Friday, February 19, 2010

The Empress and 3 of Cups

Tarot Combinations are a great aspect that can deepen a tarot reading. When two cards fall next to each other, greater meanings are sometimes given.

The Empress is a card of creativity, fertility, and sexuality. She speaks of efforts paying off. It may refer to a creative project, marriage, or childbirth.

The 3 of cups is a card of celebration. A gathering of sorts is indicated by this card.

In numerology, the three represents progress and expansion.

When these cards fall alongside one another, there is a strong reference toward pregnancy.

Position does matter in a reading, so there are always alternative meanings in the cards. The reading question can also influence the card meanings.


Anony said...

I am always curious how do these Tarot work? in one way or another you have to be a psychic to do it right?

Anonymous said...


No one really knows how they work, but they do? In my case, I feel like my spirit guides assist me in the lay of the cards. Intuition and knowing the alternate meanings of the cards are both big parts of doing a reading.

I believe that in some way we are all psychic, some more than others. Anyone can read tarot cards, but with every skill, some are more capable than others.

Virgostar11 said...

Could this mean a pregnancy? I recently asked my tarot if im pregnant and i got the highest Priestess, the tree of cups and the empresses. Any thoughts?

Cher Green said...

Readings usually depend on the reader. The person giving the reading influences the cards in a way that the cards they pull reflect that person's perspective and knowledge. Therefore, you pulling your own cards would be different than if I pulled the cards. For this question, do you really need the tarot?