Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tarot Journal

A Tarot Journal is a great tool for both the beginner tarot reader and the more experienced.

You may wonder what you put in a journal, where you begin and what you use.

You need something to write on. This choice may vary from each individual. You could buy a journal, use a spiral notebook, or even use your computer. I prefer writing by hand. Of course, no one’s to say that you can’t do both. You could also take pictures and include them in your journal, whether you use paper or computer screen to view later.

Readings, of course, would be the main goal of a journal. A documentation that can be viewed years from the entry is an exciting thing. Looking back, you are sure to see even more than you did the day you conducted the reading. You’ll be able to gauge your progress in life, and your ability to read the cards. A picture of your reading is a great addition to your entry.

Another option is to produce your own tarot dictionary with your journal, a page for each card. This could also, of course, be produce on your computer. A nice option is to include thumbnails of each card, or even different versions of the card.

A good way to start your dictionary is to write the card name, key words, and then your impression of the card. You can always come back and add to each page and see the meanings change and evolve with time. You could even jot down thoughts that other readers may have on certain cards that you find interesting.

The main point of this journal is not for constant reference, but with most people after writing something it becomes easier to remember and causes the mind to think more on the matter. Years from now, when you pull this journal out to take a look, you may be surprised to find that a card evolved to a point that you first thought is nowhere near you current thought of its meaning.

So, with the New Year here, why not start your own tarot journal, or review the one already in progress.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Do you have other uses for your journal?


Inner Whispers said...

I love tarot journals. However, one issue I have is that I have become unused to writing long hand. It's so much easier to type! So, I find I keep a brief written journal, but have more detailed readings on my computer. Maybe one day I'll print them all out, as the other side to it is that I prefer reading things on paper, though I prefer writing them on screen - duh!

Thanks for the post, it's interesting to think about these things.

Wishing you a lovely year, and looking forward to reading your future posts.

Anonymous said...

C, I tend to do my readings both ways. I have multiple readings floating around. Last year, I made up a binder of readings and organized them by year. But, after that, I continued to just make stacks,lol. I've got to get those organized and put into my binder.

This year, I decided that I would create my own dictionary using an actual journal. That project will take me all year. I figure I will work through it slowly but it's not a major focus. This should have been something I produced early on in my tarot journey, but it will serve a purpose in years to come as I reflect back on the journey itself.

Best wishes to you and your tarot journey,

Tarot By Arwen said...

I'm a huge fan of any type of journal. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Arwen, thanks for commenting.