Monday, March 19, 2018

Review: Chakra Reading Cards

Chakra Reading Cards
Author: Rachelle Charman
Rockpool Publishing, 2017

Description: 36 cards and a 112 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closing lid

Card Size: about 3 3/4 by 5 ½

“These one-of-a-kind Chakra Reading Cards bring a world of guidance and clarity to your life.”

The Chakra Reading Cards are divided into 9 chakras, covering the seven main chakras plus two additional chakras – the Soul Star and the Earth Star. Each division includes four cards with assigned titles relating to the influence in its chakra field. For example, the Throat Chakra includes Communication, Life Purpose, Truth, and Listening. Each vibrant image has a chakra color border, along with its chakra symbol.

The Guidebook begins with the basics: an introduction, how to care for the deck, how to work with the deck, how to do a reading, and how to connect to your intuition. The author also offers five layouts suitable for the Chakra Reading Cards.

The rest of the book covers the cards. Each section begins with a two page explanation of the Chakra: color, topics, cleansing and balancing the chakra, and an affirmation. Each individual card has a colored image and a page of information followed by a short affirmation.

As with most decks, I had some favorites and some not so favorites within the deck. To the left, I've chosen three of each.

I hope this offers enough of a range to give a full view of the types of images upon the cards. Since, my favorites could easily be your least favorite and vice versa.

Let's take a closer look at two of the cards and what they reveal.

The 2-Rebirth card belongs to the Earth Star Chakra, signified by the Black border and the Chakra symbol.

The card description begins with: "You have pulled this card as a sign that you are currently undergoing a rebirth. It is a powerful awakening and healing process..." The entry continues on giving more insight into the possibilities of your rebirth and how you may process it.

The affirmation: "I am completely supported in my current rebirth and I am open to the magic of the universe birthing within me."

The 17-Inner Child belongs to the Heart Chakra, signified by the Green border and the Chakra symbol.

The card description begins with: "You have called this card and energy into your awareness today because it is time to create a more fulfilling loving relationship with your Inner Child. Each person has within them aspects of the child - those parts of us that can be vulnerable, misunderstood..." The author goes on to explore the pains and emotions related to being trapped, confused, and at the mercy of another person. But, then she gets to the good stuff. "It is also very important to allow the Inner Child out to play."

The affirmation: "My Inner Child is free to express love and joy."

As mentioned earlier, the author offers five layouts suitable for the deck. But, of course, these are only guides to help you get started. You can use these cards in many different ways.

Two of the layouts in the book are one-card pulls. One is focused on finding guidance and a message, and the other reveals the Chakra causing the biggest issue at that moment. There is a three-card layout: past, present, future. The other two focuses on the Chakras: a seven-card and a nine-card. These Chakra layouts would be great for monthly, or even yearly, readings.

The Chakra Readings Cards would also make a great addition to any reading. Using a second deck in a Tarot reading has become a normal thing for me. It's nice to see some additional insight. And, on most occasions, it can verify the reading is on the right track by providing a mirror to the guidance already supplied.

I recommend this deck to anyone interested in further exploring their Chakra, but also to anyone wanting a new oracle deck.

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