Monday, March 31, 2014

A Great Tarot Question from Tarot Author, Sasha Graham

Last week, Ellen @ Greylady’s Hearth mentioned an interview at Daily Tarot Girl, which was an interesting interview with Tarot Author, Sasha Graham. I highly recommend you check it out.

One of the things mentioned was a good question to use with the Tarot.

Sasha’s question: “What can I do right now in this moment that will bring me pleasure and also positively impact my future?” To me, this is a very powerful question to ask and as you will see in a moment the results are clear and informative.

Kate’s question: “What do I need to see or know right now?” This is another great question and very similar to my own go-to question.

I've changed the wording slightly from Sasha’s to better fit my approach for this reading.

Question: What can I do this week that will bring me pleasure and also positively impact my future?

Look at all those Wands! It’s going to be an ACTION week. I love how it flows; this is who you need to be and what you need to do.

The Queen sits upon her throne. Her expression is sure and steady. Of all the Queens, this one seems the busiest to me. She has a career, takes care of a family, and is active in the community. She knows what she wants and is determined to achieve her goals. She can and will have it all.

I need to be strong and determined. In order to achieve my goals, I will need to play many roles and succeed in each. This isn't about multi-tasking; it is about multi-achieving. I can work my full-time job, have an organized home, and achieve my goals. Determination is the key.

The 9 of Wands encourages me to rise to the challenges before me in order to reach success. I must stand my ground, defend what is mine, and face the challenge. I am the only one who can do this for me and my goals.

The 3 of Wands reveals delays due to poor planning. It highlights unrealistic strategies and a need to re-evaluate. I tend to over-extend myself. The ‘I can have it all’ attitude is wonderful, but there is a need to be real. One can only do so much in the allotted time of a day. Priorities need to be set, and plans need to be made.

Overview – Approach the week in action mode. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed and take actions to achieve your goals. There will be challenges, but you can and will face them. You may experience delays if you do not carefully plan your strategy for achievement.  

Enjoy the week! Don't take no for an answer, and eliminate can't from your vocabulary.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jumping Into Spring

Ellen over at Greylady's Hearth presented a Rebirth Spread last week, which she discovered from Chloe of Inner Whispers. I recommend both blogs for your reading pleasure.

As we move out of Winter into Spring, it seems only natural for us to go through a re-birthing of sorts. Shedding the coats, we jump head first into Spring.

Here is a spread to discover what awaits you on the other side of your rebirth.

1)What darkness am I leaving behind?
2)What new hope is approaching?
3)What can help me find my bearings at this time?

Here's what I discovered about my own re-birthing:

1)What darkness am I leaving behind? The Page of Wands is the messenger of creativity and inspiration. I see this card's appearance as a sign of the arrival of this messenger. The darkness has draped over me, clouding my creative senses. The time has passed. The Page will lead me forward, out of the darkness.

2)What new hope is approaching? The High Priestess sits upon her throne waiting at the doorway to the higher realm. All who arrive shall be allowed to pass, but one must have the desire to go beyond this doorway. My new hope will come from my inner and higher self. All I need to do is allow the connection to be.

3)What can help me find my bearings at this time? I LOVE this card. The 3 of Pentacles is all about using your skills and knowledge to create. This is the ultimate ARTIST card. The lesson within this card is practice makes perfect, use your talents to create anything you wish. Getting more involved with my work and creations will help me in my journey at this time.

Overview - Follow your creative inspiration, listen to you inner voice, and get to work on your creative projects.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Keep It Simple, Silly

When approaching the Lenormand, one should realize how simple the process is and try not to make it more complicated than it is.

Easier said than done.

From experience, I believe the complications come in when we jump head first into this system and try to start reading before we are ready. Take it slow, build a vocabulary, form connections with the card combo system, and practice, practice, practice.

Below is an example of one of my daily draws. I threw the spread the other morning, jotted some notes, and left for work. Upon returning home, I glanced at my previous notes, yet nothing had happened during the day that rang true to my interpretation. So, I jotted down some more notes, played with some new keywords, and then it happened. The simple, logical interpretation jumped out at me and fell into place.

Final Interpretation: Leaving the office to drive my car around a committed route. (For those of you who may not know, I'm a rural mail carrier, therefore most of my work day is spent in my car following the same line of travel.) Surprise, nothing unusual happened, just a normal day at work.

This isn't the first time the Ship has appeared as Car for me. In February's Grand Tableau, it appeared followed by Fox, giving me Work Vehicle. But, I'll confess this wasn't evident until the end of the month, and I was reviewing the reading with hindsight. Such things are worth noting in a Card Journal, and the Road+Ring (committed path, my mail route) will be added in my Combo Journal.

Lenormand tip - Keep notes, build vocabulary, and creating connecting combos. Journals are very important in learning the Lenormand. I currently have three - one for individual meanings, one for combos, and one for daily/monthly readings. 

Good luck in you Lenormand Journey and don't forget to Practice.

Monday, March 3, 2014

One Step at a Time

Card combos are very important when working with Lenormand. One card alone gives a vague idea of what’s going on, but when bringing in the added information of a descriptor card the idea becomes clearer.

While Tarot is a different system, finding connections between the cards is a necessary process for the best possible reading. The Tarot offers much more in the way of one card bringing depth to the reading but add a descriptor card, and you get volumes.

Using the different systems, let’s take a look at the week ahead - March 3-9. I’m using the Tarot to discover the theme and the Lenormand to show an issue or event for the week.

rider-waite, gilded reverie lenormand
Theme - Knight of Swords/The Emperor (reversed)

The Knight gives us the main focus while the reversed Emperor provides us with added descriptions.

The Knight of Swords charges toward his destination. Nothing can slow him down. He has his mind set and he's going after it. But wait. The Emperor reversed is overbearing and allows for no slack. He enforces the rules and demands you to not step out of line.

You feel ready to charge, but a need to follow the rules holds you back.

Issue or Event - Sun/Clouds 

Weather would be the obvious issue here, but let's go to another level. 

The Sun provides the main focus of the issue, while the Clouds describe this focus.

The Sun shows success and big luck. The Clouds, difficulties and confusion, dampen the success and makes it difficult to reach full potential.

You have difficulties reaching complete success.


You have success this week, but maybe not as much progress as you hoped for. You may feel you could have achieved more, but give yourself a break; there are energies and necessary tasks holding you back. Take it one step at a time. It's better to do it right, rather than getting it done fast. Take the time to reach your success instead of rushing toward completion. 

Hope you all of a wonderful week. Enjoy the journey toward your destination.

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