Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life Path Number

The Life Path number is determined by your day, month, and year of birth. You add the numbers of each together. Take the sum and add digits together until you get either a master number (11 or 22) or a single digit (0-9). Your life path refers to the major lessons you must learn in this lifetime.

Here's an example:

My birthdate: 12/10/1972 (12+10+1972=1994)(1+9+9+4=23)(2+3=5)

My Life Path Number is 5.

Now what? You can use numerology to derive at the meaning of your number. I prefer to go with the matching tarot card. The 5 corresponds with Hierophant (5) and Temperance (14).

Based on these two cards, my lessons for this lifetime would include:

  • To learn a greater meaning in life. 
  • To become more aware of the spiritual quality and my spiritual guides. 
  • To find balance between the physical and spiritual world. 
  • To help others in their quest of better understanding.

What's your Life Path Number? What are your lessons for this lifetime?


Aubrie said...

My number is 5 as well!


Pretty cool, huh?

Anonymous said...


That is cool. It's nice to know there's another close by following the same path.

Do you feel a need to find a greater meaning in life and to help others?

Anonymous said...

13-09-1990=2012 Oh gosh, I'm a five too! How strange is that!

Anonymous said...

Lol, that is strange. Welcome aboard!

Aubrie said...

I do try to find greater meaning and help others!