Monday, August 19, 2013

Message from the Inch Worm

As a postal carrier, I see many things throughout the day. Some are everyday occurrences: birds, flies, spiders, squirrels, and deer. And, sometimes I have a few out of the ordinary incidents. Birds flying in the car with me, a deer waiting for my attention before running off, and with each of these I pay attention and do my best to hear the message being sent.

I've never had an inch worm grab a ride though, that is until last week. He somehow made his way onto my arm and was traveling, well, inch by inch.

After returning him to nature, I thought on how unusual it was for such to occur, not impossible, but unusual. You may not pay attention to those black, green, and even tractor mail boxes, but some are literally in the trees.

Nevertheless, I took it to be a message from a higher source. Had an awful time finding reference to this little critter and possible messages on the web. I finally came across Spirit Animal Totems and The Messages They Bring You. Lots of information here, and I found the inch worm.

Summarized Message: Be careful and clear of what you seek, and if it’s right for you. Take one small step at a time. Progress is good at a slower pace for now.

With the speed of progress I've been achieving lately, this is a comforting message. But, it also reflects my indecision of my current direction. Torn between my interests, I feel a little lost, not sure where to devote my attention. A Tarot reading this morning revealed a similar message of being clear of my true desires in order to reach my correct goal.

So, when time is sparse and you feel as if you are not accomplishing much, take it from the Inch Worm, “Every Inch Counts!”

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