Friday, April 30, 2010

Knight of Swords

The court can be the hardest cards in the tarot to interpret. They may represent people, the Querent, or even a situation. It may also give energy to the rest of the reading. Analyzing the meaning of the card by paying close attention to the surrounding cards is the only way to determine its purpose. Yet, this may still cause confusions.

Some may determine the purpose of the court before beginning the reading. By having a clear picture of what you expect of these cards will bring the cards needed for the reading to the table.

Therefore, if you decide it is to always be a person, it should only show up as a person in the reading. The cards work from your own energy and will appear in the way needed to give you the message to allow you to direct the Querent toward their goal.

The Knight of Swords shows a man on a horse racing toward something. Notice the trees lean in the opposite direction of which he travels. His face shows determination and desire. The horse has a look of fright as he glances back at his rider in dismay.

As a person, this young man is a fighter and willing to go beyond the call of duty to accomplish what he desires. He is forceful and blunt in his conquest. With no concern for others, he will have want he wants and desires.

As the client, this card may suggest that he/she should be more persistent in her quests. To discard her worry of what others may think and go after her dreams full speed ahead.

As a situation, this card could suggest rapid movement toward a goal, or a breaking away from the normal routine.

Take a moment to look at this card. What do you see?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guest Post - Tarot Reversals

I was invited to guest blog on Bonnie Cehovet's blog. Come see what I had to say about Tarot Reversals and leave a comment. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Justice by Bonnie Cehovet

Hezicos Tarot
Today, we are graced with the presence of Bonnie Cehovet. Welcome her and enjoy her words on Justice.

This image is from "Hezicos Tarot" by Mary Griffin, 2010.

“Believe and trust in yourself
You can create miracles
from info card with 'Hezicos Tarot'

Often in our lives we feel that there is such an imbalance within ourselves, or within the world around us, that we need to demand justice. Just as often we have something in mind that we would consider to be justice (from our perspective) for a given situation/issue.

In the “Hezicos Tarot” (Mary Griffin, Independently Published, 2010), we see a “wise woman”, dressed in purple (the color of spirit), and wearing a lovely purple hat. Around her neck we see strands of gold beads. Her right hand rests on the hilt of the Sword of Justice, while in her left hand she holds the Scales of Justice. Behind her, on her left hand side, and in front of her, on her right hand side, sit Orange Tabby cats.

The meaning that Mary Griffin gives this card is that of balancing fairness to others with being true to self. It can also indicate giving or receiving sound advice, or the “just” outcome of an issue or situation. Perhaps there has been a wrong that was righted. For the Seeker, they need to accept the truth of an issue or situation, and be responsible for their own actions. Justice coming up in a reading can also refer to business propositions or legal matters.

Justice is all about objectivity, but it is also about the Seeker being true to who they are, where they stand, and what their actions contributed to an issue/situation. Justice asks us to be accepting of the restrictions that come with this life – that we all have equal rights, and that there need to be a fair and equitable balance in all things. Our life in the present is the result of both the choices that we have made, and those that we have chosen not to make.

We are also bringing into balance our conscious and unconscious selves. This allows us to be responsible for our actions, as well as to see the connection between whatever inner conflicts we might have, and our conflicts in the outer, physical world. When Justice enters our lives, there is a need to be humble.

Justice energy that is not incorporated into the Seekers life can create a situation where the Seeker is “mirroring” – where they reflect the traits within themselves onto those around them. This is the person that will always feel that a situation or issue is due to someone else’s words or actions, and not their own.

Questions that the Seeker might want to ask themselves if Justice comes up in a reading include:

• Where in my life am I facing the task of making decisions?
• What are my choices?
• What are the consequences of my choices?
• Do my choices reflect who I am as a person?
• What will bring balance to this issue/situation?

Justice is a process, nothing more, nothing less.

Bonnie Cehovet is a professional Tarot reader and author. Her work can be seen at, and at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Linking the Cards

Learning to link the cards is one of the most important aspects of doing a tarot reading. To demonstrate the process I chose to do a personal reading.

The question: What can I expect today?
Layout: 3 cards
Positions: 2-influences, 1-main aspect, 3-influences

Individual interpretations of cards:

1- Strength - Numerology- 8 - patience/perseverance, Elemental - Fire, represents the strength and commitment required to reach one's goal

2- The Fool (reversed) - Numerology- 0 - transformations, Elemental - Air, represents the lack of leaping, staying on one course too long.

3- 2 of Swords- Numerology- 2 -balance/decisions, Elemental - Air, represents an uncertain decision, two choices to ponder.

The first step to linking the cards is to produce an overall aspect of the reading. You do this by adding the numerical values of the cards together. (0+8+2=10)  10 - completions/end of cycle.  The number relates back to The Wheel of Fortune - An improvement in circumstances produced by your own decisions. You have come to the completion of a task.

Elemental Aspect - Here we have fire surrounded by air producing a raging fire.

Linking the cards - The main aspect is the strength required to complete a goal. On one side we have the lack of moving on, and on the other side a decision to be made.

Pulling everything together - It seems I have come to the end of one goal but am having trouble moving toward the next cycle. I must make a decision and move forward toward my next goal. The main aspect is that I do have the strength to do so.

An added note: In this reading, I could have chosen to draw two more cards placing one on either side of the two of swords to show my choices.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Fool

The first thing I notice when I look at The Fool card is the young man stepping to the edge of the cliff and the dog eager to follow. On his shoulder he carries a hobo’s sachet filled with all he will need on his journey.

The mountains represent all the knowledge he has to gain in his future steps. In his hand he holds a flower, perhaps a white rose to represent his purity and innocence.

The Fool in a reading can represent leaping before you look, taking chances, or beginning a journey. Of course there are more meanings determined by the nearby cards and position, but these are some of the basic.

On the downside, it can also warn against foolish ways, not looking before you leap, and being naive.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Back

Unfortunately, a few days of no internet service turned into a few weeks.

The day after we moved, we found out there would be a delay in service due to the issue of a necessary bury drop because the line had to go across the road.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.