Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gaining Archetypal Vision by Toni Gilbert

Gaining Archetypal Vision

A Guidebook for Using Archetypes in Personal Growth and Healing

As a tarot reader, I picked up this book in hopes of gaining more knowledge on healing. I wasn’t disappointed and learned so much more.

Toni Gilbert has written a book which will be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind, not just those seeking to go into healing or gain personal growth. Toni’s story lives between the covers of this book, begging to be read and experienced. Your journey follows Toni through a life of tests and trial, and then into her destined path of becoming a holistic nurse.

Packed with information, this book is presented in a nature which will allow you to absorb the contents. Toni shares with you her own experiences and that of her clients. With different methods, she heals through the mind and makes it hard not to believe in all the possibilities.

My favorite client would have to be Nelson and his mysterious hiccups. Doctors couldn’t figure out what caused the condition. Toni went in, walked him through some meditational steps, and the hiccups were gone. Our energies can control much more than most realize, and suppressing them can cause a whole heap of trouble.

Chapter Three, Archetypal Growth and Development, presents charts and explanations to bring the understanding of Archetypes clearly into your mind. I would have liked this to have been at the beginning of the book. But as written, everything before this is a building of Toni’s journey toward this part of her life, and worth reading to get to this chapter.

The last chapter presents tools for healing in the 21st century – dream work, guided imagery, tarot counseling, and humanistic astrology. I found this section to be informative, but would have liked more. The focus of this book wasn’t meant to be on these tools. The selected bibliography, at the end, offers multiple resources to further your studies in the methods of healing.

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in personal growth and healing through archetypes, but also to those who are curious. Toni presents a wonderfully inspiring read on life, along with tools to achieve more.


Inner Whispers said...

Hi Cher,

Thanks for the review. I already have the book on pre-order, I guess it takes a while to travel across the Pond ;) Your review has confirmed that it will be a worthwhile purchase.

Best wishes,

The Whispering Path Tarot Readers said...

Yes, thanks for the review. ;)

Anonymous said...

Chloƫ/Whispering Path,

You are both welcome. Hope you enjoy the read.