Monday, May 26, 2014

Go with the Flow, Be Present

I turned to the Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer for a little advice for the week - May 26 to June 1 - and received the Wheel of Life.

Life consists of many cycles - birth to death, night to day, spring to winter, etc. The advice of this card is to stop fighting the natural rhythm of the cycles. Work with them, harmonize and become a part of the flow of life.

Affirmation: I am guided by the cycles of life and live in complete harmony with them.

Everything has a cycle. Become a part of the environment. Live in the present. The Wheel of Life is the quickest route to becoming connected with your soul and gaining guidance from the Divine.

"Accept and love yourself and your environment at every stage of life." ~ Kim Dreyer

To better connect with the card, I decided to do a quick Haiku.

Wheel of Life
Fight against the breeze
Blown in many directions
Glide and you shall fly

Lately, my brain has turned into a radio station. I keep getting bits and pieces of songs flashing through my mind, and 'yes' I'm doing my best to pay attention to the messages coming from the higher source. 

As I write this post and look upon this card, two snippets are playing. 1) The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season) 2) Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take the Wheel

Are you struggling? In what area of life do you feel the most resistance? Need some guidance, some Tarot Guidance?

Life doesn't have to be a struggle. As humans, we find it natural to take the hardest road possible. Of course, this in itself is one of our lessons to learn. Be blessed and enjoy the week ahead, every moment of it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Take a Break, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Take a Break, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Sometimes we need to follow the example of animals. My kitties, Tike and Prissy, have the right idea. Take it easy this week. You'd be surprised what can happen inside a rested mind - insight, creativity, happiness.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lenormand Moon

Ciro Marchetti, Lenormand
I've been a little hesitant in posting about the Lenormand. I'm still working through trying to get a grasp on how these cards work.

One day I think I've got it, and then the next they confuse me so much I want to pull my hair out. Let's say at this moment we have a love, hate relationship.

But, here we are, and we're going to look at the Lenormand. Maybe the understanding of the system will grow with each post, and you'll learn with me as we go.

One of the first steps in learning the Lenormand is to understand each individual card. Let me say here that there are different systems of the Lenormand and a few different ways to interpret and read the cards.

I think the system I'm using is French. The one I use is the same as Rana George and Mary K. Greer. So, if something I write doesn't match up with yours, feel free to say something, but understand it may just be a different system.

There are many different decks now, but I chose two images to give you an idea of what you may be looking at when we have the Lenormand Moon. The card is 32, out of the 36 card deck, and its playing card is 8 of Hearts.

We may go into the playing card aspect later, but for now, we will keep it as simple as possible with the basic meanings of the card. Again, these interpretations can vary from person to person.

Important to know: Do not confuse the Lenormand Moon with the Tarot Moon.

The Moon represents:
  • fame and recognition
  • intuition, dreams, and creativity
  • evening, moon cycles
  • job card - as in your job brings you fame and recognition - there are also other cards which can serve this purpose. In the end, choose one and stick with it. (I personally use the Anchor - more on that later.) 
It is suggested to have adjectives and verbs selected for each card. This will come into play when you start interpreting combinations. 

The Moon as an adjective:
  • creative
  • intuitive
  • evening
  • famous (as in known for)
The Moon as a verb:
  • visualize
  • create
There are many, many words which can be connected with the Moon. This, by the way, is why I've found this system so hard to figure out.

Do you have experience with the Lenormand? Care to share some of your own insight on the Lenormand Moon? Are you beginning your journey into the Lenormand?

Monday, May 5, 2014

5 of Wands - The Conflict Spread

When you practice or connect with your cards, what do you do if you have nothing to ask?

Here's one solution. Ask the cards. Shuffle the deck, pull one card, and form a question or create a spread based on the card you pull.

The Five of Wands presents conflict, tension, and competition. A lot of energy is being used, or wasted, by the boys as they compete with one another.

But wait, are they fighting?

Perhaps, they are brainstorming on how to accomplish something together. Conflict and tensions rise as they devise a plan. Each boy has a separate idea and a different role to play, but for it all to work they must join together and agree.

This made me think of internal conflicts.

As you approach a new project, a new relationship, or even take a trip to a new location, do you weigh the options of the approach and sometimes even the possible outcomes?

At the beginning of the year, I found myself struggling for the best approach to certain areas of my life. I've come away with the knowledge that all the worry in the world won't change the direction or outcome. If anything, it slows the progression. Now when I find myself fretting over things I have no 'real' control over, I close my eyes and say, "Let it go, Let it be." It's working at the moment, keeping me balanced and sane.

All of this leads us to a tarot spread based on the 5 of Wands.

Positions - 1.Where am I wasting energy, 2. Where should I focus my energy, 3. What is my greatest weakness, 4. What is my greatest strength, 5. How can I end the conflict.

I've laid the cards out in a horseshoe shape. You should have a focus topic for this spread.

Focus: My Creative Writing

1) Where am I wasting energy - 2 of Wands reversed

I'm wasting energy by doubting my plan, over-thinking the situation, and being unsure of my direction. Basically, I'm thinking too far ahead, worrying over the outcome.

2) Where should I focus my energy - 7 of Pentacles

I should focus my energy on getting the job done, take short breaks to assess the progress, and acknowledge my past achievements.

3) What is my greatest weakness - 9 of Cups

My greatest weakness is wanting too much, putting too much focus on the rewards.

4) What is my greatest strength - 6 of Cups

My greatest strength is my ability to look at the past and recognize how far I've come. Or, this could signify my inner child, my creativity. Either way, I'm strong because of my past and my ability to create.

5) How can I end the conflict - Strength

To end the conflict, to bring it all together, I need to be patient, be strong, and have faith in myself.

Overview- I waste energy thinking about the situation. I should focus my energy on doing the first task, and then I can take a moment to assess the situation and plan for the next step.  I need to quit focusing on the possible rewards and future. Instead I should recognize how far I've come and allow my inner child to lead the way. I have the strength to achieve success, but I must be patient when it comes to progress and have faith in my abilities. Building a writing career takes a lot of work, patience, and faith. Only the strong can survive.
What question do you get when looking at the 5 of Wands? Did you develop a Tarot Spread from this card? I'd love to hear what you did with exercise.