Sunday, July 4, 2021

Review: The Pendulum Kit

The Pendulum Kit
Author: Sig Lonegren
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2020

"The pendulum is a tool that bridges the gap between the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain. Now you can unlock the mysteries of the earth and its energy fields and tap into the unlimited potential of your own mind as you learn the secrets of dowsing with a pendulum."

The Pendulum Kit comes with everything you need to begin divining answers to any questions. The guidebook guides you through the process and the pendulum is provided for you along with many charts to use for your divining.

I introduced myself to the process of divining with a pendulum years ago. The results were really amazing, but as the author warns, I didn't stick with it long. There's only so many questions you can ask and once answered you set the pendulum aside.

"Too many dowsers who have some initial success with their pendulums find that, after a while, they have less and less use for dowsing, and then they stop all together. The trick is to do just the opposite and see if you can find more and more ways to use dowsing."

The guidebook has a lot of information on the art of dowsing and divining. The most important part though is the exercises provided and the actually going through the process. You begin by finding your pendulum's movements for searching, yes, no, and maybe. 

After that, there are exercises to help you build on your abilities to divine the answers to many questions. You are guided through how to use the many charts provided for you. 

And, to help you not run out of ways to use dowsing, the author provides multiple ideas and different tools to use during your dowsing experience.

I recommend this kit to anyone interested in beginning their journey into the dowsing world. You won't be disappointed with the results and this guide is the perfect beginning.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)