Thursday, April 26, 2012

Titania's Fortune Cards - 7 card layout

The Titania's Fortune Cards are based on the Mlle. Lenormand's Fortune Telling Cards.

Image and Reviews available at Aeclectic Tarot.

Let's see what the cards reveal in a 7 card layout.

The letter represents the arrival of good news.

The flowers represent happiness.

When next to the letter, the flowers indicate an invitation.

The whip represents strife and quarrels. The card beside will specify the area.

When the flower falls next to the whip, it reduces the severity.

The woman represents an important woman, or the female questioner.

When the woman is next to the whip, she will cause conflict.

The cross is the card of destiny. It points to the area most important to the questioner.

The road indicates a new path, a new direction, or change the questioner is taking or is about to take.

The clover is the luck card. The questioner is protected, as if by magic.

The clover next to the road indicates a trip will turn out well.

A review: The letter/flowers together show an invitation. The whip/woman together show a conflict reduced by the presence of the flowers. The cross/road/clover show a destined path which turns out well.

Reading from left to right: An invitation, from a woman, arrives and causes a mild conflict. This event sends the questioner down a new path, which is both protected and destined.

Hope you enjoyed this short reading with the Titania's Fortune Cards. Do you see a connection here I may have missed? Do you use the Titania's Fortune Cards or similar cards? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eight of Earth - Reflections

Today, I asked for a reflection card.

The Eight of Earth (Pentacles) is the work card. It represents using your skills and/or learning a new trade.

As I look upon the cards image, from the Today's Journey Tarot deck, I see a workplace in which all tools are available. The worker uses these tools and his skills to produce unique stones. The colors of the jewels are that of the Chakra. He is focused, grounded, and productive.

From the companion book: "We create our own prosperity. Positive thoughts alone are not enough."

This card suggests you reflect upon your goals. It's not only important to have the skills, the workplace, and the tools - productivity only occurs when you actually use these to move further down the road toward your goal. It suggests evaluating the skills you have, learning the skills you may need, gathering the needed tools, and focusing on the project at hand.

"It's time to get to work."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How often should you get a tarot reading?

Image by Chmouel Boudjnah 
Wikimedia Commons 
An important issue to realize about tarot readings is they are tools for guidance. One should not rely on the cards to direct them in their life every day, or every week for that matter. Once you have a tarot reading done, it is important to let events play out and to work toward your desired outcome.

But, how often should you get a reading?

As a reader, I suggest no more than one in a thirty day period. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. Let's look at some scenarios.

General readings show a little of the past, the present, and a look into the future. After such a reading, you could follow up a month later. But, a better option is to wait as events play out. If you wish to alter the predicted outcome, you should work toward the goal you seek. If more guidance is needed, feel free to seek it. The important thing is to know you are in control not the cards.

A number of spreads forecast up to three month, six month and even a year. After such a reading, you could easily wait the forecast time before consulting the cards again. Similar to the above situation, you control the path. So, if you get a reading showing an outcome 5 months from the date of the reading and feel a need to alter this outcome, you may consult again three months later to see if the outlook is better for your situation.

Of course, there are also tarot readings, where you consult about a very specific question. You should not repeat this question over and over again, wait at least thirty days. But, if another area of guidance is needed, feel free to consult the cards with the new question.

The final answer to how often you should get a tarot reading is up to the individual. The main thing is to not to become dependent on their guidance. Your life is under your control, and you should experience it, rather than dictate it's every curve and pot hole. Enjoy yourself, and only use the tarot to guide you toward the brightest star available to you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding a Tarot Reader

Image by Mike Quinn 
Wikimedia Commons 
There is no shortage of tarot readers in today's world. Finding the right one can be a challenging journey.

Today, I'd like to share my journey.

My first experience with having my cards read was with playing cards. As a teenager, I didn't know much about such things, but I had always been curious. The woman, my boyfriend's mother, proved to be very insightful with this deck of playing cards. One reading she gave warned of a situation to come, and to this day I wished I had listened. But, well, I was only a kid.

As the situation played out, I sought more knowledge, but the woman became unavailable because of life changes, on my part. I found a book on reading playing cards and mastered the technique. Still I wouldn't listen to their advice, but learning to read was the most wonderful experience.

Years later, I came in contact with a woman, a friend's mother, who read Tarot Cards. Her readings took on a new level of understanding for me. She guided me and warned me, but in a situation which was beyond my control. The knowledge, however, lessened the blow to come. Unfortunately, this tarot reader passed away. God bless her for the guidance she gave, and I hope she continues to look over me.

My playing cards suffered from an apartment fire. I still have them, but the damage made them unusable. I had the cards dressed up with keywords, which worked as the Tarot images work for a tarot reader. One day, I'll find the time to recreate them.

I went on to buy my first tarot deck and learned to read them - another amazing journey. Although I am able to read my own cards, the experience of another's insight is always added knowledge. The tarot reader can see things you may subconsciously push from sight. So, from time to time, I call out to various sources in search of a compatible reader. Unfortunately, the search continues as of present.

How happy are you with your search for a tarot reader? Have you found the one for you?