Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Personal Year Cycle 9 - The Hermit

In December of last year, we looked at the Personal Year Cycle 9 in Numerology. Now let’s look at it from a Tarot Viewpoint.

For your Tarot Year Cycle, the dates are added together differently, and there are 22 cycles involved. 

Using the same birthday as before - July 9 and last year, to keep us in line with the earlier post, 2013 ( 7 + 13 + 2013 = 2033 = 2+0+3+3 = 8). In July, you would have begun a personal year cycle of 8 Strength and will stay in this cycle until your next birthday.

*In this case, the answer remained 8, but in some cases it would differ. For instance, July 7 (7+7+2013=2027=2+0+2+7=11 Tarot year), while (7+7+ (2+0+1+3) =20=2 Numerical Year). 

In December, I ended my Tarot Year Cycle of 9 - The Hermit. In Who Are You In The Tarot? Mary K. Greer suggests the corresponding Minor Arcana cards are indicators of the gifts and challenges (lessons and opportunities) you will face.

The Year of the Hermit is one of isolation, reflecting on past experiences, and soul searching. You may not want to be alone, even experience dreaded loneliness, but it will be necessary, even forced. You’ll learn to enjoy the solitude as the year moves on and will use it to your advantage.

You’ll reflect on where you've been and what you've accomplished up to this point. Tying up loose ends and finishing projects will come naturally as you begin to make plans for your next move.

You may also find yourself seeking guidance or in some cases being sought out for your own wisdom.

9 of Cups – the gifts of intuition and creative imagination, the challenge to focus and achieve, the opportunity to put your visual plans into action – trophies on the wall and a personal satisfaction. Lesson – You can have and be whatever you want.

9 of Swords – the gift of tears and release, the challenge to push past your nightmares and mental agony, the opportunity to work through your worries and despair. Lesson – Nothing’s ever as bad as it seems in the midst of worry.

9 of Pentacles – the gifts of self-sufficiency and financial success, the challenge to do it alone, the opportunity to succeed. Lesson – You can have it all!

9 of Wands – the gift of strength, the challenge of standing your ground, the opportunity to make a difference. Lesson – You have to stand for something.

Looking upon these five cards, I’m able to see my last cycle very clearly, and it all makes sense. Wished I’d looked at this before and during the cycle. It may have made life a little easier to bear.

Good luck to all of you in your Hermit Year.


Ellen said...

If I understand it right, then you make a journey trough each card of the M.A. one after the other. I don't like to work with a set sequence but that is personal. Perhaps I would rather pick a M.A. card for the year, or use a significant M.A card of a new years reading in my case: the lovers or the world

Cher Green said...

Ellen, my post is about working with the numerology of the Major Arcana, but it is always optional to work on individual lessons through chosen cards.