Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Tarot by Design Workbook

Tarot by Design Workbook
Author: Diana Heyne
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2017

Description: 176 page coloring/workbook

"Color and Learn Your Way into the Cards"

Adult Coloring books have become a huge trend over the last few years. I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone to see one set to the theme of the Tarot. But, Tarot by Design is much more than a coloring book, and it's not just for adults. The Tarot by Design Workbook is designed for anyone interested in the Tarot, whether beginner or novice.

"Geared toward an enjoyable and intuitive understanding of the basic meanings of the tarot through coloring, brief word prompts and short rhythmic phrases, Tarot by Design Workbook aims to make the foundational learning of tarot a pleasurable task for beginners and others who would like to deepen their connection with the symbolic images."

Tarot by Design features original color-in images of all 78 Tarot cards, each accompanied by a unique learning page. The learning page contains the card title, keywords for upright and reversal meanings, and a section for your own notes and personal doodling's. For the Major Arcana cards, the page also contains a short phrase to help in the learning process. At the end of the book, there are ten blank pages for your own personal journaling or collaging, with a framework art piece provided.

Keywords: "Disaster, Calamity, Emotional Upheaval, Disruption, Sudden Change"

Reversal: "Fear of Change, Lies, Imprisonment, Narrow Avoidance of Disaster"

Phrase: "A storm came out of nowhere and tore our stronghold down, in fear & lamentation we tumbled to the ground..."

Keywords: "Happiness, Wishes Fulfilled, Comfort, Luxury, Satisfaction, Getting What One Wants"

Reversal: "Dissatisfaction, Greed, Materialism, Poor Lifestyle Choices"

Blank pages for your own personal journaling provide a creative area to do readings, focus on a single card, or even design your own version of a particular card.

"Unlock the mystery and magic, secrets and symbolism of the Tarot through this informative, yet fun teaching tool that engages both intuition and intellect."

I recommend the Tarot by Design Workbook to anyone who enjoys coloring and has an interest in the Tarot. I can't wait to get some color on these pages. What fun!

"Don't feel bound by any set of rules for making your color choices."

I would like to add to the author's words stated above. Don't feel bound by any rules at all. Have fun and play with this workbook. Allow your intuition to flow as you set upon this wonderful journey. If something pops into your head as you color, write it down, sketch it out. You will find a new world of possibilities within the pages of this workbook.

Grab your copy at Red Wheel Weiser.

(Review Product supplied by Red Wheel Weiser)

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