Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Year Tarot Spread

I created this Tarot spread to help you bring in the New Year. I hope it brings you clarity and anticipation for the approaching year.

A New Year Tarot Spread


  1. Your biggest accomplishment for the past year.
  2. What you need to leave behind.
  3. What you need to carry forward.
  4. A main focus for the year.
  5. A running theme for the year.
Optional: Add together the numerical value of the cards to get a Word for the year.

I had wonderful results with this spread. I used the Dream of Gaia Tarot for my reading, which will be January's deck. I'm not going to go into details on my own reading, but I wanted to share the results of my Word for the year.


self-love, confidence, open-heart, joy of life

Please feel free to share your own Word, along with your experience of the spread or any questions you might have in the comments.

Have a wonderful New Year and blessings to you all.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Guidance for December - Embrace Your Faith

I decided to work with The WayCard Oracle this month. This deck is intended to guide you to your Inner Journey. The author Martha Winona Travers shares the story of the creation of this deck in the preface of the companion book. In short, the deck began as thirteen cards on notepaper.

She continued creating the cards as they came to her, until one morning the last card arrived. She discovered she'd created a total of thirty-three cards. She felt the deck was complete with the numerology significance of the number 33 - the number of spiritual completion.

I reviewed this deck in October 2016.

"Each card in the deck represents a place on the life path, a stage in our journey. Thus, each card can be experienced as a stepping stone - a place to stand, to be still, to listen, and to perceive."

As we step into the last month of the year, what should we be aware of? What can we expect?

Past - Threshold/Guardian - You are standing before an archway, a transition zone between the life you are living now and the one that you'll live once you've pass through. The guardian asks you to recognize the fears and desires that hold you in your current life. As this card is in the past position, you have already transitioned; you are presently living the new life you've chosen.

Present - The Judge - You may very well be questioning the move you've made into this new life. But, you may also be digging in even deeper, evolving further. The Judge represents your inner critic, both the criticizer and the helper. You are urged to be self-reflective and curious about your new life, not doubtful and belittling. It's important to distinguish between the two voices.

Future - Reciprocity - It's important to give back as much as you've received. It is also important to remember that you have to give in order to receive. "Our sacred responsibility is to reciprocate for the Life given to us with expressions of respect, care, and gratitude." Sometimes fear leads us to hoard our possessions and our emotions in order not to lose what we have, or be betrayed by others. Reciprocity urges us to let go of the fear and live freely.

Shadow - hidden energies - Water - Your emotions may be affecting you more than you realize. You may want to take some time to be with your emotions. "Do not ignore, repress, or project your emotions. Be quiet. Feel the emotions and allow them to flow through you."

You are also being reminded of our fluidity. We do not stay in one single form. We change with each new moment. "The Water card asks you to flow with the current of your life, to not set up barriers in the mind." Be open to new ideas. Allow for new people to enter your life, and new events to occur. Do not board yourself in your own world with preconceived ideas and limitations. Anything is possible when you allow things to be.

Light - direct energy - Faith - "Faith is an experience. It is not a theory, an idea, or a belief. It is knowing - deep, unquestioning knowing." You have trust in the unfolding path of your life. You don't need proof of the existence of what guides you. You know without doubt it is there, with you in each step you take.

Overview - You've stepped into your new life. You may be questioning yourself, but you know you are being guided by a larger force. Let go of the critic and embrace your higher voice. Your emotions are also being stirred up in this new way of living. Take some time to reflect and meditate on the feelings you may be having at the moment. And remember, you should always give back to the universe as an appreciation for the gifts it bestows upon you.

"It was as though there was some law of invocation and response: one cannot be helped until he seeks help, cannot be taught until he tries to learn, cannot be answered unless he asks." - Doug Boyd, Rolling Thunder

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 19, 2018

5 Things Every New Tarot Reader Should Know

Today, I'd like to Welcome a Guest Poster to Tarot Guidance.

Christine Hirlehey covers many topics on her site, Numerology Sign, including Tarot, Spirituality, Astrology and more. You may also find her articles at other publications. I found this article on Dating very interesting.

Please give a warm welcome to Christine Hirlehey.

When starting out with Tarot there is a lot to learn. Every card has complex meanings that change depending on how they are dealt, and there are many ways to deal the Tarot cards. While new readers focus on learning and retaining this information, they can sometimes lose sight of some of the other important things to know about Tarot.

So here are a few things that every new Tarot reader should know.

1. Caring for your cards
As well as knowing your cards and how to use them, it is important that you know how to care for your cards, and we aren’t talking about keeping them dust free (though that is important too). Tarot decks help us access our own intuition, the intuition of others, and the energy that clings to all things in the universe. As such, Tarot cards absorb a lot of energy. This energy can be extremely useful, intensifying our connection with our cards and making them easier to read, but excess energy can also interfere with a reading, with energy from one client clouding the reading of another.

It is useful to regularly cleanse our cards of energy, resetting them. Many readers like to do this between all readings, while others wait until the cards start to feel a bit off. Signs that cards need cleansing can be that you aren’t sure when to stop shuffling, or simply that your readings feel clouded.

There are many ways to cleanse your cards, but one of the simplest is a reset shuffle. Put your cards into their original order, and then take some time to look at each card individually, connecting with the meaning of the card for you. Once you have done this, you can shuffle the cards again. This process dusts off the energy that the cards have picked up, and reintroduces your energy as you move them in your hands.

A sun or moon bath is also an easy way to cleanse your cards. Simply place your deck in a location where they will be bathed in sun or moon light for a few hours.

To make sure your cards don’t pick up errant energy between uses store them carefully where others will not touch them. While it is not taboo to have others touch your cards, and some readers invite their clients to touch the cards as part of their reading, you don’t want someone interacting with you cards without your knowledge. Store them somewhere secure, and preferably also with a crystal that protects against absorbing energy, such as a clear quartz.

2. Preparing yourself
Tarot reading is about accessing your intuition, so caring for your mind is as important as caring for your cards.

There are many ways to define intuition. I tend to think of it as subconscious insights. We all have a conscious mind, which is responsible for our daily monologue. But this part of the mind is unable to process all the information that our senses (including our psychic senses that pick up on the energy of the universe) collect, and so filters the data and then processes it using experience, social norms, and the self-preservation instinct. This means that the conscious mind can sometimes have a very unclear view of the world. However, the subconscious mind is capable of processing all the information gathered by our senses and therefore has a much sharper perspective. The subconscious sends us its
insights in times of need, often manifesting as a gut feeling or lightbulb moment. Tarot is about accessing the insights of the subconscious on demand.

In order to facilitate this access, it is extremely useful to quiet the conscious mind, creating greater capacity to connect with the subconscious. Meditation is an excellent way to achieve this. There are many ways to meditate, but the underlying principle is to push conscious thought to one side, quieting the mind both during the meditation and in general. Developing a meditation practice is a long-term commitment that is worth investing in if you want to get the most out of Tarot. It is also a good idea to prime yourself directly before a reading with a 5-10-minute meditation.

3. Designing your space
Where you do your readings is also an important factor, for both you and your client. For your client, they will want a safe space where they know they can speak about anything without fear of being overheard or interrupted. Tarot readings often require people to talk about highly personal aspects of their lives, and they need to feel comfortable and confident to open up.

For you as the reader, you will want a space with a clean energy, which is not associated with other things that might draw your focus and colour your reading. For example, if your desk is a place of stress for you because of work, you won’t want to do your readings there. If it is the kitchen table that is stressful for you because of family commitments, avoid it. Never do a love reading in the bedroom!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated tarot space that is free from all other associations, but there are things that we can do to neutralize the energy of a location. After selecting a place with as little negative energy as possible, you can purify it through smudging. This is simply the act of moving through the space with an incense stick, letting the smoke from the incense clear the energy. Sage is always a good choice for this, and you can cleanse yourself in the same way, passing the incense around your body. You can also place crystals in the space both to remove certain energies and pull in energies that might be useful for a reading. Clear Quartz is great for cleansing, and Black Tourmaline blocks negative energy. If you are doing something like a love reading, it can be a good idea to place a Rose Quartz in the room, drawing emotional and romantic energy.

4. Knowing how to ask questions
While it is not always necessary to have a specific question for a Tarot reading, if you are asking the cards a question, it is a good idea to know how to ask! Tarot is based on the philosophy that we are in control of our lives. Yes, of course, none of us are in control of everything that happens to us, but we are in control of how we respond to those things, and in the end, it is usually our response, rather than the thing itself, that has the greater lasting impact. Tarot is designed to help us properly understand what is happening, giving us the clarity to make the right decision, and empower us to steer our lives in the direction that we desire. As such the questions that we ask when we approach Tarot should
reflect this philosophy.

If someone comes to a reading asking ‘will my boyfriend propose?’, this is not a particularly useful question. It assumes that the outcome is out of the person’s hands and is a fair accompli, which the client is powerless to change. A better question is ‘what can I do to ensure that I have lasting romantic love in my life?’. This question is empowering for the client as it focusses on positive actions that they themselves can take in order to gain what they want. It also focuses the question on the person’s real desire. What the person probably wants is a happy long-term relationship, rather than a relationship (which may turn out not to be happy) with this particular person. Thus, the new question focuses on the underlying desire, rather than a reconceived idea of how to obtain it.

5. Deciding your ethics
Another problem with the above question is that it asks about a third party, who is not in the room and has not consent to being the subject of a Tarot reading. For many Tarot readers, this is taboo, and they will not agree to do this type of reading. There are many kinds of readings that Tarot readers deem unethical. Where exactly the line is drawn depends on the reader.

Before you start reading for other people, know where your lines are, and be firm about not crossing them. If a client wants to explore something that you are not comfortable with, it is better to say no at the outset, even if this upsets them, rather than get into a reading and find yourself in possession of knowledge that you would rather not have.

While I am an experienced Tarot reader, I still find that I learn more about reading Tarot every day with every new reading. I personally feel like there is no limit to how much I can grow within the art form. But just like with learning anything new, you want to build on a solid foundation. I hope that these tips help you build yours.

Guest post by Christine Hirlehey @ Numerology Sign
Images from Free Clip Art Library

Monday, November 5, 2018

Guidance for November - Be Yourself

The Witch's Oracle
Marla Brooks &
Aunia Kahn
I decided to stick with the Witch Theme going into November. We are only five days in, and I've already gained great guidance from the deck. I'm looking forward to experience the whole month with The Witch's Oracle by Marla Brooks and Aunia Kahn.

I reviewed the deck in October 2015.

As you all know I usually shut the blog down during this time of the year due to the holiday rush at the post office. I did this reading on the first of the month, but it took a little bit to find the time to put everything together for the post. So, please be patient with the posting times over the next few months.

As we step into this new month, we ask for guidance. How should we approach the month? What can we expect?

Ravens are often seen as messengers, carrying messages back and forth from a higher plane. It's important for us to take the time to listen, to hear what they have to say. On this card there are two ravens, one large and one small. I feel this is telling us that messages arrive in many different sizes. We may overlook one small whisper, when faced with a larger message. We must remember this month that no message is too small. Everything is important.

A Familiar is an animal companion that is emotionally bonded to its human partner. The animal sheds light on the characteristics of the human. Some believe this to be a demon in animal form, but it is, at least for us, in this reading, an animal guide or totem. This card suggests that it is time to be you and let go of the disguise. Believe you are enough for this world. There's no need to hide, anymore.

The Crystal Ball is one of the most well-known methods of divination. This card indicates a need to discover information that is unseen at this time. The answers to the questions that plaque you can be found in the 'who you were', not the 'who you are now'. I feel this may very well be referring back to the Familiar card - the disguise of 'who you are now' is hiding the answers you seek.

The theme of November is Communication, but not with others, a dialogue with yourself. The Raven whispers words of truth, "Be yourself, your true self." By following this guidance, you will discover the answers you seek. And, of course, they were with you the whole time, hidden beneath the disguise. Easier said than done, I know. Truths are usually harder to accept than the lovely lies we tell ourselves daily.

Happy November!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Review: The Simple Tarot by Angie Green

Angie Green has produced a deck targeted to beginners, but still interesting enough for the experienced reader. The Simple Tarot is a 78-card deck based on the traditional Rider-Waite style. The deck has two versions: a Classic Deck and a Beginner Deck with keywords.

When Angie contacted me about a possible review of this deck, I'd never heard of her, so I went to her page - She has set up a nice website, very professional. I predict a great future for this author and creator.

My package arrived in this custom designed box. I love the box, but as you can see, it is a little worn from the delivery process. It would have been better to have protected the box with an outer wrapping paper or another box. But, it's still a nice box to keep my goodies nice and secure.

What I received in my box:

The Simple Tarot Cheat Sheet is a one-page list of all 78-cards and keywords. This list is compatible to any Rider-Waite based tarot deck.

Two Postcards - 4" X 6" art print of a random card. I received The High Priestess and Death.

A personal note from the author - I thought this was a very nice touch. Thank you, Angie.

The Guidebook - 129 pages - The author begins with a short introduction to the tarot and the cards. The bulk of the guide is devoted to card interpretations, one page for each card. Angie's interpretations are not like what you normally see in a guidebook. She doesn't waste time with listing keywords, giving the astrology signs and such. She goes straight in and interprets the card. This alone makes this deck a good choice for the beginner, in my opinion. Also, her presentation of each card could be used with any Rider-Waite based deck. The rest of the book covers information on the suits and elements, followed by insights on numbers, the court cards, and some of the symbols appearing in the deck.

The Cards in a blue velour bag - The cards measure 2.75" x 4.75" and are printed on good quality card stock. At this size and quality, handling and shuffling of the cards is an easy task. The velour bag was a nice surprise, although it could have been slightly bigger. Most decks don't come with a bag at all, so I'm not complaining, just observing.

My deck is the Beginners deck, with the keywords. The minor suits have different colors, while the majors are presented in white. Although the imagery is simple, you can easily see the Rider-Waite influence.

I recommend this deck to anyone learning the tarot. The Beginner Deck would make a great teaching tool. It takes time to learn the tarot and become fluent in the meanings. With this deck, you can get a big jump start on the process.  

A seasoned reader could also appreciate this deck, although I believe the Classic Deck would be a better choice. While most of the keywords match my own interpretations, there are a few that don't. If you already have a style, you may find the keywords distracting. But, of course, you may also enjoy the alternative view of the author.

Angie Green is the creator of The Simple Tarot Deck. Her goal is to help you to read the tarot and feel confident while doing so. She offers many free tools to get you started at her website -

The deck will be available in 2019. To make sure you get your copy - Check out The Simple Tarot Deck on Kickstarter. The campaign only has 16 days left. Don't miss out on the fun.

(Review Product Supplied by Angie Green)

Monday, October 8, 2018

Guidance for October - Build the Life You Want

Everyday Witch  Tarot
by Deborah Blake
I'm very excited to be using my new deck, the Everyday Witch Tarot, this month. I had a reading done by Kate over at the Daily Tarot Girl in August. She used this deck and I fell in love with the cards.

I didn't make the purchase immediately. I took the time to ask myself if I really needed another Tarot deck. I considered the idea that it was merely infatuation and not true love. But finally, I decided I felt strong enough about the deck to add it to my collection. When they arrived and I held them in my hands, I knew I'd made the right choice.

As with any new deck, I spent some time shuffling and separating the cards. I handled them enough to move the energy through them and me. I did a few readings to ensure we were connected properly. And then, I asked for guidance for October.

How should we approach it? What can we expect?

Please note: The reading was done on October 1st. I'm late in getting it ready for the blog due to lack of motivation/energy. I had the time, but just couldn't make myself do the work of transcribing my notes and preparing the post. I'm sorry. The first card indicates the mood that left me unmotivated this week. And if you all felt this way, you'll understand the delay. I'm still feeling a little blah, but I know if I wait much longer this posting will have no meaning to anyone, so here we go.

As we enter the month, we may find ourselves feeling wiped out and in need of some rest and recuperation. You may find yourself running at full speed, yet getting nowhere at all. Pause for a moment if you can: regroup, evaluate your goals, ask yourself where you really want to go and decide on steps to take to get there.

As you become focused on what's important it is clear that success and material wealth will be a big thing for you. This may be of your own earning or the successes of the king in your life. Either way, it's important not to lose sight of joy. You can have it all but if it's not fun, what's the point?

Notice the green fields outside the window of the Three of Pentacles, directly relating back to the King, who's enjoying the fruits of his labor. The male figure in the Three of Pentacles could very well be the King, putting in his day of work.

It's important to not waste too much time thinking on what you don't have. You've put in a lot of work to get to where you are and a lot has been achieved. It's time to recognize the work you've put in and to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. But, don't forget to keep on working, for there's more to do.

So, take a few days to rest in October, but don't stay in that mode too long. Take the time to appreciate your achievements and life itself. And then, get back to work.

Happy October!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Review: The Everyday Enchantment Tarot

The Everyday Enchantment Tarot
Finding Magic in the Midst of Life
Author: Poppy Palin
Schiffer Publishing, 2018
Description: Tarot Deck and 173 page Guidebook
Card Size: 3 3/4 X 5 1/2 inches

The guidebook gives a brief introduction of the deck and how to use them, but the bulk of the book covers the cards, giving keywords and then details on the Image, the Story, and the Meaning.

The cards in this deck feature humans, animals, and more. Besides our creature-kin, each card depicts unseen beings - members of realms more nebulous and less tangible than ours yet just as real. This is a very busy and detailed deck. There's a lot going on in each card. I normally don't like this type of deck, but the everyday scenes make it appealing.

The World - Five women knit a living landscape. Sparkling waters rush onward while three deer and a frog jump across the living flow and a trout leaps in a spray. The Story begins - Here we sit at the end of the world. But this isn't Armageddon - we women are co-creators with nature, not destroyers. The Meaning begins - The world never stops turning, but this card marks a moment between one revolution and the next. It's like the pause between breaths, imperceptible but inexorable until this life ends. 

The Nine of Coins - Rich Rewards shows a lady sitting in a stylish room sipping from a small cup. Everything is nice and in its place, except for the purse with its spilled coins. And, notice the unseen companion above the cat, composed and balletic. The Story begins - Some look at me and think "inherited wealth and a life of privilege" but how wrong they are! I got where I am today through assiduousness, not from coasting on another's money.

The Four of Blades - Hear a Pin Drop shows a man sitting in meditations in front of a tent. The outdoor scene works wonderfully for this card of rest and relaxation. From the meaning - Can we slow down so we don't hit the wall that's looming or are we about to crash and burn?

I recommend this deck to anyone looking for something a little different than a classic Tarot deck. While it follows the Rider-Waite deck for the most part, there are extra meanings and symbolism in each of these cards.

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Guidance for September - Be Patient

I've decided to work with the Kipper this month. There's a lot to learn about this deck system, but the signs keep steering me toward it. So, here we are. I'll be using the Kipper deck by Ciro Marchetti.

One of the things you need to know about this particular deck is that it contains thirty-nine cards instead of the normal thirty-six. *One of the extra cards shows up in the reading for the month.

I am new to this system and working with limited information. There are only two books available, and they are both expensive. I guess because there are Only TWO books available. I'm doing this reading with information from the accompanying booklet and some information I found online.

I'm not just going to give you a phrase for the month. We are going to walk through this procedure step by step. Feel free to leave comments about the reading, procedure, and/or share any thoughts.

I phrased my thoughts as follows: As we enter into the month of September, what should we be aware of?

First, let's look at the center card. We'll be using this as a central topic card. The 28 - Expectations is a card of desires. There's a waiting period which may last up to three months, with no forward motion. It is a directional card - the deepest desire sits behind, while the outcome is ahead. It also gives the advice of being patient.

Now, I'm using a five card Story-line spread - which means we read from left to right, but the directional cards are considered in the reading.

The first card 39 Community is a card that has been added to the deck. This seems to have been added because the majority of people find their support systems outside of the home in this modern day. As we look upon this card, think of your friends, your support systems, groups, and connections in your life. This isn't a place necessarily, but a meeting of minds. Yes, it can be such things as Facebook, but that would depend on how you use it. These are the people who support you, who you trust. You feel connected to these people in some way. It could be the people you work with or even the people you have afternoon drinks with.

The second card - 35 Pathway - shows something that is a long ways off, in distance and time. Directionally, the card to the right would be the outcome of the journey. It can also represent the slow growth of something.

Okay, let's stop here and pull some thoughts together. To the right of the Pathway is the outcome of this long journey - and here we have Expectation. The lady in Expectations looks upon the outcome of her desire, which is the Pathway. So, whatever she desires will take a long time to receive, but her expectation is the outcome of the long journey. That fits nicely. It looks like we'll get what we desire, but it might take a little longer than we want.

But this story begins with the Community, the people you have a deep connection with, your support team. You're not alone in the journey ahead - the Pathway.

Let's look at the rest of the cards.

The 21 Family Room shows your privacy, your intimate location, a room you feel comfortable in. This is your personal space.

As the Family Room sits behind the lady of Expectation it shows her deepest desire. What we desire is our privacy, a place to go to be alone with our thoughts.

The 6 Mature Woman shows a mentor, boss, or motherly figure. She generally listens, gives advice and offers aid. She influences the situation. Sometimes, this card refers to a pleasant situation rather than an actual person.

If we use a trick from the Lenormand and look at the two end cards together, I would say this woman is a part of your community. Or you enjoy your time with your friends.

What should we be aware of this month?

Your community is a part of the journey you are on, however what you most desire is your privacy. Perhaps we should be aware that there is a needed balance in our lives for community and alone time.

I keep feeling that the Mature Woman may represent the self, showing the wisdom you'll gain by taking the time to be alone, to meditate and relax. It could also be showing your importance within your community.

But, the Mature Woman could also be your mentor who guides you toward the balance you need, to dive deeper into self, and explore your inner peace.

To put this in a nice little bow: What you desire will be yours, but you will have to complete the journey.

Enjoy your September!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I am excited to announce the upcoming Card Reading Magic Virtual Telesummit that will be held in September.  It’s an event that is solely focused on card reading.
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Don’t miss out on your opportunity to participate in the Card Reading Magic Virtual Telesummit!

“I learned so much and I know you will too.” – Tori Hartman

Monday, August 20, 2018

Review: Lenormand Oracle Card Deck by Alexandre Musruck

Lenormand Oracle Card Deck
Author: Alexandre Musruck
Schiffer Publishing, 2018

Last week, I posted a review on The Art of Lenormand Reading by Alexandre Musruck. This is a quick look at the companion deck.

The Lenormand Oracle Deck consists of 39 cards, the normal 36 plus three additional cards - a man, woman, and child.

The cards come in a card-size top lift box. The box is a hard to open. I plan to insert a ribbon to assist in the lifting of this tight lid. For now, I pull downward from two corners and it usually works okay.

The cards come with no reading material. They are designed to be bought with the companion book. But, if you are already a Lenormand reader, you can get the deck without the book.

The cards include the image, the number, and the inserts. The images are clear and precise. You won't have to wonder which card is which, as you do in some of the new decks.

I recommend this deck to anyone who wants to learn the Lenormand. It would make a great first deck, because of its simplistic images. Of course, any seasoned reader looking for a new deck would almost certainly enjoy the clear images of this deck.

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Review: The Art of Lenormand Reading

The Art of Lenormand Reading: Decoding Powerful Messages
Author: Alexandre Musruck
Schiffer Publishing, 2018
Description: 240 page book

When I opened my box of goodies from Schiffer Publishing, I was delighted to see this book and its companion Lenormand Deck. My mind had been drifting to the Lenormand and this arrival jump started my interests once again.

First, let me say this book was self-published in 2016. This is a new version published by Schiffer. I'm not sure what, if anything has been changed or added from the original.

The Art of Lenormand Reading is like most books on the Lenormand, but it also has some added twists.

It begins with a standard introduction of the best way to approach the cards and techniques to help learn the system. A section on the deck anatomy goes over the many features of a card: the symbol, card number, and the playing card insert. The author then explains the Signifier Cards and other people cards. Demystifying the Cards gives an introduction to what will be covered in the Meaning of the Cards section. And, he gives a list of the Nuance cards: Action, portrait, mood, and timing.

*It's important to note that the author is using the French Lenormand system in the book.

The next section is the Meaning of the Cards, where the author covers the keywords and an overall meaning for the card. Then, he breaks it down into divisions such as what the card means in a love reading for a single person, timing of the card, what it means in an health reading and more.

I especially like the Special Power division. Here's what the Rider says: The Rider is the bearer of news. Every card that comes before him on the same line describes the message he is bringing forward.

Other divisions include the related Archangel, Planet, and Zodiac Sign. Unfortunately, the author doesn't share anything more on these subjects. It would have been interesting to have an explanation of how and when to use these relationships.

The next section, Additional Keywords, is seven pages of more keywords for each card. A few short sections follow. Card Reversals, which lets you know the cards are never read reversed, seemed completely unnecessary. A section on the Significators covers the main Querent cards, Man and Woman, and the Money, Health, and more. The Combination Section goes over possible meanings for the combination of all the cards.

There's a section on Archangels. Here you may gain a clue to why the archangel is assigned to the card. For example, the book is Metatron, who is the scribe of God, the letter is Grabriel, the messenger of God, and Scythe is Jophiel, who you may call upon to help reduce clutter. I only looked up these three to investigate connections. As for an explanation of what to use these connections for, I'm still not sure.

There's a section which covers the physical attributes of the cards, which in my opinion, should have been added to the section of card meanings.

The playing card inserts have their own section. The meanings are given for each card, based upon the French cartomancy system. Included is a chart on the meanings of multiples in a reading. For example: two Kings show an opening, while three 8's indicate a wedding.

The next forty-four pages cover Lenormand Card Spreads. The author goes into detail on how to read a Grand Tableu. He also offers a real reading using the Tableu.

A short section on attuning your deck closes the book, covering clearing, prayer and blessing your cards.

This would be a decent book to get you started with the Lenormand. A seasoned reader may find some new insight in the pages, or at least a slightly different perspective on some of the cards.

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Guidance for August - Have Courage and Be Generous

I'll be working with the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck this month. I've asked the cards to guide us into August.

How should we approach it? What can we expect?

Stand Your Ground, 7 of Spirit, encourages us to approach this month with Courage and Focus. You may be challenged to take a stand for what you believe in. It's important to stand strong. Your strength will determine the energies for the first ten days of the month. You may be challenged more than once, but you have the courage to be strong and focused. 

Shadow, 18 Major Arcana, tells us that at least one of the challenges faced in the first ten days will probably trigger something you've pushed deep down. You've been avoiding it, but now it's time to face it head on, explore it, and resolve it. This is not a card of despair; it is a card of repair. 

Mental & Spiritual Prosperity, 6 of Physical, shows a peaceful, harmonious end to the month. Everything is in perfect order. Be sure to give as much as you receive during this time. Your generosity will be rewarded and extend this harmonious period.  

Looks like we begin with some challenging times, but everything turns out well this month. Step into the sunshine, breath in some fresh air, and Enjoy August!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tarot Haiku - Temperance


Pause for a moment,
Find your balance, your true north,
Seek your life purpose.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Review: Deck of Heroes Tarot

In 2012, I reviewed the Deck of Heroes Tarot on my Tarot Examiner page, which is no longer available. I noticed the broken link within one of the Tarot Combinations posts and wanted to repair it. Below, you will find the review of the deck I presented in 2012.


Deck of Heroes Tarot by Richard ShadowFox

Complete with instruction book and Schiffer box, this 78-card deck features at least one male hero on each card. From knights to scoundrels, these images are sure to get your imagination rushing in many directions. This is a deck sure to please any collector or romance addict.

The artist did a wonderful job with the imagery of this deck. It’s more than a deck of men. The settings are very interesting. Some cards are on the dark side, but I find this richens the images. The card backs are different but entrancing - almost pulling you into its puzzle of lavender.

The deck is based on the traditional tarot card meanings, but this is not a good choice for a new tarot reader. While some of the cards are easily read, some may leave you confused about its representation of the usual card meaning.

For me, this is more of a deck for the sake of art rather than tarot reading. I would recommend this deck to collectors, art enthusiasts, and writers (especially romance writers.)

Purchase your deck at Schiffer Books.


(Review deck supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Guidance for July - Dog - Know Your Friends

Can you believe it's already the middle of the year? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down to plan out a wonderfully productive year. Well, the progress has been slow. I'm hoping the second part of the year will be a time to turn all of my energetic thoughts into physical production.

I decided to pull out the Druid Animal Oracle, by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, for a little guidance for the month of July. I've had the deck for a while, but I believe this is the first time of actually using it for a reading.

While shuffling the deck, I asked for guidance as we step into this new month.

I was a little surprised to turn over the Dog, but after reading through the information in the guidebook and reflecting on the card, I can see how this is the perfect card to guide us.

The Keywords: Guidance, Protection, and Loyalty.

"The dog brings guidance and protection, acting as a loyal companion and friend on your journey in both this life and the next."

With my Lenormand background, the dog represents our friends. The people and animals of our life take on many roles, some lasting forever, while others only surviving temporarily. The appearance of the Dog brings the message of acknowledgement and appreciation for those in our lives who help us in our journeys.

You may also find yourself developing an important friendship this month. A new guide or teacher may appear in your path. You may connect with a Spirit Guide during meditations. Discover a stray kitten or puppy on your morning walk. You may rekindle a dying friendship, or create a totally new relationship with an acquaintance.

Know your friends, and appreciate them for all they do for you. Enjoy your month!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review: The Transparent Tarot

The Transparent Tarot is an original, unique deck with a new approach to the tarot. The deck follows the basis Rider-Waite system, yet brings to life a new understanding and a new view of tarot reading. 

Hesitant to obtain this deck when it first came out, my only regret is that I waited so long. The deck is truly amazing and will open your intuition and creativity to new levels. 

The cards are made of a sturdy plastic. At first, I thought I would have trouble, for they wanted to stick together. The simple solution was to flip through the cards one by one and mix them up extensively.  

The images are simple and are made for layering and overlapping. But, you can really use these cards in many different positions - creating collages and stories, sure to be different with every reading.

A companion book is included. Emily Carding covers the uses and meanings of the cards. She also emphasizes on making this deck your own, follow your intuition rather than the meanings in the book. What she gives you in this wonderful book is meant to be a jump off point for you to grow from.

A thick white cloth is also included and needed. The white background allows for the images to be easily displayed and enjoyed.  

I’d recommend this deck to just about anyone. From beginner to expert, you will find something wonderful within these cards. 

Originally published on the Examiner, October 2012

Monday, June 11, 2018

Review: The Star Tarot

The Star Tarot
Author: Cathy McClelland
Schiffer Publishing, 2017

Description: 78 cards and a 215 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card Size: 3 1/2" X 5 1/4"

Your Path to Self Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism

Cathy McClelland self-published The Star Major Arcana Deck in 2008. The Star Tarot takes her vision to the next step to include the Minors.

“The Star Tarot is clearly rooted in the Golden Dawn correspondences. It does homage to Waite and Smith and to the creators of the Thoth deck, Crowly and Harris.” ~ Foreword by Mary K. Greer

"Use this deck and book together to renew your spirit and help you realign with your soul purpose and the guiding light of all creation.” ~ Foreword by Mary K. Greer

I found the artwork in this deck breathtaking, unusual, and unique. The deck pulls pieces from the different tarot systems and brings them together to create a new type of Tarot.

The Guidebook is completely dedicated to the cards. The Major Arcana is discussed as a whole and then each card is covered. Information includes keywords, an in-depth look at the card and the image's symbolisms. The Minor Arcana is also discussed as a whole, followed by a section on the Lunar Cycle and Aspects. Information is given on the suits, numbers, individual cards, and the court cards. Each card has a black and white photo supplied. The book includes a lot of information, including Astrological, Seasons, Lunar Cycle, and even associated Archangel when relevant to the card.

"In the Star Tarot each of the Minors has a lunar cycle representing it. The moon's cycles are reminders of the cycles in our lives."

9 - The Hermit – Your Guiding Light

“The Hermit is the one who steps out of the darkness shining his lantern, showing you the way.”

“The Hermit brings a time for review and introspection and the opportunity to develop your inner wisdom by seeking guidance from another or through introspection and spiritual work.”

“The lightning at the bottom of this image represents the restlessness and life’s unsettling situations that stimulate one to seek a deeper meaning in life.”

“The owl symbolizes the carrier of dreams."

"The Hermit’s staff brings intellect and higher knowledge.”

The Nine of Swords
Lunar cycle: Balsamic Moon
Keyword Phrase: Dark Night of the Soul

“The Nine of Swords enters late at night when you are feeling the most vulnerable.”

“The gift of the Nine of Swords is the realization that you are not alone, but connected to the greater whole.”

“The spider’s tapestry web hangs behind her symbolizing the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of our lives.”

I recommend this deck to Everyone. Whether you are new to the world of tarot or a long time resident, this deck is amazing with its enriching images and deep rooted symbolism.

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey

Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey
Author: Angelo Nasios
Schiffer Publishing, 2017
Description: Hardback Book

“While the Tarot Tracker is designed with Tarot in mind, you can also use this journal with non-Tarot decks if you desire.”

The Tarot Tracker is a journal, but it is so much more. Angelo Nasios has created a guide for daily journaling, a system to help build your tarot knowledge, and pages to fill with a year’s worth of discovery.

“Tarot Tracker is designed to be your annual journal that tracks your entire year with Tarot.”

You begin your Year-Long Journey by calculating your Card of the Year. An example is given, along with the process for calculating your card. Once discovered, you write about the card and what you think the influence might be for you. The author provides a Year Card Reference Section to help you along.

“The Year Card represents an overall theme or energy that represents the year in your life.”

This is followed by a Meaning Tracker, where you can express your thoughts on each card as you begin the year. These may be traditions meanings, thoughts of your likes/dislikes, or even your emotional reactions. These meanings are yours, as you see the cards, at this time.

At the back of the book, there is a Meaning Tracker Revisited. Here you will once again go through your meanings of each card, inspired by your year-long journey. To assist with understanding the cards, the author supplies an Appendix of Card Keywords. The Seasonal Tracker gives you a place to explore The New Year Reading and a Birthday Reading.

The bulk of the book is devoted to daily cards, offering areas for both Day Reading and Night Reading, along with possible questions to explore.

This would make a great gift for someone just starting out in Tarot. The structure within the Tarot Tracker is perfect for keeping up with daily cards and working your way through the Tarot.

It would also work great for someone lacking the discipline to make it through the whole year of daily pulls. Once you start writing in the book, you are going to want to complete it. Think of it as a new year’s resolution with structure.

If you want to learn the tarot, if you love journaling, and/or if you’ve always wanted to see how the cards could play out over the whole year, one day at a time, you’ll find the needed structure within the cover of the Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey.

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing

You may also be interested in my review of Angelo Nasios’ Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Review: Fortune Teller's Handbook

Fortune Teller’s Handbook
Author: Sasha Fenton
Hampton Roads Publishing, 2017
Description: 192-page Paperback Book

Red Wheel/Weiser has brought back another of Sasha Fenton’s successful titles with the Fortune Teller’s Handbook.

The Fortune Teller’s Handbook is an introduction to 20 divination methods. As the author acknowledges, “These twenty chapters are just the tip of the iceberg.” And, in the areas the author is less familiar; she calls upon other professionals for their knowledge.

The Fortune Teller’s Handbook is definitely a fun and interesting read. You may find yourself discovering a tool you never knew existed, like flower reading. The author goes from the most logical systems to the kind of ‘weird’ systems. Within the covers of this book, you can easily discover something you didn’t know.

Did you know that Playing cards are a spin-off from the Minor Arcana of the Tarot deck? Okay, but did you know they are also a spin-off of chess, which itself is a spin-off from the Tarot?

Did you know you could use three American quarters to perform an I Ching reading?

The Fortune Teller’s Handbook covers such systems as crystal ball gazing, numerology readings, using a pendulum, throwing bones, and many more techniques. The book is an introductory into these many systems, but once you get hooked, there are many books out there to further your studies in whichever direction(s) you may choose.

I recommend the Fortune Teller’s Handbook to anyone interested in divination, beginners and those already in the game. I’d also recommend the book to anyone curious about the process of fortune telling, whether you intend to follow the path or not.

Grab your copy from Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing.

You may also enjoy my review of Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards by Sasha Fenton.

(Review Product supplied by Red Wheel/Weiser)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: Spirit Within Tarot

Spirit Within Tarot
Author: Steven Bright
Red Feather, 2017

Description: 78 cards and a 96 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card Size: 3” x 4 ½”

"With little more than your enthusiasm and an open heart, it's time to let your own spirit take its first steps in between the world of the shadows."

The Spirit Within Tarot is intriguingly simple. The silhouettes give your imagination a playground to choose its own characters. The deck's images follow the traditional Rider-Waite, but the author has brought a little extra to the scenes. The simplicity of the images seem to explode with complexity, almost as if the cards are three-dimensional.

The Guidebook focuses on the cards, with a personal thought, a brief look at the card meaning, and a few keywords. The author only suggests one spread, but this turned out to be a wonderful spread. The five-card spread gives Spirit a voice in choosing the topic and offers an overview of the situation and guidance. I tried the spread a few times and was amazed by the results.

Ten of Swords ~ "I present problematic transitions. I am the one you will find at the end of any situation that has been difficult to the end. Are you suffering from a fight you couldn't win? I'm here to remind you that the worst is now over."

Eight of Cups ~ "I am on a quest. My life is not bad, but I realize that something is missing. The road towards finding it is not easy, but I will no longer settle for second best."

This deck is a great for both beginners and the experienced reader. I always suggest the Rider-Waite deck for beginners, but this would be a great starter deck. But, there's enough depth in this deck for the experienced reader or tarot enthusiast to find pleasure with the Spirit Within Tarot. 

Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Review: King Billy and the Royal Road

King Billy and the Royal Road
Author: RC Ajuonuma
SilverWood Books, 2017

Description: 81 page book

"King Billy and the Royal Road" is a story of a boy who wakes up one morning and begins a journey through the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot.

The story is formatted in three line poetry verses, with some rhyming. The flow of the story is of a sing-song melody. The black and white images, provided by Beverley Young, are delightful and compliment the story perfectly.

"He opened the bag,
which he wiggled and wagged,
and pulled from inside an old sword."

The book is divided into three parts which coincide with a three part break down of the Major Arcana stages of progression: Part 1 - The Way to Your Heart (Consciousness), Part 2 - Be Brave, Be True (Subconscious), Part 3 - What Was Lost Can Be Found (Superconscious).

Young Billy wakes up one morning to an empty refrigerator and is unable to wake his mother, so he decides to go find some food. What he finds is much more. He discovers a whole new world, as he's never ventured beyond his own backyard.

With a sack and a stick, young Billy (The Fool) skirts past his growling dog and sets off on his journey. His first encounter is with a man in a hat with a cape and a tan (The Magician). And the journey continues with Billy moving through the characters and the lessons of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The book is presented as a children's book, but I do suggest scanning through the book before you begin the story with your child. There is one section I found a little unsettling, but this may just be me. In Chapter 8, the king (not Billy) has been slain, beheaded. This one part made me feel the book may be more suitable for young teenagers. Again, this is only my opinion.

"With hands glowing red
round the king's severed head,
she lifted it up like a crown."

It was a pleasure to have the chance to read this book by RC Ajuonuma. Young adults will enjoy this introduction to the world of Tarot. It would also be an enjoyable read for adults and experienced tarot enthusiast.

Grab your copy from SilverWood Books or Amazon.

(Review Product supplied by RC Ajuonuma)