Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Review: Intuitive Wisdom: Color-Your-Deck Tarot Cards

Intuitive Wisdom: Color-Your-Deck Tarot Cards
Author: Michelle Motuzas
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2020
Description: 78 card deck, 96-page guidebook, box with magnetic closure lid.

Card Size: 3 1/2 by 5 1/4

"This innovative Tarot deck taps into your creativity, intuition, and inner guidance to create a personally colored deck that not only resonates with you on a deep, intimate soul level but also allows you to become your own best oracle!"

The guidebook that comes with this deck is very detailed. An exercise is given for each category: the Major Arcana, the Court Cards, and the Minor Arcana. The upright and reversal meanings of each card is presented. The Court Cards have a little extra, as the author views the cards in two ways - the level of power and as people in your life. The guide then goes over the Cross Spread, in order to bring it all together.

The cards are not the traditional Rider-Waite theme. Images of animals and nature scenes populate this deck, reminding me of an Oracle deck. Each classification, the Major Arcana and the four suites are given different borders to help identify the cards. The Court Cards and Minor Arcana have blank banners across their bottom for identification purposes.

I'm not sure what happened, but there is a contradiction to the Wands and Swords suits. The guidebook identifies the Wands as Fire and Swords as Air. The borders of the Wands are clouds and the Swords are flames. Seems like someone got their wires crossed on this aspect.

The deck is okay, but to be honest, I see no connection to the Tarot system that I'm used to, which may be because it's a mix of the traditional Thoth or Rider-Waite images and symbolism.

The Four of Wands, an image of a hummingbird, presents a nice coloring opportunity. But the guidebook gives no explanation to the connection of image to the meaning at all. And, the meaning stated for this card has no connection for me to the card at all.

I honestly don't recommend the Intuitive Wisdom deck to anyone looking for the traditional Rider-Waite them. But, if you enjoy coloring and want to make this deck into an oracle of your own, it would be a good fit.

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