Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Review: Inner Eye Oracle

Inner Eye Oracle
Author: Steven Bright
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2023

Description: 52 cards, 152-page guidebook, box with magnetic closure lid.

Card size: 3 x 4 1/2

The Inner Eye Oracle is a 52-Card Playing Deck designed as an Oracle Deck for easy reading. The cards could easily be pulled from the box and read without guidance, but with the system provided by Steven Bright, you will find amazing results with this deck.

The cards are made of quality card stock and have red edging. The images are simple with an antique aspect. The black, white, and red coloring gives them an energetic, vibrant appeal.

The guidebook is divided into two sections. After a brief introduction and how to use the guidebook, the guidebook is divided into two sections: Familiarizing Yourself with Your Fortune-Telling Cards and Reading with the Deck.

The author begins with detailed information on the Court Cards and then covers each individually, with its image, name, overall summary, as a daily card and keywords. 

The Pip Cards are introduced and then explained individually, listed in alphabetical order, with Title, image, image description, overall summary, and as a daily card.

In the second section, the author provides some methods of reading to help you get the most from this deck. "The cards in this deck have been designed to work with the following techniques, in order to help you receive as detailed and accurate information as possible."

"This fortune-telling deck has its own system built into the pack. It is designed for two- and three-card readings." 

The first part of the system is demonstrated in the beginning of the Two-Card Reading section. "... I would like you to think of yourself in the blank space on the left. If you are reading for someone else, then this space is reserved for them." 

"In the two-card reading, there are four different ways in which these cards can be laid..." With the three-card reading, "there are eight different combinations of cards..." The author goes over all the possible positions and includes example readings with each layout. Larger Readings are explained using the combination of two-card and three-card layouts with examples of four larger spreads, including the Celtic Cross Spread.

The guidebook is a must to get the full benefit of this deck, but here is a boiled down version of the system to give you a little idea of how it works. The imaginary "YOU" sits to the left of the layout, which represents you or your client. When no courts appear, the cards belong to you. When there is only one court card present, it will represent another person. But, if two or more court cards appear, the first court card becomes you. As you move into larger spreads, you will still be focused on two and three card layouts.

For an example reading, I asked the deck, "What is your best feature?" 

My first thought upon seeing the two cards was News through reliable Communication. 

From the guide: Communication - "At first glance it might seem similar to the News card, but this card suggests a back-and-forth sharing rather than just a one-way stream of information.", News - "News can arrive in a variety of ways and through many different mediums."

This first reading piqued my interest. After using the deck all month, I fell in love with the simplistic accuracy of this deck. The Inner Eye Oracle has been added to my collection and is destined to be one of my top ten decks.

I highly recommend this deck to anyone interested in reading cards, from the beginner to the experienced reader. I have no doubts you will be impressed with the cards and the system.

Grab your deck at Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)