Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards
Authors: Doris Diamond & Susan Starr
Photographic Art by Doris Diamond
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2016

Description: 40 cards and a 24 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card size: about 3.5 by 5 inches.

The Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards took me back to my childhood, to time spent gazing through a Kaleidoscope. The artist layered nature photos and created images of magical scenes. With this deck, all you need are the cards and your own imagination to dip in and receive guidance from the Earth Mother, Gaia.

The guidebook is slim, but it covers all you need for this deck. The Introduction covers how to use the cards and shares thoughts on the creation of the cards and their meanings. Possible meanings for each card are covered in the bulk of the book. The Appendix offers suggested questions and nine sample themed spreads.

Above, in the lower right corner, you see Sparkleburst.

My mind screams 'Fireworks'. A burst of energy emerges from the card. Things are about to happen quickly. I get the sense of chaos with purpose. There's no time to prepare at this point. Allow the sudden energy to guide you to the final destination.

The guidebook gives this card the keyword, Emergence.

Your awareness opens to an alternate universe. Your passions ignite, awakening within you. With so much activity, it's not surprising your light will shine upon those around you.

In the lower left, you see Regal Strut.

You are in your element. Confidence radiates out from your body. Each feather represents an admirable trait, a gift, a talent.

The guidebook gives the card the keyword, Pride.

In working with this deck, I found the selected card brought new insight into the situation of the moment.

As a divination tool, I personally wouldn't choose this deck.

I recommend this deck as a guidance tool to further reflect on what's going on in your life. They would make nice daily prompts for your journal. They could also bring guidance and a clear view to the situation at hand, allowing you to see it from a slightly different perspective.

Gain guidance from Earth Mother, Gaia. Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing.)