Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Guidance for July - Soul Connections

I was thinking over which deck to use this month. The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards popped into my head. I ignored the thought for a little while because the deck is so spot on, so accurate. I wasn't sure how well it would do for a group reading. But, it insisted on staying on my mind.

Worst case scenario - you get to see the deck in action. Best case - it proves to be further reaching than I imagined and we get some great advice for the month.

How should we approach this month? What can we expect?

Getting together with friends./You will receive a gift./Victory in some endeavor./Spiritual development, enlightenment, awareness, and understanding.

A social event will bring you a new sense of clarity and awareness. Suddenly all of your doubts will be cleared and you'll know exactly what is next in your journey.

A gift of friendship will bring about spiritual understanding and enlightenment.

As I looked at these cards, I received a sense that the friendship may be new and the event may be as simple as two people getting together for lunch.

Feel free to leave comments below about your month and any possible soul connections you experience.

I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the celebrations and the month.
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