Monday, April 8, 2013

The Week Ahead - Tarot Forecast

Kate at Daily Tarot Girl offers a reading at the beginning of each week, presenting a forecast for the week ahead. Today, we are going to steal this idea, and see what the cards tell us about the week ahead.

As a whole, we all work off the same energy source, yet our own energies mesh with the supply, giving each of us a unique life experience.

I’ve noticed many times when reading others’ blogs which present readings that I can connect with the given reading, while other times it seems to have nothing to do with me at all. You may also find such experiences when a reading is not directed toward you.

In my opinion, this is where daily horoscopes go wrong. There is too much energy moving around to give a good forecast to a number of people at one time.

With that said, take the weekly forecast for what it is, a personal forecast, which may or may not show energies you are also working with.

I decided to go with a 7-card, Rider-Waite (Crystal Visions Tarot) and Lenormand (Titania’s Fortune Cards) combo spread. 

Weekly Forecast for April 8 – April 14

Card 1 and 4 – Monday and Tuesday – 7 of Wands/Garden – The 7 of Wands suggests conflict coming to a head, holding firm and not backing down. The Garden represents a positive social setting – the Fish gives the card a job-related significance.

The week begins with a conflict at work.

Card 2 and 5 – Wednesday and Thursday – 13 Death/Fish – The Death card represents a major transformation, a significant life event, the end of something. The Fish shows fortune and money – the Garden gives the card a work-related significance, work should blossom and pay well.

The middle of the week continues in a work-related theme, showing transformation and growth.

Card 3 and 6 – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – 12 The Hanged Man/Scythe – The Hanged Man card signifies a major transformation and being caught between the old and new. A new perspective is gained through re-evaluation and perhaps self-sacrifice. The Scythe indicates cutting free of something or someone, a sharp break. – The supporting cards, Garden and Fish, suggest this is also work-related.

The weekend brings with it a sharp break from something work-related, a re-evaluation, and a new perspective.

Card 7 - Advice – 9 of Cups – This is the wish card. Whatever you desire can be seen within this image. I hear a gentle caution message every time I see this card – Be careful what you wish for. As the energies coordinate to your wishes, one should be sure of what they desire and what they really want.

Week Overview – There will be a conflict at work, but backing down is not an option. Stick to your guns on the issue at hand. By mid-week, you will find yourself in a major transformation – possibly a new source of income. Over the weekend, you’ll find yourself re-evaluating your direction and cutting off from the people, obligations, or ideas which do not serve in the new direction you choose. What you wish will come true this week, but be sure it is what you want.

Note: The advice card coordinates with Kate’s Mid-week card - (Wish upon a Star – make a wish and expect the very best.)

Does anything in the reading correspond with your own energies? Do you see something within the cards I may have missed? Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments, or contact me.

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