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Today's Journey Tarot

Today's Journey Tarot
Today’s Journey Tarot created by Expanding Dimensions, illustrated by Christopher Wilkey

When I first heard about this modern day version of the Tarot, at first I was hesitant to obtain my own deck. I’m so glad I did. This deck is a wonderful step toward bringing new people into the world of Tarot. The images are clearer to modern day life. This will make a great addition to the collector, the reader, or the beginner.

The cards are easy to handle. Although a little hard to shuffle at first, a little clingy, the cards become more manageable over time. Along with a nice little white companion book, the cards fit nicely into their cardboard box with magnetic lid. (Schiffer has set a new standard with these new boxes, and I hope others may follow.)

There are a few changes with this deck compared with the Rider Waite, other than the images. The Majors have become Keys with new names. The Cups, Pentacles (Coins), Sword, and Wands are now Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. The images are creatively set to the modern version of the old meanings of the Tarot. For the most part, I found the images intriguing and nicely done. The only problem I have is some of the faces seem a little cartoonish, but I can overcome this one issue due to all the good elements of the deck.

I wanted to give at least one example of the types of messages presented in this deck. After a major struggle over choosing just one, I settled on 10 of the Major Arcana, changed from The Wheel of Fortune to Life. The image is of a roller-coaster ride. What better way to represent Life! The Little White Book’s entry begins with the keywords: Destiny, Cycles, and Perspective. It then goes into an explanation of the image beginning with: Life is filled with ups and downs.

As you look upon the card, you see a house representing the beginning and end of the ride. Each element appears in the colors of the pennants.

As the rider of the roller-coaster of life, we go through many aspects of the elements, many emotions, and different situations. Once on the ride, you can’t get off until it’s over. This is a card of destiny.

From the Little White Book – In a reading, this card represents the ups and downs of life. A new cycle may be beginning and an old one ending. There may be a need to expand your perspective to see the bigger picture. Accept your destiny.

I highly recommend this deck to any reader, both new and experienced.

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