Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: First Light Tarot

First Light Tarot  - Dinah Roseberry
First Light Tarot
Author: Dinah Roseberry
Images: Hubble Telescope
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2016

Description: 66 cards (22 Majors, 22 Insights, 22 Spread Cards), a 95 page guidebook, and a laminated Reference Card in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card size: 3.5 X 5 inches

The First Light Tarot is an amazing deck of cards. The images will take your breath away and ignite your imagination.

The author speaks of Light Beings. She has created a set of cards with images to connect you to them and allow their guidance to come into your life.

"Vibrations are the basis of all life," the Light Beings told me.

"What," they said, "Would you do if you had a system to assist you in making the correct determinations?

The First Light Tarot is not a normal deck of Tarot. The system may not appeal to everyone, but the cards can be used in multiple ways. From card reading to meditation, most will find a way to gleam insight from this deck.

The cards are divided into three types: 22 Majors, 22 Insight Cards, and 22 Spread Cards.

The Majors can be used as a traditional Tarot Major Arcana Deck. The Major cards include the card number, name and a keyword in the upper right, and in the lower left, three keywords. These cards represent the important issues in your life, the big events.

The Insight Cards can be used as an oracle deck. The cards include a number association, card number and name in the upper right, and in the lower left, the key concept. These cards represent your daily life.

The cards can also be used as a 44 card deck in a traditional spread style. The Spread Cards assist in creating a visual spread to follow. You may also use the Insight Cards and Spread Cards with any Tarot deck or Oracle Deck.

Meditation is another option with the cards. The images work wonderfully, allowing your mind to enter space and receive guidance from a higher source.

The Guidebook is divided into two parts.

The first part gives insight into the creation of the deck and the many uses of the deck. There are sections on the Spread Cards, the Universal Spread (a special spread for the deck), Astrology Signs, Numerology, Meditation, and Reading Process.

The second part covers the Majors and the Insight Cards. Topics covered on the Majors are Card Number/Name, Descriptor, Keywords, Astrology Sign/Meaning, and Advice. Topics covered on the Insight Cards are Number Associations and Advice.

The Reference Card gives a snapshot into the cards. The Majors include Card Number/Name, Descriptor, Keywords, Astrological Sign/Meaning and Quick Advice. The Insight Cards include Card Name/ Descriptor, Key Concepts, Number Association/Meaning and Quick Advice.

In working with the cards to this point, I've received good, precise readings. The cards have a nice vibration to them. With any reading involving a new deck, I first jotted down my own thoughts before looking up the suggested meanings in the guidebook. I didn't always agree with the author's interpretation, but that's part of adopting a new deck. You must make it your own and follow your own instincts. The author establishes the playing field, but you create the game to play.

I recommend this deck for anyone who has ever yearned to see deeper into space. Do you look up and wonder what else is out there? Do you feel a strange pull toward the stars and moon? This deck was made for the sky watcher and the star gazers.

Discover the First Light Tarot. Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing.)