Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Create Your Own Crystal Holder/Wrap

A crystal wrap is an easy way to store your favorite crystals. 
What you will need to make your own Crystal Holder/Wrap: a piece of cloth (12 inches by 6 inches), a 12 inch piece of ribbon, a spool of thread, and a sewing needle. 
Step One - Lay your material out flat on a hard surface. Carefully fold the material into a six by six square. You will normally have a faded side and a dark side to the material. At this point, you want the faded side facing you.
Step Two - Thread your needle. Then, carefully sew up two sides of the square, leaving one side open. Gently insert your hand into the open section and pull the material right side out.
Step Three - Lay the ribbon out across the square. You will need to secure the ribbon to the material. Although it is fine to secure it to both layers, you can also take a little time and secure it to only one side. This will allow it not to be visible on the opposite side.
Step Four - With the ribbon securely in place, it is time to sew up the open end of the material. As this will be visible, take your time. You may want to make small stitches, but you could also make decorative ones if you have the ability to do so.
Step Five - Time to select your crystals. Depending on their size, you should be able to fit multiple stones within your wrap. Choose a few and then place them in the center of your new wrap.
Step Six - Take two edges of your material and lay each over the stones. You should in the end have a cone shape, with the ribbons extending from the long sides. You may need to hold the flaps down.
Step Seven - Bring the other two flaps over each other closing the Crystal Wrap. You will basically have a nice little square - crystals inside. Again, you may have to keep your finger on the material to keep it in place.
Step Eight - Tie your ribbon in a nice little bow and you are all done.
When ready to display, untie ribbon, unfold cloth, and enjoy the beauty and energy of your crystals during your tarot reading or other ritual. When done, simply tie back up and have no worries of crystals being knocked to the floor, lost, or carried off by one of your furry loved ones.

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 (previously published on The Examiner, December 4, 2013)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Animal Spirit - Fox

Red fox detailed photo by Sarvis John, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
When asked to describe the characteristics of the Fox, many will begin with words such as cunning, clever, and sneaky. Known for their graceful hunting and survival abilities, the fox has an acute sense of hearing and smelling. She’s also able to blend in with her surroundings.

As an animal spirit, the fox reveals the message of being patient, watchful, and instinctive when approaching a problem. There may be a need to sit back and study the situation, to understand its true nature before making an approach. Caution and observation are needed. You may also find yourself needing to adapt and blend in to make it all work out.

My first visit from the fox came last year. She stood under a moonlit shadow of a tree in my yard. I’ve seen her twice more in my yard, and once she crossed the street in front of me as I drove home. These occurrences have happened with long periods in between, and each time I had been mulling something over in my mind. Obviously this fox lives within my neighborhood, so is it a message, or just random sightings?

I began putting this post together on Monday night. Guess who darted out in front of me on my way to work Tuesday morning? This fox is obviously trying to get my attention, and ensure I receive the message she brings.


Lily Therese“Fox’s message and medicine is to playfully pursue your goals and objectives.”

Spirit-Animals“If Fox has made her appearance in your life, the solution to a problem is at hand.” 

Spirit Animal“When the fox appears in your life, it may indicate that you need to pay attention to people or circumstances that may be deceiving or tricking you into going down a path that does not necessarily serve you. This spirit animal may call you to be more discerning in relationships, whether it’s in business or friendships, or in choices you make for yourself.”