Monday, January 31, 2022

Review: Secret Woods

Secret Woods
Author: Kelly Patton
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2021

Description: 28 card deck, 72-page companion guide, a die-cut sleeve that offers a peek at the box, which has a magnetic closure lid.

Card Size: about 4x5

"Welcome to the Secret Woods, an immersive realm that surrounds you but is hidden from your normal daily perception - one that is only a peek beyond a thin veil that separates your world from the home of countless peculiar spirits."

The Secret Woods deck is destined to be one of my favorite decks. The artwork pulled me in instantly. I've already had some amazing one card readings. 

The cards feature animals, nature scenes, and some unusual creatures. The images are rich and creative. The intriguing borders and gilded edges are a nice touch to this deck. Printed on thick, mat card stock, the cards shuffle well and fit perfectly even in the smallest of hands.

The Guidebook offers suggestions of how to use the cards, along with a couple of spreads, but the bulk of the book focuses on the cards, which are in alphabetical order. Each card entry contains a picture, its title and phrase, a description, and a deeper look to reveal its message.

I highly recommend the Secret Woods deck to animal and nature lovers. The cards have amazing images and inspiring messages. 

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