Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Theme - Move Forward

Ah, after spending April lost in our fears, isn't it nice to see some movement. I know the theme last month was to face your fears, but how many of us lost our way and got stuck and let that fear bear down on us. Well, I did even with the knowledge that it was coming. So much for being forewarned! But, I made it through, as I'm sure you all did. And, congratulations to those who stood tall and faced the fears head on.

So, as we move into May, there will be a shift. I actually began to feel this a few days early. But, I'm sure the decision to take a week off had a lot to do with the uplift in my feelings.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

The Six of Swords brings with it some sorrow, despair, and turbulence, but it's the devil you know. It's the past that keeps nipping at your heels, interrupting those happy thoughts, or just brings your fears into speaker volume. You know what I'm talking about, those ghosts of the past, the skeletons. Of course, it may not be a distant past, but one you've just stepped out of.

You've escaped your cage of fear. It's time to move forward, through the difficult time. Whether you're at the edge of the situation or many years beyond, the important thing is to move passed it, into a new future.

If you've been with the difficulties for a long time, you may not even recognize them anymore. But, if you quiet your mind, I guarantee it will start screaming at you. It's that one (or more) thing you carry with you, day in and day out. You keep moving but it's there slowing you down.

"Though we carry our troubles with us we have adapted to them; they will not sink us or bear us down." ~ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack

As you move through the month, remember every ending leads to a new beginning. It's time for us to see what's right around the corner.

Good luck in your travels.