Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Spread: Planetary Spread
Question: General

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

1-Moon - Home Matters - 10 of Swords (reversed) - In the upright position, this card represents mental anguish and pain. In the reversed position, it signifies the release of this pain, overcoming the suffering.

2-Mercury - Business Matters/Skills- 2 of Coins - This card signifies the juggling of finances, while moving forward in life. One must tread lightly to stay afloat in this world.

3-Venus - Love and Relationships - 4 of Cups - This card represents daydreaming, wanting more than what you already have. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side comes to mind. If truth be told, you have everything you need.

4-Sun - Fame/Achievements - King of Swords - The King of Swords is one who has control over his thoughts and goals.

5-Mars - Adversity/Opposition - 5 of Cups - This card speaks of loss and disappointments. Crying over spilt milk comes to mind.

6-Jupiter - Gain/Expansion - 12 The Hanged Man (reversed) - In the upright position, the energies of this card is of self-sacrifice and re-evaluations. In the reversed position, it signifies gains and forming a new perspective on life.

7-Saturn - Restrictions - 9 of Wands - This card signifies standing your ground and not giving in. You've made your choices and intend to stand by them.

The Quintessential Card - the spirit of the reading - 6 The Lovers - The energies of this card is of relationships, love, and choices.

Reading Overview - The spirit of this reading tells me that my main focus is my relationship. I am going through a painful transition period, letting go of the past. Financial security is a great concern to me and it is important that I continue to watch my finances closely. I tend to wish for more in a relationship, not realizing how good it actually is. I am in control of how far I go in life, and should realize that reflecting on the past will get me nowhere fast. I am in the position to gain a new perspective on life but I must open myself up to this rather than blocking it with my strong convictions.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview with Asandra (Artist, Writer, Channel)

I'd like you to meet Asandra. I've come to know her through the Examiner. She's a great woman with many talents.

Asandra, would you like to tell us a little about yourself?

I am an Artist as well as a full trance Channel. I have been channeling for 27 years and have an international clientele. My paintings have been exhibited extensively and are in the collection of the Marriot and Renaissance Hotel chains as well as the Omni Orlando. I was featured in the book, Miami Contemporary Artists, Schiffer Publishing 2007, and will be having a solo exhibit and book-signing event at Rodezart Gallery in Miami, Florida, November 2011.

Can you tell us a little about what it is to channel spirits?

A channel is someone who acts as a conduit for spirit to speak through. More specifically, the entities that I primarily channel are called, Master Guides. A Master guide is a disembodied entity, or spirit, that has evolved in their awareness usually through living many lifetimes. They have the ability to see who we really are as soul-beings. In other words, it is like they have a bird’s eye view of who we have been in previous incarnations as well as where we are headed in this one. Although they are not all knowing (and do not proclaim to be), they have a profound overview of our souls’ development and can guide us with an immense amount of clarity.

This is not the same as going to a psychic who may make a series of predictions. A lot the information relayed from our guides involves teachings and guidance. They do not simply tell us what will happen in the future; they relay wisdom based on the overview they have of us. Ultimately, it is always up to us to make our own free-will decisions based upon our individual level of clarity. The path is always a cooperative, pro-active one.

Specifically, I am a trance channel. What that means is that I go into a deep, altered state (or trance) when I channel for a client. I act like a sieve, lending my body to the spirit guides so they can speak through me. When the channeling session is over, I will not recall what they said to the client.

Is this something one can do on their own or do they need guidance from someone of your profession?

Everyone can contact his or her spirit guides directly without the help of a medium. The book I wrote, Contact Your Spirit Guides, has comprehensive instruction on how to do this and offers many methods. Although speaking to ones’ guides through a channel can be an extremely uplifting experience, I would never encourage dependency on an outside source.

What steered you toward becoming a professional channeler?

I did not consciously choose to become a channel. In fact, I had a prestigious job as an Art Director for an art magazine in New York City prior to doing this work. There was a longing within, however, to give back to the world in some meaningful way. I began to pray for something that would satisfy this deep, soul desire. Through a series of synchronous circumstances, I was directed to the work that I have been doing full time for the past 27 years.

What can we gain from contacting our Spirit Guides?

It is immeasurable what we can gain from contacting our spirit guides. We all have a higher path to walk, the one of our greater destiny. Our guides know this and are able to guide us with remarkable clarity and insight. The first time I went to see a channel, one of my Master guides spoke to me (through the channel). It was as though they were the literal voice of my soul. How could they possibly know me so well other than that there was validity to their existence?

You have a new book coming out Spring 2011. Can you tell us a little about this?

My book, Contact Your Spirit Guides (Schiffer Publishing), is a comprehensive instruction manual that also includes numerous channeled essays that chronicle the soul’s journey toward awakening. Spirit guided me as well to design an oracle that is incorporated as a perforated section of the book. The Spirit Guidance Cards are a set of 24 simply designed images and suggested interpretations using a layout of four cards. It is a fun method that individuals can use to work with their guides.

How would one get in contact with you to receive your guidance?

They can email me at info@theguidedpath.net, or visit my websites, theguidedpath.net and Asandra.com.

You also have an upcoming channeling class. Can you share some information on the event, location, and how to sign up?

I will be giving a class in how to contact your spirit guides in Asheville, North Carolina at the Sacred Embodiment Center, 31 Carolina Lane. For more information and sign up, go to: http://theguidedpath.net/news_&_events.htm

Other classes are in process of being planned in other cities, as well as through paltalk.

Asandra, it was great having you here for this interview. Best of luck with your life path.


Asandra is an Artist, Writer, and Channel. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York City, and was an Art Director at Art & Auction magazine.

For the past 27 years, Asandra has worked professionally as a full-trance Channel, and has an international clientele. She channels Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls' highest journey.

Asandra has contributed to the books, More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul by Ariell Ford (Plume), and South Beach Architectural Photographs (Schiffer). Her artwork is featured in the book, Miami Contemporary Artists (Schiffer).

She is the Spiritual Guidance Examiner for Examiner.com National. Asandra’s book, Contact your Spirit Guides, and Spirit Guidance Cards©, will be available, Spring 2011, from Schiffer Publishing. You can learn more about Asandra by visiting online at Asandra.com and Theguidedpath.net.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Spread: 1 card reflection
Question: What do I need to apply to my current relationship?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 

10 of Swords - In the upright position, this card represents mental exhaustion, pain, and the lowest point possible. In the reversed position, the pain is lessened and is quite possibly just in the imagination. Sometimes we tend to look on the harder side of reality. This reversed card represents that tendency.

Reading Overview: I need to quit expecting the worse. What I need to apply to my relationship is positive thinking. The old thorns of the past should be removed to allow for fresh experiences.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fool's Journey - The Magician

I have read in many tarot books about meditation with the Major Arcana cards, of entering each card and learning the ways of the archetypes. This process perplexed me until I read the journey presented by Stephanie Lynch of Musing on the Tarot. As writers, our voices are better heard through the written word. I decided that the best way to visit the cards would be to write my way into each card.

The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each Major Arcana card represents a stage of that journey. One must experience the stages to realize the true wonder of the journey. Although each person will not experience these in order, at some point in their adventure they will go through each stage of life.

To better understand the Major Arcana, one should understand the journey. The Fool’s Journey has been interpreted more than once and in many different ways. Using the Divine Tarot, I travel down the road alongside the Fool.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
The Fool, balanced upon the sands of time, reaches for the knowledge of life. His canine companion follows along faithfully. Together, they have no fear only curiosity of the unknown.

The Fool carries with him the knowledge box to store his learned lessons and keep them fresh in his mind.

The world is before him and he is prepared to begin his long journey.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 
His first encounter is with The Magician, who sits at his work desk surrounded by gadgets and books of knowledge.

Curious, the Fool approaches the man, “What are these items on your desk? What kind of books are those behind you? How do you create the sparkling light before you?”

The Magician responds, “You are full of questions aren’t you, dear boy?” He waves a hand over the items on his desk. “These are my tools.” He gestures to the books. “These are full of the knowledge I’ve gained.” With a twist of his wrists, he creates a lightning bolt. “I use my skills to create.”

“Could you teach me?”

“This is something you must learn on your own, but I can supply you with a few tools.” The Magician removed four items from a drawer and one book from the shelf behind. He placed four glowing tubes into the Fool’s hand. Each displayed a different color: red, blue, yellow, and tan.

“What are these?”

“They are the power of inspiration, a charge of emotions, mental power, and stability for the body.”

“How do I use them?”

“You must learn. This guide will help you.”

The Fool opened the book. “There’s nothing here. The pages are blank.”

“They shall fill as needed. As I said, my books are full of the knowledge I have learned and so shall yours fill.”

The Fool placed the items in his knowledge box, thanked The Magician for his help, and continued on his journey.

The Journey continues ... The High Priestess

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Spread: 1 card reflection
Question: What problem can I now let go of?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

18 The Moon - The energies of this card is of deceptions and unclear thinking. The night brings upon a veil that allows us to dream, but it also allows us to deceive ourselves. Most foolish acts occur during the night, and even more during a full moon.

Reading Overview: I have been plagued by dreams for the last few months. These dreams dive straight into my past and bring about very bad memories upon waking. The Moon is telling me that I can let this go now. It's time to move forward. My subconscious is hanging on to that past allowing me to have these dreams. To stop the dreams, I must stop deceiving myself and allow myself to heal and move on.

Sweet dreams all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Question: General Reading
Layout: 3 card - past, present, future

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Queen of Wands - The energies of this queen are the ability to create and nurture. She demands respect, and offers guidance in return. Reversed, these energies are blocked, limiting your abilities.

3 The Empress - The energies of this card are of the mother. She signifies growth and nurturing of all life. Reversed, these energies are blocked, leaving you at a stalling point in life.

8 of Cups - This card represents leaving the past behind and moving toward a new future. It may also represent a spiritual journey. The tentacles seem to be struggling to hold on to the old emotions, which may suggest difficulty in this movement.
Legacy of the Divine Tarot 

Quintessential Card - the spirit of the reading - 11 Justice - The energies of this card are of a fair outcome and getting what you deserve. Two women are present, both blindfolded, giving no chance for favoritism. The outcome will come as a result to your own actions.

Reading Overview - My energies of creating, nurturing, and growth are blocked. This is a condition of both the past and the present. The only way to regain these energies is to leave the past behind and step forward. A spiritual journey could be the answer to this problem. It is quite clear that the outcome is up to me as I wade through the waters of life. I may hang on to the past and deny myself the joys of nurturing and growth, or I can let go and become whole: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Timing of Events - First, let me say that I have not practiced much with predicting timing. So much can change in a person's life, that I don't feel particular comfortable in doing so. As I looked at these cards, I felt that the 8 of Cups was signifying an event and showing the time of its occurrence.

Using the charts available at Tarot Eon, I found that the 8 of Cups signifies February 19-28. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 
First, I'd like to offer you the chance to view this wonderful introductory trailer. Go on, enjoy the video and come back.

Amazing! Wouldn't you say?

I've wanted this deck since the first time I saw the cards, but held back for financial reasons. I finally took the plunge.

The deck is easy to handle, the cards are of good quality, and the images are just amazing. Ciro took tarot to a new level with this deck. I can't wait to do my first reading with them. I've had them for a few weeks now, but I have the deep desire to savor the cards before shuffling and laying out a reading.

The deck comes with a wonderful companion book. It begins with a tale of how the creation came about. I can't even begin to explain the glorious journey he takes you on. It is a must read. After the journey, Ciro takes you through his thoughts about each card, along with three other contributing views.

One of the views comes from James Ricklef, who I've come to know through his blog - a very wonderful man with some great views on the tarot.

Another great man is Ciro Marchetti. I had a few questions concerning the deck and he replied promptly and was very helpful. Visit his web page and enter his world. He also has a web page devoted entirely to The Legacy of the Divine.

Soon, you will see the Divine Tarot on my Tarot Tuesday series. They will also appear in an upcoming series of my version of the Fool's Journey. I will enter each card, alongside the fool, and see what happens. I'm very excited about this and hope you will join me in my visits.

Have a great weekend!