Monday, July 22, 2013

The Week Ahead Reflection - Inner Realms Tarot

Trust your inner guide, your senses, emotions, and thoughts with Inner Realms Tarot.

Inner Realms Tarot, more than a Tarot deck, is an intuitive guide - a tool for a more guided path, an in-between for you and Spirit to better connect.

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One Card Reflection of the Week Ahead

Image: 2 Swords engulfed in a swirl of energy.

Suggested Keywords: Perception, Choice, Balance, Patience, Trust, and Intuition

Companion Book - Summarized: It is important to weigh your options, make the choice and take the plunge.


The 2 of Swords reflects upon a decision or choice which needs to be made. This could refer to employment, love, residence, or any number of life areas.

Does the energy bring the swords to cross, or do the swords crossing provide the energy? As this question came to mind, the answer quickly followed. It doesn't matter, what matters is the energy, the conflict, and the choices are there. Together, they bring forth a time for action. Trust in yourself to make the right choice. There’s no time to continue your stagnant position in indecision. The time is now.


Carefully consider what choices you've pondered over, yet haven't made a decision yet. Make it a goal for this week to finally resolve the issue. Chances are you've had plenty of time to reflect and have even weighed the options, yet you continue to stand on the edge of choice for fear of making the wrong decision. Trust in yourself and your intuition. The time is right to trust in yourself and your intuition to make the right decision.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Higher Intuitions Oracle and Haiku Poem

Some Food for Thought
Creativity - an expression of your Higher Self.

Is your Muse also your Spirit Guide?

Do you ever wonder how connected your creative mind is with your higher super-subconscious? Are all intuitional thoughts coming to you from the same source? Are the voices, the gut feelings, the chance encounters part of a path, a destined course of action chosen before entering the physical world?

We all have such questions, yet only a few choose to dig further, exploring the possibilities. Are you living your life on auto-mode, or are you living to your full potential, pushing the boundaries?

Higher Intuitions Oracle – a glimpse of guidance
Wow! This card keeps popping up! Pegasus showed up in the sample reading posted a couple of weeks ago. I've also pulled daily cards from this deck and more than once found myself looking at this beautiful animal.

Pegasus – Soar

If you have chosen Pegasus, this is the time for you to soar – take charge of your creations and release the shackles from your spirit and soul. 

We look at our lives, searching for some hint of magic – something so grand it couldn’t possibly hide. The Pegasus suggests looking at the smaller things in life. A simple gesture can bring joy to your world and to others. This is where you find the wind beneath your wings to soar to higher levels.

The hardest part is to take that leap, but once you do…then you’ll soar.

A Haiku Poem - Pegasus

Soul, Angel of Light
Spread your wings, Soar to great heights,
Find your destined path.

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