Monday, March 25, 2019

How to Read the Square of Nine Lenormand Spread

The Square of Nine Lenormand Spread, also known as the Portrait Spread, is one of the most used spreads in the Lenormand Community. But, as with all things, there are different approaches, alternate steps, and as always a different take on how to go about reading the cards.

Here's my version of the Square of Nine Lenormand Spread.

Note: the image is from February's Guidance Reading, in case you'd like to look over the steps and the reading at the same time.

Step One: Look at the central card. It represents the overall theme of the reading, answers the question directly, and/or shows what provoked the issue (why you asked the question). You can relate the card to multiple views, or just pick one and stick with it. It usually depends on the situation. As with the guidance for the month, I usually see this card as the overall theme.

Step Two: Read the corners to find the basic issue. (1+9+3+7)

Step Three: Read the diamond to find the hidden aspect of the issue. (2+4+6+8)

Step Four: Read the columns. Column 1 represents the past, Column 2 represents the present, and Column 3 represents the future.

You could stop here or take a few extra steps to gain more insight or to double check some of your information.

Optional Steps -

Step Five:  Read the rows. Row 1 shows what's on your mind, Row 2 shows the present situation, and Row 3 reveals what you already know about the situation.

Step Six: Read the diagonals to find possible influences and how things will pass. (1+5+9, 3+5+7)

Step Seven: Knighting a card can bring clarity to the card's meaning within the reading. The technique is based on the movements of a knight in a chess game. It is able to move to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one vertically, or two squares vertically and one horizontally. So, two cards up and one to the left or right, two cards down and one to the left or right, two cards to the left and one up or down, and two cards to the right and one up or down. You decide on the card you want to clarify and then pick the cards that knight it. These cards will reveal more detail about the card.

I hope this step by step guide helps in your next Reading of the Square of Nine Lenormand Spread.

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