Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Year Tarot Spread

I created this Tarot spread to help you bring in the New Year. I hope it brings you clarity and anticipation for the approaching year.

A New Year Tarot Spread


  1. Your biggest accomplishment for the past year.
  2. What you need to leave behind.
  3. What you need to carry forward.
  4. A main focus for the year.
  5. A running theme for the year.
Optional: Add together the numerical value of the cards to get a Word for the year.

I had wonderful results with this spread. I used the Dream of Gaia Tarot for my reading, which will be January's deck. I'm not going to go into details on my own reading, but I wanted to share the results of my Word for the year.


self-love, confidence, open-heart, joy of life

Please feel free to share your own Word, along with your experience of the spread or any questions you might have in the comments.

Have a wonderful New Year and blessings to you all.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Guidance for December - Embrace Your Faith

I decided to work with The WayCard Oracle this month. This deck is intended to guide you to your Inner Journey. The author Martha Winona Travers shares the story of the creation of this deck in the preface of the companion book. In short, the deck began as thirteen cards on notepaper.

She continued creating the cards as they came to her, until one morning the last card arrived. She discovered she'd created a total of thirty-three cards. She felt the deck was complete with the numerology significance of the number 33 - the number of spiritual completion.

I reviewed this deck in October 2016.

"Each card in the deck represents a place on the life path, a stage in our journey. Thus, each card can be experienced as a stepping stone - a place to stand, to be still, to listen, and to perceive."

As we step into the last month of the year, what should we be aware of? What can we expect?

Past - Threshold/Guardian - You are standing before an archway, a transition zone between the life you are living now and the one that you'll live once you've pass through. The guardian asks you to recognize the fears and desires that hold you in your current life. As this card is in the past position, you have already transitioned; you are presently living the new life you've chosen.

Present - The Judge - You may very well be questioning the move you've made into this new life. But, you may also be digging in even deeper, evolving further. The Judge represents your inner critic, both the criticizer and the helper. You are urged to be self-reflective and curious about your new life, not doubtful and belittling. It's important to distinguish between the two voices.

Future - Reciprocity - It's important to give back as much as you've received. It is also important to remember that you have to give in order to receive. "Our sacred responsibility is to reciprocate for the Life given to us with expressions of respect, care, and gratitude." Sometimes fear leads us to hoard our possessions and our emotions in order not to lose what we have, or be betrayed by others. Reciprocity urges us to let go of the fear and live freely.

Shadow - hidden energies - Water - Your emotions may be affecting you more than you realize. You may want to take some time to be with your emotions. "Do not ignore, repress, or project your emotions. Be quiet. Feel the emotions and allow them to flow through you."

You are also being reminded of our fluidity. We do not stay in one single form. We change with each new moment. "The Water card asks you to flow with the current of your life, to not set up barriers in the mind." Be open to new ideas. Allow for new people to enter your life, and new events to occur. Do not board yourself in your own world with preconceived ideas and limitations. Anything is possible when you allow things to be.

Light - direct energy - Faith - "Faith is an experience. It is not a theory, an idea, or a belief. It is knowing - deep, unquestioning knowing." You have trust in the unfolding path of your life. You don't need proof of the existence of what guides you. You know without doubt it is there, with you in each step you take.

Overview - You've stepped into your new life. You may be questioning yourself, but you know you are being guided by a larger force. Let go of the critic and embrace your higher voice. Your emotions are also being stirred up in this new way of living. Take some time to reflect and meditate on the feelings you may be having at the moment. And remember, you should always give back to the universe as an appreciation for the gifts it bestows upon you.

"It was as though there was some law of invocation and response: one cannot be helped until he seeks help, cannot be taught until he tries to learn, cannot be answered unless he asks." - Doug Boyd, Rolling Thunder

Happy Holidays!