Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Tarot Playbook by Lynda Cowles

The Tarot Playbook
by Lynda Cowles
The Tarot Playbook: 78 novel ways to connect with your cards
The Tarot Playbook presents a number of play dates for you and your tarot decks. Subscribe to be notified of new postings. The activities range from fun to ridiculously silly. Read complete review. Subscribe to be notified of new articles as they appear live on my Examiner page.

One activity, based on The Hanged Man, is called Cliffhangers. The play date requires a television, pencil and paper, and discovering what will happen on the next episode of your favorite show.

Sound fun?

Based on the last Episode of Awake, aired May 3rd. Warning: Possible Spoilers.

Season One, Episode 10: Britten and Bird size up a possible case of gang violence. Before long, clues from Britten's parallel realm force him to give the case a harder look. Elsewhere, Hannah offers a helping hand to Rex's girlfriend; Capt. Harper can't fulfill a promise; and Vega puts Britten's going-away party into motion.


Grandparents: Will Britten and Hannah find a way to keep their soon-to-arrive grandchild nearby?
Reality: Will Britten discover which of his realities is real?
Danger: Will Capt. Harper succeed in keeping Britten safe, or is danger on its way?

Grandparents: 10 Wheel of Fortune - destiny, a new phase - The arrival of their grandchild is a part of a bigger plan for these two. They will indeed succeed in being a part of the child's life and it will lead these two into the next journey in their relationship. What brings two people together more than a new child, even if it does come with the attachment of a new girl and her growling parents?

Reality: 6 of Pentacles (reversed) - refusal to share - Britten will continue to hang on to his two realities, at least for another episode. He's determined to make this work for him, and refuses to let anything shatter his illusion.

Danger: 6 The Lovers - choices, relationships - Capt. Harper will do her best to protect Britten, and may even be willing to sacrifice herself and the truths she hides. Overall, this is a good woman, who just happens to have stepped into some dark areas. Britten is important to her, and she will step as close to the edge as she can to keep him and his family safe. If it is enough, remains to be seen.

Tune in tonight to discover if these predictions ring true. Have a wonderful evening.

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