Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fool's Journey - The Magician

I have read in many tarot books about meditation with the Major Arcana cards, of entering each card and learning the ways of the archetypes. This process perplexed me until I read the journey presented by Stephanie Lynch of Musing on the Tarot. As writers, our voices are better heard through the written word. I decided that the best way to visit the cards would be to write my way into each card.

The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each Major Arcana card represents a stage of that journey. One must experience the stages to realize the true wonder of the journey. Although each person will not experience these in order, at some point in their adventure they will go through each stage of life.

To better understand the Major Arcana, one should understand the journey. The Fool’s Journey has been interpreted more than once and in many different ways. Using the Divine Tarot, I travel down the road alongside the Fool.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
The Fool, balanced upon the sands of time, reaches for the knowledge of life. His canine companion follows along faithfully. Together, they have no fear only curiosity of the unknown.

The Fool carries with him the knowledge box to store his learned lessons and keep them fresh in his mind.

The world is before him and he is prepared to begin his long journey.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 
His first encounter is with The Magician, who sits at his work desk surrounded by gadgets and books of knowledge.

Curious, the Fool approaches the man, “What are these items on your desk? What kind of books are those behind you? How do you create the sparkling light before you?”

The Magician responds, “You are full of questions aren’t you, dear boy?” He waves a hand over the items on his desk. “These are my tools.” He gestures to the books. “These are full of the knowledge I’ve gained.” With a twist of his wrists, he creates a lightning bolt. “I use my skills to create.”

“Could you teach me?”

“This is something you must learn on your own, but I can supply you with a few tools.” The Magician removed four items from a drawer and one book from the shelf behind. He placed four glowing tubes into the Fool’s hand. Each displayed a different color: red, blue, yellow, and tan.

“What are these?”

“They are the power of inspiration, a charge of emotions, mental power, and stability for the body.”

“How do I use them?”

“You must learn. This guide will help you.”

The Fool opened the book. “There’s nothing here. The pages are blank.”

“They shall fill as needed. As I said, my books are full of the knowledge I have learned and so shall yours fill.”

The Fool placed the items in his knowledge box, thanked The Magician for his help, and continued on his journey.

The Journey continues ... The High Priestess


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Interesting thoughts, thank you for sharing. Don't you love writing about tarot. I was reading on your other blog about proofing...I was a private secretary for years, and proofing was my biggest bug a boo. We see what we Expect to see. If I had the time and could reread it the next day I could see my errors :)

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I love everything about the tarot. It's a very inspiring tool.

Proofreading is a necessary action. The brain sees what it wants to and sometimes it will allow errors to pass by.

I stopped by your blog. You have some interesting decks.

superman said...

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I am so admire to your skill.

Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

superman, Thanks again. I wish I could get the journey posted quicker, but time only allows so many activities.