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Review: The Magick of Lenormand Card Reading

The Magick of Lenormand Card Reading
Author: Kalliope
Artist: Yasmeen Westwood
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2024

Description: 280-page paperback book

Book Size: 7 x 10

The creators of the Lenormand of Enchantment have created a book that goes beyond the original guide available with the deck. The Magick of Lenormand Card Reading takes you into the depths of Lenormand, covering a multitude of topics and situations.

"The system outlined in this book is my personal tried-and-true method that works and can be easily applied to any life situation. This current volume is written with the professional reader in mind, with expanded meanings and new combinations, allowing you to foster an even-deeper, more magickal relationship with the cards."

The Author covers the basics, from how to use the book to journaling and practice exercises. The Tips and Tricks section shares a multitude of information, from The Red-String Method to card order and word play combinations.  

The 36 Magickal Moments chapter supplies you with spells for each Lenormand card. How to Read the Cards offers a few pointers and delves into casting the cards from the simple yes/no method to in-depth tips on the Grand Tableau.

The bulk of the book covers the cards, both individually and in combinations. Each card presentation has number and name, a poem, and an image of the card. The illustrations are from the Lenormand of the Enchantment. The cards are described in length, along with keywords, timing, meaning, the card in aspect to love, career, wellness, finances, and modern day, and affirmation, cartomancy, Combinations, and ends with a quote.

This is a very extensive guidebook that will take you further into the Lenormand world. There's so much here, it's a little hard to share the depth. Each card has seven or more pages of information. You may get a little overwhelmed. 

It's important to remember when diving into Lenormand to take what feels right for you in the guides, and discard the rest. As said, there's a lot of information in this book, but the Lenormand is a never-ending journey. Just remember to take it slow to get the most growth from your connection with the cards. 

The Scythe pages begin with number and name. The poem begins the text.

"Sharp and dangerously slicing, cut down to my very core
Sudden and unexpected accident, left me disconnected and sore
Irrevocable divisions, splitting halves the rendering them apart
Separating quickly, leaves a wake of broken shards in my heart"

After the image, you see the first part of the description.

"As the sun sets on the year's final harvest, the Scythe emerges from the field of golden wheat, catching the last wisps of fading light glinting off its sharp edges. Shimmering flaxen shafts of wheat are swaying in the breeze …."

Further into the Scythe pages, you find the card in different aspects.

Scythe in Modern Day - "The Grim Reaper, a motorcycle club (Sons of Anarchy), symbol of death, injectables/vaccine."

Affirmation - "When things suddenly and unexpectedly leave my life, I will trust in that wisdom and let them go with compassion and love."

The Cartomancy of the card takes you to an even deeper level of the Lenormand. The Jack of Diamonds - "This Jack is preoccupied with having the need for security, both emotionally and financially, but keeps this vulnerability to himself."

The sections on Combinations dive deep and are expansive. The Scythe and Clover - "green wound (infected), very risky, temporarily detached, brief separation, wild accident, brief division, temporarily disconnected, easily broken, temporarily cut off, brief threat, very risky, brief emergency"

The most important thing to remember when reading with the Lenormand is to maintain context to the question, which should be very focused in order to receive an understandable answer.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to a beginner. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by information when dealing with this simple 36-card deck. You really need to begin at the beginning and slowly delve into deeper parts of this system. In my opinion, too much information will kill your intuition and confidence.

With that said, I highly recommend this book to the seasoned reader. You're bound to discover something useful within the text. 

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