While I read the tarot and am familiar with the cards, I can't read for myself, so I was thrilled to have Cher read for me. I was not disappointed. Her reading was detailed, intuitive and spot on. She provided the tarot spread, explained each card, and offered both an overview and a direct response to my guiding question. We always chose our own path - the cards can't do that for us. But the wonderful thing about the tarot is it can shed light on and guide us to paths we may be overlooking. That's what Cher's reading did for me. Outstanding!

Cher did a great job on my reading. She illuminated areas and ideas which had been hidden from my comprehension. I loved her take on 5 Cups as 'unseen choices' whereas before I always associated this card with grief and sorrow, and not taking into account the full cups behind the pain - the promise of hope and a better future. So not only did she give an excellent reading, but also as a fellow tarotist, brought my attention to a different perspective on these cards. Cher has a gift of getting to the heart and soul of a matter and getting her message across in a clear and intuitive way. Great job Cher, you helped me a great deal.

Cher is a very thoughtful reader who I am happy to have received. I
appreciate her insight and positive words.

What I most like about the reading is the feedback during 2009, that she wants from me to see if her preditions will come true. She will learn and grow that way as a reader! Wonderful!!

Cher was great! She not only gave me information regarding each card but also offered solutions and tips. I would go to her for a reading any time. Thanks a billion Cher.

great communication and amazing reading, very detailed, thanks so much!


Cher's reading not only made me feel special and complete as a person, but it reassured me of the direction I've chosen for my life and reaffirmed the things I hold dear. She is a talented Tarot reader, using her abilities to help people better their lives.

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