Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are Tarot Cards Bad?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Does one speak to spirits when using tarot cards? Do tarot cards open one up to bad spirits? Do they attract negative spirits? Does the tarot have anything to do with spirits at all? Are tarot cards bad?

A deck of tarot cards are made of paper and ink, nothing more. There's nothing magical or evil within them. Tarot cards are a tool, not a doorway into the spirit world.

Any evil projected into a deck of tarot cards comes from the handler, not the cards themself.

The card you see is the High Priestess. She represents intuitive awareness, the inner voice, and tapping into a higher power. This is what you use when you do a reading using the tarot cards. This is within each of us, the tarot is simply a tool to help access those abilities, a guide for accessing our journey on the physical plane.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's Journey Tarot

Today's Journey Tarot
Today’s Journey Tarot created by Expanding Dimensions, illustrated by Christopher Wilkey

When I first heard about this modern day version of the Tarot, at first I was hesitant to obtain my own deck. I’m so glad I did. This deck is a wonderful step toward bringing new people into the world of Tarot. The images are clearer to modern day life. This will make a great addition to the collector, the reader, or the beginner.

The cards are easy to handle. Although a little hard to shuffle at first, a little clingy, the cards become more manageable over time. Along with a nice little white companion book, the cards fit nicely into their cardboard box with magnetic lid. (Schiffer has set a new standard with these new boxes, and I hope others may follow.)

There are a few changes with this deck compared with the Rider Waite, other than the images. The Majors have become Keys with new names. The Cups, Pentacles (Coins), Sword, and Wands are now Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. The images are creatively set to the modern version of the old meanings of the Tarot. For the most part, I found the images intriguing and nicely done. The only problem I have is some of the faces seem a little cartoonish, but I can overcome this one issue due to all the good elements of the deck.

I wanted to give at least one example of the types of messages presented in this deck. After a major struggle over choosing just one, I settled on 10 of the Major Arcana, changed from The Wheel of Fortune to Life. The image is of a roller-coaster ride. What better way to represent Life! The Little White Book’s entry begins with the keywords: Destiny, Cycles, and Perspective. It then goes into an explanation of the image beginning with: Life is filled with ups and downs.

As you look upon the card, you see a house representing the beginning and end of the ride. Each element appears in the colors of the pennants.

As the rider of the roller-coaster of life, we go through many aspects of the elements, many emotions, and different situations. Once on the ride, you can’t get off until it’s over. This is a card of destiny.

From the Little White Book – In a reading, this card represents the ups and downs of life. A new cycle may be beginning and an old one ending. There may be a need to expand your perspective to see the bigger picture. Accept your destiny.

I highly recommend this deck to any reader, both new and experienced.

To purchase from Schiffer Books.

To learn more about Expanding Dimensions LLC

To learn more about Christopher G. Wilkey:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creating Your Own Tarot Spread

There are many tarot spreads available for the tarot reader, but sometimes you want, possibly need, something more. Creating your own tarot spread is relatively easy and can bring new insight to your tarot journey.

There are some aspects you should consider when creating your own spread:

  • Number of cards
  • Related issue - general, romance, career, etc.
  • Card positions - past, present, etc.
  • Possible visual aspect - cross, flower, etc.
As you create your spread, take notes and keep a record of both the new spread and the reading results. Naming your spread is also a nice touch, and a quick way to remember the spread for later use.

Example: Let's say you are in the situation of choosing between two relationships. One is an old friend who has recently expressed feelings of furthering the relationship, while the other is a new person. You're not sure which to choose, or even if you should choose either. To help you make your decision, you've decided to create your own tarot spread.

This is a situation of two roads, so let's go with seven cards in a romance spread. I'm also thinking a horse shoe image.

  1. Questioner, who I am
  2. Person One, who he is
  3. Person Two, who he is
  4. Person One, what can he offer me
  5. Person Two, what can he offer me
  6. Person One, possible relationship outlook
  7. Person Two, possible relationship outlook
Your layout would look something like this:

6 7
4 5
2 3

Possible Names: Relationship Choice Spread, Which Love to Follow, Choices of the Heart

Be creative and don't be afraid to explore beyond what a tarot text can bring you. The tarot is about intuition. Use it to its full potential.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 of Wands - Reflections

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Today, I asked for a reflection card. The 4 of Wands represents a safe-haven, and a well-deserved rest. It symbolizes a time of rest and reward after a laborious task.

As I look upon the card's image, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, I see a canopy formed by the carefully placed wands and the energies supplied from a higher source. Within this protective field, the grass is green, the stream flows, and a rainbow promises hope for the future. On careful examination, one will notice everything outside this area is dying - the leafless trees , the stormy skies, and the burning earth. Within the safe-haven, there is a sense of growth and prosperity.

The Tarot suggests I stay within this haven today and take a moment of rest to recuperate. By doing so, I will find more growth and prosperity, than I will if I keep up the grueling pace of working constantly. To avoid burnout, I must find this safe-haven and learn to take the peace and quiet it offers.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I find myself in a position of unbalance and what feels like chaos. In truth, I’ve put myself in a spot where I can’t keep up with everything. I have no time for writing, reading, and all the other projects I’ve set up. I need to be advertising my book. I need to be preparing for whatever the post office might throw at me, in terms of do I have a job or not.

I’ve went about the process of pulling in editorial work, but you can imagine this is a struggle. Between post office work and editing jobs my time is sparse. So, it’s time to make changes and make some sacrifices. I’m going to take this slow, in hopes everything will come together in time.

What does this have to do with the blogs? Cuts start here. I’ve met so many people through both my blogs and gained so many friends and acquaintances. My two blogs are my home away from home, and closing them down would be like killing my friend. So, to keep from closing them, I’ve chosen to cut back instead. Please bear with me through the changes, and hopefully one day life will settle down and I can go back to the old routine.

Here is the schedule I plan to keep for now.

Tuesdays - Footsteps of a Writer (I do have a few guest blogs and interviews set up which will not correspond with this day.)

Thursdays – Tarot Guidance

Sundays will be set aside for any type of reviews: Writing How to Books, Fiction Books, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Books, etc. (These posts will occur when available, not weekly.)

Wednesday will be promo day. Any exciting news about my writing journey will appear on this day. (These posts will occur when available, not weekly.)

The Newsletter will continue as usual, releasing during the first week of each month.

If you are interested in guest blogging or being interviewed on either blog, please contact me, and we’ll get you set up.

You don’t know how much weight has lifted off my shoulders just by this one change. Cutting my blogging in half will allow a little more room to move. I hope you all understand this slight change, and chose to continue following my journey through life.

Best wishes,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Connecting with the Tarot Cards and their meanings

Legacy of the Divine
One way to better associate the meanings of the cards is to connect them with your own life.

As you read, you will notice some cards continue to show up. A process you may find useful is keeping a chart of all the cards and marking the ones repeating themselves within your readings. Make note of the card’s position, for the meaning changes slightly because of this aspect.

The main point is to become aware of repeating obstacles or lessons you face. Breaking cycles in life’s path is useful for growing as an individual and one of the hardest lessons for each of us to learn.

I’ve chosen the 10 of Wands as the image for this post because it is a card which continuously reveals itself to me. I tend to overextend myself and then wonder why I can’t get anything done. I’m one of those people who find it hard to say no, but I’m working on this issue. One day, I will break the cycle and the heavy burden will be lifted.

Sometimes, it’s not a card which reappears but a message. As you all know, some cards have very similar meanings, and when looked at the right way will re-create similar messages you received in other readings.

If you use the cards for personal growth, a tarot journal is extremely important. You are only spinning your wheels if you don’t write the readings down and revisit them from time to time. As you grow as a reader, you will tend to experiment with the larger spreads. But, I suggest three card readings as a daily process to discover your path and possible obstacles.

A three card reading can have positions such as: past, present, future – influences, main situation, influences– and so on. Or, they can have no position at all, giving an overview of your current situation. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but I’d suggest for this one week to repeat the same spread to get a better view of the cards and their meanings.

Give it a try. Take a week of three card readings, and see if you don’t discover at least one pattern playing out in your daily lives.

Best wishes,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 of Coins - Reflections

Legacy of the Divine
Today, I asked for a reflection card. The 3 of Coins is one of my favorite tarot cards. It deals with hard work, putting your skills to good use. It also speaks of recognition for your talents, skills and accomplishments.

As I look upon the card’s image, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, I see a man who has already completed two projects and is now finishing up a third. Everything he needs is within reach. For me, the older male suggests time spent perfecting this talent. This isn’t about throwing something together – production, it’s about taking the time to really put yourself into the task at hand.

I feel by offering this card, the Tarot suggests I spend less time thinking about how much I can accomplish in a certain amount of time, and more time on the quality of the completed project.

Saturday, October 1, 2011