Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six of Pentacles

Rider-Waite Tarot
One should make it a habit to use the available resources to look at the cards regularly in the beginning. The more familiar you are with the cards, the better your readings will be. Let’s take the Six of Pentacles card and see what we know. As you build your own interpretations, your thoughts may differ from others. Always listen to your own intuition over other’s opinions.
Numerology: The number six refers to balance and harmony.

Elemental: The six of pentacles carries the element of earth, which represents stability and material items.

Symbolism: Some cards lack a high quantity of symbolism. The six of pentacles is one of these cards.

The scales represent balance and justice.

The man in the card offers coins to one man and a judgment over the other.
When this card shows up in a reading, it suggests that we get what we deserve.

On the positive side, all your hard work will be rewarded. Your good nature will bring you good company. Another possible meaning is a warning against paying too much attention to one aspect or person in your life, and judging another too harshly.

On the negative side, getting what you deserve isn’t always a good thing. Bad karma has a way of coming back on you. Take this card as a warning to treat others with respect and kindness.

The six of pentacles can also refer to a person, someone giving money or help, such as a banker or mentor.

The surrounding cards will help in the interpretations of the card. A reading works as a whole, with the individual cards offering support.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Tarot Guidance Reading

Today’s question comes from Kimberly.

Is there any light for me in my personal life?
Deck: Legacy of the Divine
Spread: 3 Card - No Positions

Legacy of the Divine
The Fool represents taking a risk, a leap of faith.

Ace of Swords, in the reversed position, represents throwing your weight around, applying force unnecessarily.

5 of Coins represent feeling left out in the cold.

Reading Overview: It’s time to take a leap of faith. Life is short. You must participate to make the most of it. The Ace of Swords makes me think that there may be possible suitors nearby, but they are intimidated by your authority. You mention your own company. Look around at the people you interact with during business hours. You are obviously lonely and feeling left out. Also you should remember, it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. You must take that chance of being hurt. There are always risks in relationships, but you have to step to the edge and take that leap.

Question: Is there any light for me in my personal life?

Kimberly, there is definitely light there, but you must open the curtain to see it.

Thank you for sharing your question. I hope the reading helps you step forward into the light.

Best wishes,
Cher Green

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Tarot Guidance Reading

Today’s question comes from Sam.

What will my love life look like?
Deck: Legacy of the Divine
Spread: 3 cards - no positions

Legacy of the Divine
The Star represents intuition and guidance. It’s a card of good fortune, hope, and spiritual happiness. It is an indicator of good things to come.

The 7 of Wands represents standing up to a challenge, taking that first step.

The 8 of Wands represents fast movement and high energies.

Overall reading: I get the impression from the cards that you may have already spotted or become involved with your mate. If not, he’s very near. You have a guardian angel hovering near you, whispering in your ear. Listen to the voice. This step toward love is a challenge for you, but you will need to make that step forward to experience life and love. Once you’ve stepped, your life will go into high speed, everything will fall into place.

Sam, we appreciate you sharing your question. I hope the reading helps you in your love life.

Best wishes,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Hula Hoop Spread

The hula hoop spread was introduced to me by a fellow blogger and tarot reader. To view more on this spread and a reading using the spread visit:  Arwen at Musing on the Tarot.

We control many things in our lives, but there are aspects out of our control. Knowing the difference is a great step in better understanding our life. The hula hoop spread gives you an insight into both areas and helps guide you toward a better comprehension of what’s going on around you.

The focus of today’s reading is on a current relationship in my life.

The question: What do I need to know about my hula hoop as far as X is concerned?
The deck: Legacy of the Divine Tarot
The spread: The Hula Hoop Spread - 10 Cards
The layout:
2 8 5
3 1 6
4 9 7

Legacy of the Divine
1 – What do I need to focus on the most in the situation?

King of Cups (reversed) – The King of Cups reversed is a sweet talker who doesn’t always follow through on his promise. Step lightly around this person and be aware that what seems true may not always be the truth.

My focus should be on the reality of the situation.

2, 3, 4 – What are the three things I do have control over?

4 of Coins – represents financial security, but it also warns against holding on too tight. There is a necessary balance between financial growth and emotional growth.

Page of Swords – The Pages bring news. This Page brings unexpected or upsetting news. Something you believed to be one thing turns out to be something entirely different.

6 of Coins (reversed) – represents a loss of money or property due to carelessness or dishonesty.

I have control over the financial situation, but I must not let it get in the way of other issues. I control my reaction to unexpected news about to be revealed. I control the event that may result in a loss of money or property. (I must keep myself balanced, eyes open, and step cautiously.)

5, 6, 7 - What are three things I think I have control over but don’t?

Knight of Coins – This Knight represents tangible progress.

The Empress (3) – The Empress represents the qualities of a mother: caring, giving, understanding. The card shows motherhood, fertility, and creativity.

10 of Coins – represents family support; a strong family, security and traditions.

I don’t have control of the relationship or the progress it makes. I don’t have control of who I am; I will continue to love and nurture because it’s just who I am. I don’t have control of the ones around me, who will continue to support me. (These are some nice things not to be in control of.)

8 – What balances me?

Ace of Wands – represents energy, new interests, and new directions. A time of inventions and creativity is present.

My creative writing balances me.

9 – What unbalances me?

King of Wands – This King represents the planning of adventures, the ability to understand others’ point of view, clear communications, and emotional connections.

The energies I use to ponder over events and try to understand the actions around me unbalance me. (I tend to over think everything.)

10 – What is the Universe’s message for me in this situation?

7 of Cups (reversed) – represents a veil being lifted, the ability to focus and clear thinking. Taking a new perspective and looking at the realities.

The Universe’s message is to step out from behind the veil which casts shades upon the reality of my situation. Put matters into perspective and take a hard look at the realities.

Interesting reading:

First, my focus should be on reality, and my message is to look hard at that reality. It seems I have control over financial aspects and my reaction to the situation, while I have no control over my relationship’s tangible progress, my caring personality toward the person, or the people who make up my family. My creative writing balances me, while my over thinking of the situation unbalances me. On another note, it seems there are aspects of the relationship that are not what they appear, but this stems back to the over thinking of the situation doesn’t it. The more you think on something, the more tangled it can become.

This reading, using the hula hoop spread, was definitely worth the time. Thank you again, Arwen, for sharing the spread. It was very helpful.

So, what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts on this spread and/or the reading itself.