Sunday, May 21, 2023

Review: Higher Self Oracle

Higher Self Oracle
Author: Deanna Marie Riddick
Artist: Deborah Rodriguez-Capacetti
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2023

Description: 45 cards, 112-page guidebook, metal box

Card Size: 3 1/4 x 4 1/2

"Receive guidance on your life's journey and help fulfill your calling by connecting with the higher self through this powerful channel of love and light."

The Higher Self Oracle is a vibrant deck, printed on thick card stock. Upon first opening, the cards have a slight curve to them, but with gentle bending they can be straightened out. The deck fits very loosely in the metal box, which I'm guessing is the cause of this one minor issue.

I am impressed by the cards and the messages received during a short time of using them. I always do readings with the decks before writing up a review. For some reason, I wasn't expecting much from this deck at all, but I was completely wrong.

But, let's talk about the guidebook first. The author opens with a brief acknowledgement of those who supported her in the creation of the deck. The introduction goes into depth of the meaning of the Higher Self. You are then introduced to the difference between you Higher Self and Ego. 

The author gives instructions on how to work with the Higher Self Oracle and offers four suggested spreads to get you started on your journey. Before delving into the cards, she gives you many techniques to help you to connect with your Higher Self. 

The bulk of the guide covers each individual card, including the name, image, a quote, and the meaning of the card. The cards are listed in alphabetical order, but are not separated by pages. You may find the beginning of a card in the middle of the page. Okay, I guess I would consider this a second minor issue, but not a deal breaker. 

As you see in the two images, the Acceptance card entry runs for three pages, but ends midway of the third. I would have liked to have larger images and page divisions, but again, only a minor issue. I can definitely get past it in order to receive the messages from my Higher Self.

The guidebook closes with a conclusion and a bibliography, which is followed by About the Author and About the Illustrator.

I began my journey into the cards with a three-card layout of Past - Present - Outcome. And the question: What can I expect in my day?

Without even reading the guidebook message, you can see an easy message from the cards. You may experience some obstacles today, but don't worry, just go with the flow. But, after reading the guidebook, this is the reading I ended up with:

You may have been experiencing obstacles, but it's time to move past them and stop worrying over what might happen. Stop the negative mantra and stay present and positive. Learn to move forward in spite of the obstacles in your path. Unpredictable situations come along, but you can't control the uncontrollably. Relax and adjust as necessary. If you just worry and resist, there's no moving forward.

A very motivating message, and directly resonates with where I am at the moment of the reading.

I highly recommend this deck to anyone interested in connecting with your Higher Self, or collecting another Oracle deck. 

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)