Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Thanksgiving presents us with time to share great food, love, and conversation with our relatives and loved ones. On this Thanksgiving Day, I offer you a moment to look upon yourself and discover your current blessings through the way of tarot elements.

The Thanksgiving Tarot Spread offers a look of what you have to be thankful for and an additional look at how to accomplish an elemental balance.

Card 1: Water/Cups - What fulfills you emotionally?
This card represents blessings in the area of relationships and emotions.

Card 2: Earth/Pentacles - What sustains you physically?
This card represents blessings in the area of money and material resources.

Card 3: Fire/Wands - What feeds your passions?
This card represents blessings of work, career, and creative interests.

Card 4: Air/Swords - What are your thoughts, ideas, and challenges?
This card represents what you think about your life, ideas to explore, and challenges you face.

Card 5: Spirit/Major Arcana - What is your greatest blessing?
The card represents the greatest blessing in your life right now. This could also be an important life lesson.

In a perfect world, each card in this spread would correspond with its position. Although, you may have a perfectly balanced spread, for the most part it is unlikely. No need to worry.

If you find there are missing elements in your spread, this may mean you need to work a little harder in that element to find balance.  To further explore this, draw from the remaining deck for the first card representing the missing element. Use these cards to see 'HOW' to work on getting more of that element into your life.

My Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Deck - The Rider Tarot Deck

Card 1: Water/Cups (Relationships, Emotions) - 7 of Cups - The Dreamer's Card - This card shows a lack of focus and a sense of confusion. But, it is also the card for visionaries, artists and creative people. One may be thinking unrealistically, or her imagination may be in over-drive.

How am I fulfilled emotionally? I fulfill myself emotionally by allowing myself to dream, to imagine, and to create.

Card 2: Earth/Pentacles (Money, Material Resources) - 10 of Wands - This card represents the burdens of success, the weight of ambition, and the task of doing it all. It is the card for ambitious individuals, overworked or hardworking individuals.

What sustains me? My work and ambition sustains me in my physical world. I am no stranger to hard work, or carrying the load. The burden I carry is by choice.

Card 3: Fire/Wands (Work, Career, Creative Interests) - 3 of Pentacles - I've always thought of this as the Writer's Card. I even have an image of this, from the Mystic Dreamer Deck hanging at my workstation. I've written below the image: Accomplishments. The act of turning plans into creative results.

What feeds my passions? My fiction writing feeds my passions. As I put my talents to use, learn new skills, and write more words, I become even more passionate about my writing journey.

Card 4: Air/Swords (Thoughts, Ideas, Challenges) - 5 of Swords - This card speaks of empty victories and negative energies. I look upon this card as a challenge to defeat negative thoughts concerning my life. Everyone has them from time to time. In the creative zone, the voice of negativity can be a strong distraction when it comes to working on one's craft.

What are my thoughts and ideas? My challenge is to accept the negativity is only a way out, a road away from my goals. I will need to reinforce positive thoughts when this challenge appears. Squash the pest.

Card 5: Spirit/Major Arcana (Greatest Blessing) - 9 The Hermit - Searching within. When this card appears, it shows a time of inward searching, connecting with one's higher source, and solitude.

What is my greatest blessing? My greatest blessing is my ability to connect with my higher source and the opportunity to grab moments alone.

As all the elements appeared in my reading, no additional cards are required in this case. If you have missing elements, this would be the time to pull for additional guidance, beginning with the first missing element and then moving to the next (if more than one.)

As a quick overview of this spreads results, I look upon the cards and find myself much more balanced than I'd believed myself to be. If I'd done this spread months ago, I believe the results would have been very different.

Reading Summary - My imagination fulfills me emotionally, my ambition sustains my physical security, and my creative skills feed my passion. My challenge is to quiet the negative voice which sometimes slips through. My Greatest Blessing is found within the Hermit - the ability to see beyond the physical, to look within myself, and the rewards of solitude and meditation.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a balanced life.


J.P.D. Iuvaro said...

amazing! I did it and it was really helpful. I love your blog =)

Cher Green said...

JP, I'm glad the spread was helpful, and delighted you love the blog.

Happy Holidays.