Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspirations For Survivors

Inspirations for Survivors

"Inspirations for Survivors", a 44 card deck and 96 page companion book, offers encouragement to those stepping through life, seeking helpful guidance.
"In this life, we are all survivors on some level."
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There are a few methods of using these cards in the companion book.

One is as 'a daily motivational tool.' Today's motivation comes in the form of "In the face of adversity find beauty in everyone."

Inspirations for Survivors
The companion book suggests looking deeper into a situation than face value. We do not know what others' situations are, while neither do they know ours.

Compassion toward an enemy can change the world.

As you may see from the image, these would also make wonderful meditation cards. Lose yourself in the calmness of the water and the mysteries of what may lie behind the stone wall. 

Storytelling is another alternative use. Look closely. There seems to be a building beyond the stone piers. Who lives there? Is the scene from an earlier period or a magical land? Is the water of a river or stream, or maybe it's a moat? Does the main character have a problem with quickly judging others? Is there a marital problem which could easily be fixed with a little compassion from both participants? 

These cards hold many possibilities. What do you think? Do you see other possible uses? Do you own the deck and have used them for storytelling or meditation? Did you find them useful? Share your thoughts.

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