Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Your Own Tarot Deck

Creating my own tarot deck has been a project lingering at the edge of my mind for some time. I own many decks I connect with, but imagine the connection one could make just from the process of this project. Also, if you are having trouble remember some of the card meanings, this could be a way to solve such issues. Images trigger thoughts, so by using your own images the meanings become clearer and you are free to follow intuition.

The biggest obstacle standing before me has been HOW?

You should consider your options of canvas. 1) Individual Blank Tarot Cards 2) Printable Sheets micro-perforated to Tarot size 3) Drawing Paper or other artistic canvas which may be scanned and then downsized into format for the printable sheets (I'm sure there's other options - please feel free to share.)

You should also consider your abilities. Are you artistic? Can you draw or paint? Do you need artistic software to complete your images? What about creating collages? Do you need to use your digital camera or can you grab others' photos and images?

The ability section is my main obstacle. I can draw a little, but not good enough to produce a whole tarot deck. I'm looking into software options, but not sure what I'm actually looking for. (Again, feel free to share.)

One site I've found useful,, supplies software, printable sheets, even tarot bags for your new deck. I'm playing with the software, which is free to try. You can't print until you register. Program cost: 16.95, Card cost: 13.25, Bag cost: 3.85, Experience: priceless

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for this project. Good luck. I hope to share with you my progress on this project in future posts.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simply Deep Tarot

Simply Deep Tarot
Simply Deep Tarot, produced by Author Chanel Bayless and Illustrator James Battersby, is a new way of looking at the old way of the Tarot.

Although this deck can be read in the normal manner, Chanel encourages you to go deeper. The companion book guides you through preparing before a reading, and takes you through an exercise of going deeper with the cards – creating a story of your own. Suggested keywords, and meanings for upright and reversed positions are included.

This Rider Waite-style, 78-card Tarot deck comes with the companion book and one of Schiffer’s specially designed boxes to keep everything together.
The vibrant artwork provides a base for suggested meanings and allows for personal interpretations. With each reading something new will be discovered as elements seem to appear depending on the state of mind, therefore showcasing what needs to be seen at that moment.

This deck would be great for creative work, self-development, and intuitive readings. I recommend this deck to anyone who wishes to Go Deeper into the tarot.

Available at Schiffer Books

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tarot Combinations - 5 of Swords and 18 The Moon

Tarot Combinations can refer to multiple techniques. In this post, we are focusing on the combination of two cards to reveal one meaning. This method allows a deeper relationship with the Tarot. If you currently use the 'card a day' method, try expanding to the two card method.

There are a number of ways to go about this method. You can combine images, meanings, numerical values, etc.

Always use your own impressions of the cards, not the suggested interpretation of another. The tarot is most reliable when you allow yourself to follow your own instincts to reveal the meanings.

Deck used The Rider Tarot Deck - 5 of Swords / 18 The Moon

Using image combinations - The man, having stolen/won the swords, has his back turned to the moon. In this combination, I'm thinking the moon has the effect of strengthening emotions. The man's facial expression almost mirrors the yellow dog in its anger, although he also carries a type of satisfaction.

  • Someone letting emotions rule his actions.

Using meanings: Five of Swords - victory at a cost; The Moon - Self-deceptions, overwhelming emotions

  • Victory at the cost of self-deception and allowing emotions to rule.

Using numerical values: 5 - Upsetting the balance, change, conflicts, disappointments; 18 - reduced to 9 - final stage, preparations for transition

  • Changes occurring to prepare for a new cycle.

Give this method a try and see how much it can add to your Tarot experience. Feel free to leave a comment on your results. What do you see in this tarot combination?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening -- A spiritual awakening usually involves a realization or opening to a sacred dimension of reality and may or may not be a religious experience. Often a spiritual awakening has lasting effects upon one's life. The term "spiritual awakening" may be used to refer to any of a wide range of experiences including being born again, near-death experiences, and mystical experiences such as liberation and enlightenment. (Definition from Wikipedia)

"the awakening or quickening of God's people to their true nature and purpose." Robert Coleman

2012 introduces us to a new way of thinking as we wonder what will happen in December, if anything at all. Some believe the coming event will not be the end of the world physically, but a spiritual awakening of the human race.

According to an article by Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias, there are twelve signs we can look for within ourselves to reveal our state of awakening. Are you moving toward your spiritual awakening?

Here are the top 5 signs.

1) Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back.
2) Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason.
3) Crying for no apparent reason - similar to #2 above.
4) Sudden change in job or career.
5) Withdrawal from family relationships.

For more explanations on what causes each sign and to see the rest of the list -