spirit of the reading- 17 Star- The energies of this card are hope and good fortune. It is a card of faith and good things coming.

Reading Overview - In the past, I have felt trapped and confused by my own thoughts. I have escaped these self-imposed doubts by joining with another in a loving and understanding relationship. Soon, progress will be evident and the rewards will prove to be great. The spirit of the reading advises me to have faith and to expect good things.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Another way to look at the Tarot Court

Court cards are the most difficult cards to interpret for most readers. The choices for interpretations are numerous and can confuse you.

Over the years, I finally settled on a way to take away the confusion. My system is compiled of what I've learned through reading and from other readers.

This system involves a particular keyword for each court card which represents the energies presented by the court card.

Queens represent the ability to ...
Kings represent having control over ...
Knights represent being focused on ...
Pages represent being open to ...

Each statement is completed by the keywords for each element.

For example: The Queen of Cups represents the ability to tap into your intuition. The Page of Swords represents being open to learning.

If you choose to use this system, your overall key statement may vary depending on your keywords for each suit.

During a reading, these keywords can expand as it does with any card in the deck.

For example: Seeing the Page of Swords in the outcome position, you may interpret that the client will go back to school and learn a new trade.

Your intuition will lead you to the final interpretation, but your mind needs a starting point.

How do you look at the Tarot Court?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

My Pendulum © Cher Green

For today's post I will be using an amazing tarot spread created by Nancy Hendrickson. You can find her reading the tarot over at TarotExplorer.

To your left you will see a picture of my pendulum used during this spread.

Now, I introduce you to The Pendulum Spread.

How it works: The cards are shuffled in the usual manner while thinking of your question. They are then divided into two stacks, and then divided once more, giving you four stacks. You then hold your pendulum over each stack. The one that receives the largest response will be your first stack. This movement may be major or minor, but one will get a larger response than the others.

You will read the cards starting with your first stack and then going from right to left. So your first stack will provide you with your first card, then the one to the left will provide your second card and so on.

Don't move your stacks just yet. There's more.

With your cards placed next to each stack, turn over each stack revealing the bottom card. These cards will reveal the deeper level of each position.

The positions: 1. Core of question/focus, 2. key/root of situation, 3. challenge, 4. actions to deal with situation, 5-8 corresponds with these positions but with a deeper level.

That's it!

To make this reading easier to read, I have moved the cards into their positions, rather than leaving them as is. My pendulum chose the third stack, so my first card came from the third stack, my second from the second stack and so on.

Deck: Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Spread: The Pendulum Spread
Question: What is going on in my life?

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Surface Positions:

Six of Swords - This card represents moving forward, leaving the past behind. The waters have calmed around you. Stress and anxiety are a thing of the past.

  • Focus- My focus in life at this moment is on keeping the past behind me and staying focused on the future.

Six of Pentacles (reversed) - In the upright position this card represents getting financial help or giving it. In the reversed position, it represents the lack of financial support. Financial struggles.

  • Key- I fear financial losses and of becoming overburdened. This fear keeps me connected to my past.

Four of Cups - This card represents boredom and withdrawal. A fresh cup is offered, while a mouse sniffs around your cups sitting close by. It is important to stay focused and resist temptations that my lead you astray.

  • Challenge - I may find myself bored with life because everything is going so well, but I should pay close attention for someone may be trying to steal my happiness.

Ten of Cups - This card represents happiness and family. You have reached a completion stage where everything is good. This is a card of emotional sharing.

  • Actions to deal with situation - I should enjoy life and recognize the happiness and joy that presently surrounds me.

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Deeper Level Positions:

The Tower (reversed) - In the upright position the energy of this card is sudden change. This may be devastating, but can be rebuilt. In the reversed position, the change has already occurred and you are in the process of rebuilding.

  • Focus - My focus is on rebuilding the foundation of my life.

Three of Pentacles (reversed) - In the upright position this card represents earning recognition for your skills. In the reversed position, it signifies the need to learn more and work harder to earn recognition.

  • Key - I have a deep need to be recognized for my skills, but I will need to work harder and hone my skill.

0 The Fool (reversed) - In the upright position the energy of this card is innocence and jumping into life with no fear. In the reversed position, it shows fear of the unknown and of the jump itself.

  • Challenge - I must overcome my fears and take a leap of faith.

1 The Magician - The energies of this card are of having the tools and abilities to achieve your goals.

  • Actions to deal with situation - I need to take my skills and abilities and set about achieving my goals.

Quintessential Card - the spirit of the reading - 10 Wheel of Fortune - The energies of this card are changes for the better, fate, and a new phase.

I am entering a new phase in life which will bring about changes for the better.

Reading Overview- On the surface, I am moving forward in life, but the fear of becoming financially unstable holds me to my past. I must stay focused on now and enjoy this moment of happiness and joy. On a deeper level, I am rebuilding my life's foundation, but need to put more effort into my goals. I need to free myself of fear and take a leap of faith. I possess the skills and ability to accomplish what I wish, but I must take that first step.

On both levels, you can see the movements of a new phase in life. Both show a recovering process, and movement forward. Enjoying life and stepping toward my goals in life.

I found this spread amazing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Spread: 3-card, past, present, future
Question: General Reading

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Nine of Cups (reversed) - This card is known as the Wish card. - In the upright position this card represents satisfaction and contentment, getting what you desire. In its reversed position, it suggests a delay in finding contentment and enjoying rewards.

Five of Cups (reversed) - In the upright position, this card represents loss or disappointment. In its reversed position, it shows the end of this painful time. Light has appeared at the end of the tunnel.

10 Wheel of Fortune - The energies of the Wheel bring forth the end of one phase in life and the beginning of something new. This energy sets things in motion determined by fate. It will be a change for the better.

Quintessential Card - the spirit of the reading - 6 The Lovers - The energies of this card is about making good and balanced choices. Choose well and build a firm foundation on which to achieve your dreams.

Reading Overview - In the past, I have not been totally satisfied or content in my life. I am in the process of recovering from the loss and disappointment that made this so. A few more steps and I shall reach the light of recovery. Soon, the Wheels of Fate will begin to turn and set things into motion to move me toward a new phase in life. The spirit of the reading reminds me that life is about choices and even with fate working nearby, we are in control of which roads we take and what stage we build upon.