Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Review: The Shadowland Tarot

The Shadowland Tarot
Author: Monica Bodirsky
Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, 2020

Description: 78 card deck, 208 page companion guide, Schiffer signature box with magnetic closure lid.

“This deck and book explore the realm of shadows and shadow work to help you seek the wisdom and light of self-awareness.”

The Shadowland Tarot follows the traditional Waite-Smith Tarot system; however the author has changed two of the Major Arcana cards: the Fool is now the Seeker, and the Judgement is Discretion. The artwork of the deck pulls from traditional cards, but is unique in its style. The images are meant to cast light on the shadows to aid in shadow work.

The guidebook first takes you into the reasoning behind this deck and the intent of the author.

"When you use The Shadowland Tarot you will see yourself, your personality, and others reflected within the artwork. After all, aren't we all monsters and misfits to some extent, given our individual quirks and differences?"

The two-page layout for each card is perfect for this deck, with just enough information to make your journey exciting and guided.
After exploring each card, the author leaves you with tips on how to use the deck, guided symbolism, and spreads designed specifically for this deck.

The Three of Wands shows an octopus perched upon a rock, holding candles, lighting the way for a ship to enter the harbors.

"You are lighting the way for many people right now, and they rely upon you to navigate life more than your realize."

Reflection: Am I prepared to respond when opportunity shows itself?

Shadows: Solitary, failure, inaccuracy

The Eight of Pentacles shows an artist decorating a collection of skulls. He is focused and patient as he creates his artwork.

Reflection: What skill do I feel I could use to improve my current situation?

"This message often appears when you are seeking more from your life and are not sure where to begin."

The matching drawstring bag, sold separately, makes a great addition to complete the set. 

I recommend this deck to anyone wanting to do shadow work, but also for any tarot reading. 

Grab your copy from Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing)

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