Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Blogger/Tarot Enthusiast Review

I reflected on my blogging journey and writing adventures on my writing blog this week. I decided to do something similar here on the tarot blog.

Tarot Guidance began January 2010. Over the two year period, I have met many tarot/spiritual people, helped countless individuals with my tarot readings, and learned a great deal about myself.

This blog has moved further than just being a tarot blog. We've discussed Angels, Spirit Guides, Crystals, and more. The year 2012 will bring many more interesting topics as I move into further spiritual exploration. I hope to cross paths with more individuals and discover new directions in this journey we call life.

The top posts of the life of this blog have been:

I plan to present more interviews, complete the Fool's Journey, and post more readings in the coming year.

Also, you may have notice the missing images - I do plan to get these back in place as soon as possible. I've worked on them, but because each post has to have a specific image to match the reading or card discussed, it is taking a good amount of time.

Best wishes to all. See you next year.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do Angels watch over us?

Angel prayers on Public Domain Images 
As we move through our daily lives, do we have Angels helping us along the path?

There, of course, is controversy in such a question, but many have experienced events which lead one to say 'yes'.

Angels are seen as God's helpers. They will come and help us in our daily trials if we only ask for their assistance. Each human has freewill, but this freewill can allow you to hand over troubles to God and his helpers, and they will assist you.

We don't have to struggle through this life alone. Each of us has at least one angel watching over us at all times, but only certain circumstances allow him/her to intervene without our request.

Take a moment of faith and ask for the help of Angels with your trials or the trials of another.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you see repeating numbers?

As you go about your day, are you experiencing an odd case of multiple number sightings? Do you seem to be haunted by the sight of 111, 222, 333, or another number showing itself everywhere?

A friend told me long ago this was the spirit world trying to get my attention. For some reason, I never looked deeper. I assumed when it happened, I just needed to pay more attention.

333 seems to be the most frequent repeater in my life, but over the last few weeks a lot of numbers are jumping out at me. Is this something worth taking note of? Well, I thought it may be, so I started looking around on the internet.

Laura @ dives deeper into this subject and offers a 15-page report on the meanings of these repeating numbers. She gives explanations into the sightings and meanings. Definitely something to check out if you are plagued by repeating numbers. Basically, these are messages from your spirit guide and angels.

Tuesday morning, a message came at 2:22 AM. Yes, I was up at this time. :) I had just laid down after working on some writing and glanced at the clock. Coincidence? I guess if you believe in such a thing, we could go with that.

According to Laura, 222 means the next step in the ladder, confirmation that your thoughts are aligned with truth, and you should proceed with that thought.

I was writing before I saw the message, pondering over my goals for the coming year. So, if this message is truly from the spirit guides, guess I'm on the right track.

Share your thoughts and experiences with repeating numbers.

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Yes, once again, I'm having technical difficulties here at Tarot Guidance, and of course at my other blog.

Warning - Never, ever, paste an image onto your blogger blog.

It took me a good while to figure out what was causing my problem, but finally found the issue. On Thanksgiving, I pasted rather than uploaded the images on the blog(s). This caused the html coding to be extremely long, which caused my feed to be too big, which made bother feed burner and twitter to quit using the feed. Leave it to me to cause such a problem, right?

The worst part is I made many changes elsewhere before I discovered the true problem. So, now the feed to my blog is not the same. Anyone subscribed will have to re-subscribe - I believe. Now, I may be totally wrong in this, but if you continue to not receive updates and such, you will need to re-subscribe. I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for anyone.

Thank you all for your support.

After posting this, I discovered another problem which may be of interest to anyone using Google bought them out, seems like a while back, but now I can't get to my account. So, I believe anyone signed up with continue to get their email updates.

I would appreciate it if you would delete that subscription and sign up through the new link on the blog. This gives me the ability to control the output on this end. Again, I do apologize for all the inconvenience.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do crystals really have special powers?

The healing power of crystals is a subject I've only mildly researched, but figured it was worth a try.

I've experience major negativity in my work place and it was really bringing me down, both physically and spiritually.

At first, I carried a clear quartz stone in my pocket, but it only seemed to mildly disrupt the flow of negativity surrounding me. I finally decided to go a step further and am glad I did.

With my new amethyst crystal necklace - seen in the photo - I have been freed of the largest proportion of the negative energy. It's still there in the workplace, but it no longer affects me in the same way.

Each type of crystal has different power abilities. Concentrating on protection, I chose the amethyst.

Protection: Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

The Amethyst also represents the Crown Chakra, and is known to increase spiritual awareness.

My anxiety level was extremely high by the time the necklace arrived. For the first two nights, I wore it to bed to help me sleep. Its ability to ward off nightmares proved true, but I experienced a lack of dreams all together. Feeling dreams are a way of the mind to work through daily matters, I discontinued the process of wearing the necklace to bed.

It's been almost a month, and I feel so much better than I did before I placed my crystal around my neck.

Have you used crystals for protection? Do you have suggestions on learning more about the power of crystals? Share your thoughts/experiences.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seduced by Darkness available for purchase

Seduced by Darkness is now available at eTreasures Publishing.


Geneva Chilton, warned against human contact, betrays her family in order to be close to the world she longs to join. Intrigued by an artist’s work and his ability to capture life on canvas, Geneva steps too close to the boundaries and discovers love, but what price will she have to pay?

Lewis Hunt, intrigued by Geneva’s beauty and determined to capture it on canvas, discovers he needs more. Lewis needs the real woman behind the beauty. His course leads him to her, but also to danger. How hard is he willing to fight for a woman of darkness, a vampire?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trouble connecting?

Are you having trouble connecting during your tarot reading? Do the cards not feel right? Does the reading feel completely off? Do you feel your mind wondering elsewhere while shuffling, rather than on the question at hand?

One of the most important aspects of performing a reading is to have a connection, so what's wrong?

First, you should look at the cards.
  • Is it a new deck? You may need more time with them before you feel the right connection. Or, the deck may not be for you. Using the right deck is important, and the choice of decks will vary from one reader to another. Decks are not equal. One reader will find one deck useful, while another may find no connection at all.
  • Is it a deck you use often? The cards may need to be cleansed. The quickest way to do this is to move the cards through the smoke of burning incense.
Next, look at yourself. If you are stressed, the energies will corrupt your reading. There are many ways to improve your own energy, which in turn will improve your reading ability.
  • Burn incense or candles.
  • Use totems. (an object to better connect yourself with the situation of the reading)
  • Use crystals. Placing crystals near you will absorb negativity. Different crystals specialize in different areas.
  • Meditate. Take a few moments to free your mind and ground yourself.
  • Relax. Take a walk. Read from your favorite book. Anything to give your mind a moments break.
Finally, look at your environment.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Your work area should suit you, whether it's a chair and desk, a bed, the floor, etc. Most readings take a while, the more comfortable you are, the less distraction.
  • Remove the clutter. Is your area large enough for your spread? Having to move items around as you lay your cards out is a huge distraction.
Happy Tarot Reading!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can you have too many tarot decks?

Can you have too many tarot decks?

I ask myself this question as I order two more decks: Crystal Visions Tarot and Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

Sounds like a trick question to me. In my defense, the second deck is fortune cards.

Seriously, you can't use them all at once, but you can learn from each deck. Also, you will find special connections with certain cards. You can always gift the ones you decide you don't bond with.

My list of deck grows longer with each year, but my two main decks remain Legacy of the Divine and Mystic Dreamer Tarot. With these two decks, I found an automatic connection. I do however enjoy all of my decks, and have favorite cards in each.

What decks do you own? Do you have a favorite? Do you use them all?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Technical Difficulties

It seems I've managed to mess up both my blogs. The images are gone, replaced by icky black boxes. I guess when I moved ownership over to different email addresses and deleted the old account, I managed to do away with whatever links Picasa Web Albums to the blogs.

Have patience, this may take quite a while, but I will get it all back in order.



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Story Creating with the Tarot

Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Tarot cards are tools. The jobs are numerous.

For writers, the tarot can help activate creative muscle, ignite a story idea.

One layout is the beginning, middle, and end. The cards you see are an example of this layout. All stories contain these three parts and one card represents each.

Here is an example tarot reading for creating a story.

Beginning - 21 The World (reversed) - This card represents a reluctance to let go. One is unable to reach the goal, because of unfinished business.

The main character of this story has unfinished business to attend to before moving forward.

Middle - 7 The Chariot - This card represents the need to balance opposing forces to move forward.

So, let's say the main character is struggling with the need to complete something from the past and the need to complete a current project.

End - Knight of Wands - This Knight is all about change - physical, emotional, spiritual. In the image, you notice two dragons fighting. Could this be the opposing forces at the climax of the story?

The main character, unable to balance the forces, is faced with the clashing of the two, which leaves him a changed man.

Story Overview - The main character is stuck in the past, unable to move forward. The only solution is to find balance, but he can't. In the end, the choice is made for him as the forces collide. He must gain control of these forces before it's too late.

Could these opposing forces be two women? An ex-wife, who he still cares for, and his current wife, who he loves but only married to find closure to his failed marriage.

This is how stories begin, with just a spark.

Give this a try and see what creative thoughts you can ignite.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are Tarot Cards Bad?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Does one speak to spirits when using tarot cards? Do tarot cards open one up to bad spirits? Do they attract negative spirits? Does the tarot have anything to do with spirits at all? Are tarot cards bad?

A deck of tarot cards are made of paper and ink, nothing more. There's nothing magical or evil within them. Tarot cards are a tool, not a doorway into the spirit world.

Any evil projected into a deck of tarot cards comes from the handler, not the cards themself.

The card you see is the High Priestess. She represents intuitive awareness, the inner voice, and tapping into a higher power. This is what you use when you do a reading using the tarot cards. This is within each of us, the tarot is simply a tool to help access those abilities, a guide for accessing our journey on the physical plane.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's Journey Tarot

Today's Journey Tarot
Today’s Journey Tarot created by Expanding Dimensions, illustrated by Christopher Wilkey

When I first heard about this modern day version of the Tarot, at first I was hesitant to obtain my own deck. I’m so glad I did. This deck is a wonderful step toward bringing new people into the world of Tarot. The images are clearer to modern day life. This will make a great addition to the collector, the reader, or the beginner.

The cards are easy to handle. Although a little hard to shuffle at first, a little clingy, the cards become more manageable over time. Along with a nice little white companion book, the cards fit nicely into their cardboard box with magnetic lid. (Schiffer has set a new standard with these new boxes, and I hope others may follow.)

There are a few changes with this deck compared with the Rider Waite, other than the images. The Majors have become Keys with new names. The Cups, Pentacles (Coins), Sword, and Wands are now Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. The images are creatively set to the modern version of the old meanings of the Tarot. For the most part, I found the images intriguing and nicely done. The only problem I have is some of the faces seem a little cartoonish, but I can overcome this one issue due to all the good elements of the deck.

I wanted to give at least one example of the types of messages presented in this deck. After a major struggle over choosing just one, I settled on 10 of the Major Arcana, changed from The Wheel of Fortune to Life. The image is of a roller-coaster ride. What better way to represent Life! The Little White Book’s entry begins with the keywords: Destiny, Cycles, and Perspective. It then goes into an explanation of the image beginning with: Life is filled with ups and downs.

As you look upon the card, you see a house representing the beginning and end of the ride. Each element appears in the colors of the pennants.

As the rider of the roller-coaster of life, we go through many aspects of the elements, many emotions, and different situations. Once on the ride, you can’t get off until it’s over. This is a card of destiny.

From the Little White Book – In a reading, this card represents the ups and downs of life. A new cycle may be beginning and an old one ending. There may be a need to expand your perspective to see the bigger picture. Accept your destiny.

I highly recommend this deck to any reader, both new and experienced.

To purchase from Schiffer Books.

To learn more about Expanding Dimensions LLC

To learn more about Christopher G. Wilkey:

Visit Website:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creating Your Own Tarot Spread

There are many tarot spreads available for the tarot reader, but sometimes you want, possibly need, something more. Creating your own tarot spread is relatively easy and can bring new insight to your tarot journey.

There are some aspects you should consider when creating your own spread:

  • Number of cards
  • Related issue - general, romance, career, etc.
  • Card positions - past, present, etc.
  • Possible visual aspect - cross, flower, etc.
As you create your spread, take notes and keep a record of both the new spread and the reading results. Naming your spread is also a nice touch, and a quick way to remember the spread for later use.

Example: Let's say you are in the situation of choosing between two relationships. One is an old friend who has recently expressed feelings of furthering the relationship, while the other is a new person. You're not sure which to choose, or even if you should choose either. To help you make your decision, you've decided to create your own tarot spread.

This is a situation of two roads, so let's go with seven cards in a romance spread. I'm also thinking a horse shoe image.

  1. Questioner, who I am
  2. Person One, who he is
  3. Person Two, who he is
  4. Person One, what can he offer me
  5. Person Two, what can he offer me
  6. Person One, possible relationship outlook
  7. Person Two, possible relationship outlook
Your layout would look something like this:

6 7
4 5
2 3

Possible Names: Relationship Choice Spread, Which Love to Follow, Choices of the Heart

Be creative and don't be afraid to explore beyond what a tarot text can bring you. The tarot is about intuition. Use it to its full potential.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 of Wands - Reflections

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Today, I asked for a reflection card. The 4 of Wands represents a safe-haven, and a well-deserved rest. It symbolizes a time of rest and reward after a laborious task.

As I look upon the card's image, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, I see a canopy formed by the carefully placed wands and the energies supplied from a higher source. Within this protective field, the grass is green, the stream flows, and a rainbow promises hope for the future. On careful examination, one will notice everything outside this area is dying - the leafless trees , the stormy skies, and the burning earth. Within the safe-haven, there is a sense of growth and prosperity.

The Tarot suggests I stay within this haven today and take a moment of rest to recuperate. By doing so, I will find more growth and prosperity, than I will if I keep up the grueling pace of working constantly. To avoid burnout, I must find this safe-haven and learn to take the peace and quiet it offers.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I find myself in a position of unbalance and what feels like chaos. In truth, I’ve put myself in a spot where I can’t keep up with everything. I have no time for writing, reading, and all the other projects I’ve set up. I need to be advertising my book. I need to be preparing for whatever the post office might throw at me, in terms of do I have a job or not.

I’ve went about the process of pulling in editorial work, but you can imagine this is a struggle. Between post office work and editing jobs my time is sparse. So, it’s time to make changes and make some sacrifices. I’m going to take this slow, in hopes everything will come together in time.

What does this have to do with the blogs? Cuts start here. I’ve met so many people through both my blogs and gained so many friends and acquaintances. My two blogs are my home away from home, and closing them down would be like killing my friend. So, to keep from closing them, I’ve chosen to cut back instead. Please bear with me through the changes, and hopefully one day life will settle down and I can go back to the old routine.

Here is the schedule I plan to keep for now.

Tuesdays - Footsteps of a Writer (I do have a few guest blogs and interviews set up which will not correspond with this day.)

Thursdays – Tarot Guidance

Sundays will be set aside for any type of reviews: Writing How to Books, Fiction Books, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Books, etc. (These posts will occur when available, not weekly.)

Wednesday will be promo day. Any exciting news about my writing journey will appear on this day. (These posts will occur when available, not weekly.)

The Newsletter will continue as usual, releasing during the first week of each month.

If you are interested in guest blogging or being interviewed on either blog, please contact me, and we’ll get you set up.

You don’t know how much weight has lifted off my shoulders just by this one change. Cutting my blogging in half will allow a little more room to move. I hope you all understand this slight change, and chose to continue following my journey through life.

Best wishes,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Connecting with the Tarot Cards and their meanings

Legacy of the Divine
One way to better associate the meanings of the cards is to connect them with your own life.

As you read, you will notice some cards continue to show up. A process you may find useful is keeping a chart of all the cards and marking the ones repeating themselves within your readings. Make note of the card’s position, for the meaning changes slightly because of this aspect.

The main point is to become aware of repeating obstacles or lessons you face. Breaking cycles in life’s path is useful for growing as an individual and one of the hardest lessons for each of us to learn.

I’ve chosen the 10 of Wands as the image for this post because it is a card which continuously reveals itself to me. I tend to overextend myself and then wonder why I can’t get anything done. I’m one of those people who find it hard to say no, but I’m working on this issue. One day, I will break the cycle and the heavy burden will be lifted.

Sometimes, it’s not a card which reappears but a message. As you all know, some cards have very similar meanings, and when looked at the right way will re-create similar messages you received in other readings.

If you use the cards for personal growth, a tarot journal is extremely important. You are only spinning your wheels if you don’t write the readings down and revisit them from time to time. As you grow as a reader, you will tend to experiment with the larger spreads. But, I suggest three card readings as a daily process to discover your path and possible obstacles.

A three card reading can have positions such as: past, present, future – influences, main situation, influences– and so on. Or, they can have no position at all, giving an overview of your current situation. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but I’d suggest for this one week to repeat the same spread to get a better view of the cards and their meanings.

Give it a try. Take a week of three card readings, and see if you don’t discover at least one pattern playing out in your daily lives.

Best wishes,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 of Coins - Reflections

Legacy of the Divine
Today, I asked for a reflection card. The 3 of Coins is one of my favorite tarot cards. It deals with hard work, putting your skills to good use. It also speaks of recognition for your talents, skills and accomplishments.

As I look upon the card’s image, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, I see a man who has already completed two projects and is now finishing up a third. Everything he needs is within reach. For me, the older male suggests time spent perfecting this talent. This isn’t about throwing something together – production, it’s about taking the time to really put yourself into the task at hand.

I feel by offering this card, the Tarot suggests I spend less time thinking about how much I can accomplish in a certain amount of time, and more time on the quality of the completed project.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tarot Leaves by Beth Seilonen

Tarot Leaves
Explore the Tarot through the beauty of nature as seen in images drawn within the silhouettes of the Maple, Apple, Oak, and Birch leaves. Utilizing color to convey the meanings on 78 artistic Tarot cards, each card is represented by a leaf in which innovative images and symbols are hidden. Colorful and intricate, the leaf image overlaps the imagery message and vice versa. The magician phrase, “Now you see it; now you don’t,” surely applies as, with each reading, some images are noticed and seem to “pop” from the leaf, while other symbols are overlooked to be seen at another time. Enjoy the simple beauty of nature as you explore the roots of Tarot.

Following the tradition of the Major and Minor Arcana, Seilonen adds a new personality to the tarot with this deck. Showing the images through the silhouette of tree leaves, through a prism of nature, she takes one step toward making this deck unique, but goes a little further with her artwork. The soft pastel colors and the gentle scenery take the tarot to a new level.

The packaging of this deck is also an amazing aspect. The deck and accompanying book come in a hard cardboard laminated box, which closes firmly with a magnet. The sturdy book includes interpretations for both the upright and reversals of each card, along with suggested spreads. The cards are of sturdy card stock. And again, everything fits right back into the box for storage.

This deck would make a wonderful addition on any collector’s shelf. A tarot reader would also find joy with its images and soft pastel coloring. I wouldn’t highly recommend this deck to someone new to the tarot, but I also wouldn’t say a straight out no. The book’s interpretations and the images within the cards make perfect sense; it just may take longer to be able to do a reading without the book’s help.

It is suggested the images overlap within the leaf artwork giving hidden meanings that ‘pop’ forth when required. I haven’t had this happen yet, but do look forward to the excitement of such an occurrence.

ISBN: 9780764339035

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Numerology within the Tarot - One

There are many different aspects within the cards which can be pulled upon for stronger clarity. One of these aspects is the numbers on each card.

Cards from Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Today, I decided to look upon the One – Aces and The Magician – to gain more understanding of the connections numerology has with the Tarot.

Ones represent the seeds of life, the beginnings and the birth of a new direction.

The Magician uses his available tools and skills to create. This card suggests focusing your energy on your desired direction and taking those first steps toward achievement. It also signifies a good time for new projects and learning new skills.

The Ace of Cups suggests new love, a new emotional life.

The Ace of Coins suggests new money and new opportunities.

The Ace of Swords suggests new strength and new ideas.

The Ace of Wands suggests new life energy, the start of something new – business, creations, and a move forward.

As you look upon these cards, it is apparent all four cards relate to new beginnings in different areas of life.

Overview – (Magician) by taking the tools and skills one possesses and focusing it in one direction, greatness can be achieved. (Cups) new emotions, a new friendship or love affair is likely to begin. (Coins) money and career opportunities are available. (Swords) a charge of power and new ideas are at your disposal. (Wands) new energies bring a good time to begin something new.

Start something new today! Have a wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Legacy of the Divine Tarot
As I look upon the ladies of Justice, I wonder how blind we really are to our decisions.

The ladies stand together sharing the responsibilities of the verdict. One uses the scrolls for guidance, while the other holds a sword. The questions which need to be answered are - what do the scrolls contain - there are two, and what does the sword signify.

Scrolls - We would assume there is writing or images upon these important documents. Maybe the words share knowledge to help clarify the deed being judged, or offer rules of conduct. Another alternative, one two scrolls represent the subconscious and the super-subconscious.

Sword- A sword represents something solid and active. The sword could represent the resulting effects of the deed, or the weight of the conscious. The sword may also be the rules, while the scrolls are the wisdom and understanding.

Either way, these two ladies control the balance on which we make our decisions. With a heavy hand, one lady could cause the outcome to be unjust, unbalanced, or just wrong.

The justice system works upon this notion of fairness when they appoint jury members. As we all know this doesn't always work out to true justice. As humans, we have flaws and justice isn't always found.

In our life and journeys, we also fail at keeping a completely balanced vision upon Justice. Life hands us lessons and trials, and along the way balance is thrown off and one lady outweighs the other.

Over the next few days, consider what tools you use to make your decisions. Are they balanced? Should you touch up on one area to balance out the other?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gaining Archetypal Vision by Toni Gilbert

Gaining Archetypal Vision

A Guidebook for Using Archetypes in Personal Growth and Healing

As a tarot reader, I picked up this book in hopes of gaining more knowledge on healing. I wasn’t disappointed and learned so much more.

Toni Gilbert has written a book which will be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind, not just those seeking to go into healing or gain personal growth. Toni’s story lives between the covers of this book, begging to be read and experienced. Your journey follows Toni through a life of tests and trial, and then into her destined path of becoming a holistic nurse.

Packed with information, this book is presented in a nature which will allow you to absorb the contents. Toni shares with you her own experiences and that of her clients. With different methods, she heals through the mind and makes it hard not to believe in all the possibilities.

My favorite client would have to be Nelson and his mysterious hiccups. Doctors couldn’t figure out what caused the condition. Toni went in, walked him through some meditational steps, and the hiccups were gone. Our energies can control much more than most realize, and suppressing them can cause a whole heap of trouble.

Chapter Three, Archetypal Growth and Development, presents charts and explanations to bring the understanding of Archetypes clearly into your mind. I would have liked this to have been at the beginning of the book. But as written, everything before this is a building of Toni’s journey toward this part of her life, and worth reading to get to this chapter.

The last chapter presents tools for healing in the 21st century – dream work, guided imagery, tarot counseling, and humanistic astrology. I found this section to be informative, but would have liked more. The focus of this book wasn’t meant to be on these tools. The selected bibliography, at the end, offers multiple resources to further your studies in the methods of healing.

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in personal growth and healing through archetypes, but also to those who are curious. Toni presents a wonderfully inspiring read on life, along with tools to achieve more.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tarot, Birth Cards, and You Keys to Empowering Yourself by Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet
A wonderful guide for those interested in using the tarot for personal/spiritual development: by using the archetypes of the tarot’s major arcana, one can empower himself and help others to do so.

At the beginning of the book, instructions are provided for calculating your birth cards. It is then divided into chapters, each devoted to a set of birth cards.

Within these chapters:

• Overview of birth card sets
• How each card affects you
• Affirmations
• Journeying with each birth card
• Gifts, abilities, and challenges associated with each card
• Suggestions for working with the cards to empower yourself

The book ends with a beautifully created section for quick reference to the tarot birth cards.

• Overview of each birth card set
• Birth card calculation chart
• Three pages for notes

This is a wonderful guide for personal development, a handbook for tarot readers, or a great gift for loved ones interested in the tarot. Bonnie’s book will definitely be used well in both my personal development and tarot readings for others.

Card illustrations provided by Karyn Easton – Tarot Lovers Tarot

Purchase link

About the Author:

Bonnie Cehovet is a professional Tarot reader with over fifteen years of experience, a Reiki Master, and author. Her reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on the Aeclectic Tarot (, Meta Arts ( Internet sites, in the ATA (American Tarot Association), ATS (Association For Tarot Studies), and TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) newsletters. For more information:,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 - The Day We Joined Together

Ten years ago, the United States joined together as we lost our loved ones to a great tragedy.

Where were you when the moment of silence fell across the states?

At that time, I worked in a clothing factory in Tennessee. I don't remember who told us about the events, but as the word spread from one end of the building to the other, silence engulfed us all.

I didn't lose anyone in this tragic event, yet when I heard the news tears filled my eyes and I believe my heart stopped beating for a split moment. Tragic news such as this affects us as a whole. It is during times as such, we join together through a spiritual connection, whether we realize it or not. We are of one in this great big world and one day that togetherness will span more than a few minutes, hours, or days.

As we face a day ten years after the fact, please take a moment of silence to send prayers out to all those in need, all around the world.

Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five of Swords - Winner Takes All

“Winner takes all!”

I drew the 5 of Swords today as a summary of the ongoing events in my life.

The Rider Tarot Deck

The winner in the card wins at the price of others. The first is left upset and crying. The second worries over the other, but refuses to bow his head in defeat. While the winner is proud, he’s won more than he can carry, with the remaining two swords lay upon the ground.

The question this card brings to mind is, “Was the battle worth the prize?”

His winnings come with a price. Are these two people allies? Or, did he take back what was his in the first place?

Usually when this card appears, it indeed refers to three people being involved. I have to say I recognize these people and must ponder these questions. Is what I’m fighting for really worth the complete loss of these two people from my life? Or should I accept what’s being taken from me, and let them continue holding their swords?

Without happiness, one’s life is empty. Without companionship, there’s no one to share this life with. The problem comes when happiness and companionship do not join together as one.

If you are unhappy in your situation, the battle to be happy is worth losses. For if you gain happiness, there wasn’t a loss at all. I guess the main objective is to make sure the battle you choice to fight is the right one, and not a distraction from the real issue at hand.

As you fight your battle, pause for a moment and consider the outcome.

I leave you with Survivor – Eye of the Tiger. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free Automated Tarot Reading

I don't put much faith in automated tarot readings, but they can be fun to play with at times. Sometimes they even seem extremely insightful. I was surfing around and happened upon a site I thought you might have some fun with.

The tarot readings are very detailed. There are also angel readings, horoscopes and more. So, if you are bored and just want to play around check out

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strike by Adam Weeden 
Monday night, lightning struck the phone box attached to the side of my house. The results: a destroyed modem, router, monitor, x-box, television, and a few other toys.

If you are a frequent visitor, you are aware of the other chaotic episodes occurring over the last few months.

Is the spirit world trying to tell me something, or was the lightning strike a freeing of the negative energies?

I just happened to be on the computer when the big bang came, and a current surged through my mouse and up my arm, stopping right at my elbow. The negativity had dissipated quite a bit by the time of this occurrence, but the morning after the shock was a complete turnaround.

Negativity is gone, and positive thoughts are at full strength. I'm back to my old self.

I just wonder if maybe the lightning bolt shot down to destroy the negative presence at my side. I haven't had time to do a reading on the matter, but no matter the case, I feel much better - energetic, in control, and on top of my game.

Now, I have to get caught up with all my projects and hopefully get back to my forward movement in life.

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Developing Emotional Balance

Over the last month, I've experienced much turmoil. The chaos has materialized as computer crashes and mechanical problems in multiple vehicles. On the emotional/spiritual side, I've felt a heavy dark veil looming over me, an overwhelming sense of dread, and a constant feeling of negativity. Two days ago, the darkness lifted away, leaving me unusually tired and out of sorts.

This morning I've turned to my Sacred Circle deck. I asked, "What do I need to work on over the next few days?"

My answer came in the form of the King of Cups - the power of Water.

As I study the card, I see a sense of confusion. The king offers greetings to the left, while his companion is interested in something to the right. The waters are calm, while the sky is stormy. The king looks delighted, while his companion seems weary and alert of the approaching aspects.

I need to work on my emotional balance.

Although the elements of the card seem to be conflicting, they are also balanced to a point - everything seems as it should. Neither the king nor his companion shows agitation or grief. They simply are in unison with one another. One looks toward the past, while the other looks to the future.

The companion book to this deck speaks of developing your watery side, exploring the depths of your feelings, and showing your emotions. This king has the capacity for nurturing, affection, empathy, and intuition. His companion suggests loyalty to another, and being friendly and loving. Are you being too cynical? Do you have the feeling others are working against you?

All of these details made me sit up and look around.

My negative feelings are manifesting all around me. I have control over my own emotions, yet I allow others to put me in bad moods, to bring me down to their level. I feel as if others let me down, but really they are only letting themselves down. I need to get in contact with my own emotions and let go of what others bring to me. By focusing on myself, rather than the actions of others, I shall find that healthy balance and not fall victim to the dragging down of outside forces.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Do you have a process which helps you shield yourself from the energies of others? A process to keep you focused on you and your own emotional balance?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Fool's Journey - The Wheel

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Continuance of The Fool's Journey

Waking to the glare of the sun, the Fool stretched and stood, ready to continue on his journey. His dog barked and growled at the large structure nearby. The Fool approached with caution.

A man stood at the bottom of a large gold wheel, ushering him forward. "Come, it's time."

"Time? For what?"

"To go home."

"Climb aboard. You are to return home to your life."

"But what about the journey?"

"Your spiritual journey is somewhat complete. You must rejoin society to continue."

His dog cowered at his leg. The Fool knelt, brushing the poor shivering creature. "It's okay. Just another part of the journey." He scooped up his pet and climbed onto the gold wheel. It moved forward, and the Fool closed his eyes.

With a jolt, the wheel disappeared dropping him and his dog to the ground. His home lay in the valley below. His lover labored up the rising trail. His heart yearned for her beauty. His dog rushed to her side. Finally, he was home, but what did the rest of his journey hold?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Negativity Creates Chaos

1909 Rider-Waite Deck
Since the middle of July, my life has turned to chaos. From electronic/mechanical failures, finance issues due to the before mentioned, and relationship issues, the road has been cluttered, and I’m at the end of my rope. I’m trudging through the debris, but not sure how much more I can survive.

Preceding what seems to have been a tumbling of the Tower, dread wrapped its arms around me and negativity entered my life. Did the negative energy produce the downfall, or was it really the other way around?

According to what I’ve read on energies, my negativity may have indeed touched the physical and caused the chaos. But where did the negativity come from? My guess is an outside source. Energies are easily transferred from one person to the other, especially if you are highly sensitive.

To be honest, on the onslaught of this negative energy field, I knew something was wrong and knew something was about to happen. But as humans, we tend to avoid conflict and hope it goes away in time. I have reached a point where turning away seems to produce continuous chaos.

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on my negativity but it continues to return. I believe this to be so because the determined source of the negativity is close at hand. So, to work on my own spiritual energy is not accomplishing much at all.

After a few readings and searching within, I discovered a cycle has been started and to end the cycle more will need to be done than simple cleansing. The final event of this cycle is close at hand and will bring down the shaking tower. But, no journey is paved in stone, and the course can still be changed.

If your readings and your intuition speak to you of danger ahead, heed the warnings. The higher source is there to help but can only do so much. It is up to you to take action and make life what you want it to be.

Have you been warned in the past, only to continue on to face a disaster? Have you accepted the hazard sign and saved yourself from a failure? Share your experiences of intuition and foresight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Fool's Journey - The Hermit

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Continuance of The Fool's Journey

The Fool picked up the staff with its glowing crystal and discovered the forest no longer surrounded him. A meadow of lush green led off toward majestic mountains and a rolling stream. He thought back upon the questions posed by the woman, “Where do you want to go, what path do you seek?”

He knelt beside his dog, “I guess it wasn’t a riddle after all. Yet what may I seek upon mountains and water?” The dog barked once, and The Fool stood. “I guess we should be on our way.”
The two walked near the water, following its flowing course. The Fool thought over his journey and where it may lead. “We’ve seen many things and have learned many lessons. I’m not sure what else there may be to do.” His dog responded with a short bark, and they continued on.

After walking so far, the stream split, traveling in two directions. “Well, which way should we go?”
His dog barked and ran into the stream. He rolled around, came back to the bank, and sprayed water over The Fool.

“Is that your way of saying I need a bath?” The Fool laughed at his friend. Settling his bag between two rocks, he undressed and took his own dip in the stream.
Freshly dressed, he sat near his bag and again went through his belongings, discovering the journal had yet again gained more written pages. After reading though the logs, he settled back, using the tote as a pillow. “We’ll decide in the morning.” His dog curled up beside him, and they slept.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Astrology and Horoscopes

Do you find advice in your daily horoscope? Have you ever wondered why the outlook is so vague? Can the movement of the planets really forecast our futures?

Daily Horoscopes are pretty much everywhere, and they are usually free. The main problem is they focus on everyone born under that particular sign. If you take the time to compare different versions of your horoscope, you will also find they vary greatly. So, how helpful is this advice anyway?

At Internet Provider, you can find a list of the top ten daily horoscopes sites, along with other sources such as tarot and numerology. None of these sites offered personalized horoscopes, only general outlooks. As I searched the web for an alternative suggestion, I did find AstroAgency, which provides a personal view, but is also very vague.
If you compare the ten suggested sites, you will find they all offer different advice. So how can we know which to take? I wish I could answer this, and hope soon I will be able to. I’ve always been intrigued by astrology and had a desire to understand, but with all my other interests this one always falls short.

I did find one of the suggested sites very interesting. AstrologyZone offers a very detailed monthly outlook for your sign, but again it is based on all those born under each sign. It does however give some specifics, as in: if you were born on this day, you will feel more of an effect from the new moon. The most interesting aspect though is Susan Miller offers to write you a 64-page custom book. The book contains your natal chart, personality aspects, how your place in your family can affect your personality, and more. Your name is even put on the cover of the book. I do love this idea, but the price isn’t cheap either. At 49.95, this may be something I’d like to have, but wouldn’t spend the money.

And before you do, consider creating your own. It’s much easier than you would think. With The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, you can create your own natal chart and interpret it for around fifteen dollars. I own this book, the older edition, and have created my natal chart and interpretations, but never ventured further. I do plan to do so over the next few months. But, before you spend your money on this, also check out Parker’s Astrology by Julia Parker. I have heard this is a better guide, but I don’t own it yet. This book also sells for around fifteen dollars.

Can the movement of the planets really forecast our futures? My answer would be not entirely. I do believe they can give you added insight into your life and perhaps make your journey more understandable and enjoyable.

For instance, if you are aware that the moving planets are about to cause interruption in your life on a certain day, schedules can be changed to avoid the added stress, or at least you could be more prepared for the situation.

Do you own an astrology book you’d like to suggest to the readers of this blog? Is there a horoscope site you feel stands out among the many?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Fool's Journey - Strength

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Continuance of The Fool's Journey

The Chariot came to a stop and The Fool opened his eyes. The surrounding landscape looked no different than it had before. Confused, he jumped to the ground, followed by his dog.

What had been the point of such a ride if he would only end up where he'd begun? He looked around for his mate, but she wasn't there. He slumped to the ground, disgusted by this journey which seemed to go nowhere.

His dog barked, ran after the departing chariot, and then returned to his side.

"Great. Now we must continue on foot. But what could be the point of all this? We should just go home."

The dog barked yet again, and a woman's voice drifted toward him.

"Come closer."

The Fool turned to see a woman accompanied by three large cats. He glanced at his dog, expecting the normal reaction upon feline presence, but curiously the dog only stared. The Fool stood and approached the woman.

"I'm tired of riddles. If that's what you have to speak, I'll be on my way."

"Young man, you seem discouraged. What troubles you?"

"This journey takes me nowhere. Around in circles I've gone."

"The truth is not what you speak. You have come far. You have only to believe in yourself and follow your instincts."

"I don't understand. Where am I to go? What path do I follow?"

"Close your eyes. Now ask yourself, where do you want to go, what path do you seek?"

The Fool groaned. "Riddles, more riddles." He opened his eyes.

The lady and her companions were gone. Night had fallen and by his side laid a staff, its embedded crystal glowing bright.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Tarot Dictionary Entry - The Magician

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
1 - The Magician

Element - Air

Planetary - Mercury, Rules Wednesday

Keywords - skills, focused energies, tools to create own reality

The Magician suggests any tools or skills needed to achieve your goals are at your disposal. You are the director of your story.

In the reversed position, The Magician suggests you are not using your skills. There may be a need to further your studies. Re-evaluate your directions and become better prepared.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what should go into a tarot dictionary entry and thoughts on The Magician card.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Contact Your Spirit Guides by Asandra

Contact Your Spirit Guides
Asandra, a unique individual, has pulled together a comprehensive guide to contacting your spirit guides. The book is beautifully designed and comes with 24 spirit guide cards. The cards are a way to assist you in contacting your spirit guides, but she doesn’t stop there. There’s some nice information on automatic writing, and other methods to connect with your guides. I believe the most helpful section for me was on identifying your guides.

I had the privilege of viewing the cards, before the book came out. I enjoyed them, but didn’t really connect. That is, until I obtained a copy of the book. The information in the book leads up to the actual actions of contacting your guides, and once you comprehend this part, the rest is much more understandable. As a tarot reader, in many ways I’ve connected already, but with Asandra’s cards there’s a whole new direction to take.

My first reading with the cards led me to contact my Pathfinder. After realizing this was the guide I needed at this particular time, I sought more guidance with my tarot cards. The initial reading with the spirit guide cards led me in a direction I wouldn’t have gone without them.

I highly recommend this book for beginners seeking a connection with a higher source. If you’ve started down this road, but can’t seem to get the right feel for a connection, Asandra can help you open the door you’ve only pulled slightly ajar.

Another great section in the book advises you of how to only bring in wanted guides, and keep out the unwanted guests. This is highly important. Once you open the door, any spirits are allowed through if you do not specify what types you want. No one wants uninvited guests, especially ones who can send you messages which may send you in the wrong direction. Contacting your spirit guides is an action you shouldn’t take lightly. Asandra can assist you in your journey.

For more information about this book go to:,

Happy Communications!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tarot Cards Misbehaving

During the process of shuffling, it is not unusual for the tarot cards to misbehave, jump out of the deck, turning upright. These cards are trying to get your attention, and need to be evaluated into the reading.

Some readers place the cards upon the table, and then continue to shuffle. I return the cards to the deck, but take note of them. It's amazing how often the cards return as part of the spread. But, even if they don't, they get some attention in the reading. They get double attention if they return.

What do you do with your misbehaving tarot cards?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quintessential Tarot Card

The Quintessential Card is the overview of a tarot reading. It can bring the cards together in a more meaningful manner or give a last piece of advice to the questioner. Not all readers use this method, but it is an added bonus to any reading.

The Quintessential Card is found by adding the numerical value of all the cards together and reducing the number if more than 22. You then pick the card corresponding with the number from the Major Arcana. The Fool can be viewed as either 0 or 22.

The court cards, with no numerical value suggested, can be viewed upon in numerous ways. The important thing is to follow the same process during each reading. Some readers give the court cards the value of 0. Another way is to value the court cards as they fall in sequence to their suit. (Pages = 11, Knights = 12, Queens = 13, Kings = 14) You will find that wherever you look for advice to determine these values there are many different opinions. Some give these values: 1 to Kings, 2 to Queens, 3 to Knights and 4 to Pages. You decide, but think on this: No numbers appear on the cards; therefore they truly have no numerical value.

For example: In a three card reading, you pull the 10 of pentacles, 6 of wands, and the Chariot (7). Your formula would look like this: 10+6+7=23. Since 23 is greater than 22, reduce it once more: 2+3=5. The corresponding card, the Quintessential Card, would be the Hierophant.

Give this a try with your next tarot reading. You'll be amazed by the accurate overview, no matter the size of the reading.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tarot Personalities - The Fool

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Each tarot card has its own personality. By relating these personalities to someone you know you gain yet another way to recall the meaning of the card.

The Fool (upright) - outgoing, fearless, adventurous, daring

The Fool (reversed) - cautious, fearful, introvert (while this card can also warn against taking unnecessary risks - gamblers, risk takers, daredevils)

Who do you know who share the personality of The Fool?

Monday, July 18, 2011

eBook Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my historical romance novella, Escape to Love, I'm offering one free copy of the eBook to be given away at the first of August. Winner will be notified in the March Issue of my newsletter.

Visit Footsteps of a Writer, my writing blog for more information.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tarot Questions - The Fool

Sometimes you may want to do a reading, but you're not sure what to ask. This may happen a lot during practice. One way to form a question is to ask the tarot. Pick one card and form your question. Don't forget to return the card before doing your reading. This can not only make the cards more familiar, but it also help you learn to form better questions for the tarot.

The Fool (upright) - In what area of my life do I hold back? What can I do to feel more relaxed in my life? How can I be bolder and take charge of my own direction in life?

The Fool (reversed) - Where in my life should I be more cautious? How can I be sure my choice is the correct choice? Which direction should I go concerning my career?

These are only a few examples. What question(s) can you think of for the Fool?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tarot Phrases - The Fool

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Using catchy phrases for the tarot cards is another method to become more familiar with each. It's like when you try to remember a person's name, or a favorite movie title, or a test question. By remembering something related, you more easily recall the meaning or answer.

The Fool (upright) - Take a leap of faith.

The Fool (reversed) - Be careful where you step.

What are some catchy phrases you can come up with for The Fool?